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Chapter 1793: I Shall Kill Your On Your Every Rebirth!

After purging the Earth Devil, Yan Zhaoge kept advancing and launched his onslaught toward the rest of the Great Devils.

He reached the Wood Devil in one step, raising and slamming his palm downward at the opponent.

Due to Suo Mingzhang’s presence, the Wood Devil could not utilize his art, so he still maintained his original appearance as a shadow.

Although the Wood Devil lacked combat power, his utilization in movement art had sharply improved in this state.

Previously, Ne Zha repeatedly hurled the Circle of Yin Yang and the golden brick at the Wood Devil, but the devil avoided the attacks every time.

But at this moment, Yan Zhaoge smashed his palm downward, summoning an indescribable brilliance in it.

After being shone by this brilliance, the Wood Devil in the shadow form became even bleaker and weaker.

[TN: Wood Devil = Shadow Devil.]

His movement grew sluggish, unable to escape from Yan Zhaoge’s attack range.

At this moment, Shadow Devil could only watch Yan Zhaoge’s palm unfolding the word creation power as it crashed into his direction.

The massive hand, with inexplicable brilliance, slapped it down at the Shadow Devil.

The violent power instantly shattered the shadow!

The Wood Devil seemed much more vulnerable than the Earth Devil, given that Yan Zhaoge’s art countered his shadow replication art.

As the shadow dispersed, he immediately fled in all directions.

However, the scattered shadows became even weaker. Under the inexplicable brilliance in Yan Zhaoge’s palm, the shadow could hardly fend for itself as it became even bleaker.

The fragmented afterimages gradually dissipated with the signs of Wood Devil perished!

Since the birth of the Six Extinct Devils, only the Wood Devil had never been reborn aside from the Origin Heart Devil.

Shadow Devil, the first generation of Wood Devil, had been alive ever since.

However, today ushered in his first death and probably his last.

The Nine Underworlds had shattered. The hopes for the Great Devil to be reborn were cut off.

Even if the Wood Devil ranked among the six Extinct Devils and the Primordial Heavenly Devil was still alive, there was little hope for Wood Devil to be resurrected.

Yan Zhaoge defeated the Earth Devil and the Wood Devil consecutively and then turned to Origin Heart Devil without any pause!

Water Devil had just been reborn in the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus right before the Nine Underworlds game. Then, he was secured into the Nine Underworlds, leading to the current event.

Although he returned to the Nine Underworlds, returning to its peak immediately was challenging. That was because of the low cultivation realm of the body he possessed. Even utilizing the Spirit Divinity Overflowing Lid did not help much.

The Twelve Devilish Gods Formation was breached, and the devils fled. The currently weak Water Devil had to be accompanied by the Origin Heart Devil.

With Yan Zhaoge being the pursuer, Origin Heart Devil could hardly fend for himself.

Even though the Origin Heart Devil tried his best to protect the Water Devil, the Water Devil could not escape its doom under Yan Zhaoge’s fierce onslaught.

“After defeating you today, I will have the hopes of recovering Senior Chen, Senior Xie, and Senior Chu.” Yan Zhaoge incarnated a sword through his finger, exuding a sharp air.

Although the Origin Heart Devil seemed to exist in an illusory state, it was still threatened by the incessant sword glow.

As the sword slashed forward, a drop of clear water came out from the old man’s sleeve. That was when Yan Zhaoge severed the Origin Heart Devil’s protection on the Water Devil.

In that drop of clear water, a bald monk’s glabella revealed a crack. Immediately afterward, an icy blue light flashed.

“That’s my imminent doom.” The Water Devil closed his eyes.

Yan Zhaoge glanced at the Water Devil lightly. As far as his vision could reach, the water droplets evaporated, leaving no trace in this world.

The current generation of Water Devil, and possibly the last generation of Water Devil, had just reverted from being reborn. It had faced its annihilation again.

After scanning through the water droplet, Yan Zhaoge withdrew his gaze. The sword light flickered as he slashed toward the Origin Heart Devil again.

The Origin Heart Devil’s figure altered from its ethereal state to its material state interchangeably.

However, Yan Zhaoge’s sword glow seemed to transcend the immaterial boundaries. He had synchronized with the Origin Heart Devil’s state and delivered a killing blow.

The terrifying sword glow pierced the Origin Heart Devil’s chest!

The Origin Heart Devil, who ranked first among the devils and right after the ancestral devil, had a calm and focused gaze.

His face was as pale as paper, even when Yan Zhaoge’s sword glow was a fatal blow.

At the same time, the old devil also launched a counterattack.

His figure seemed to melt and disappear, like a few faint rays of sunlight, seemingly indistinguishable. It followed Yan Zhaoge’s sword glow and darted at Yan Zhaoge.

The faint but solid sunlight shone on Yan Zhaoge and merged into his body.

It was as if an invisible existence was born in the depths of Yan Zhaoge’s mind.

An illusory figure condensed within the mind at this moment.

This figure’s facial features and appearance were exactly the same as Yan Zhaoge, but there were countless emotions in his eyes.

It was as if the thoughts of billions of living beings were contained in the same body.

“Even though I came in, I still can’t break his defense?” Origin Heart Devil, who took the appearance of Yan Zhaoge, frowned.

Although he appeared in the depths of Yan Zhaoge’s mind, the surroundings were empty, as if the sea of suffering was boundless.

This showed that he could not reach what Yan Zhaoge was thinking.

There could be a Heart Devil in Yan Zhaoge’s heart, but the inner devil and outer devil were now isolated. Both entities failed to communicate and integrate into one.

Origin Heart Devil knew things had gone worse. So he tried to escape, seeking out a way to survive first.

However, a voice came from within the devil’s illusory body.

“Are you looking for me?” The Origin Heart Devil was shocked.

Countless emotions surged in his pupils, corresponding to myriad creatures in the world. It included humans and demons in a massive number.

In front of Origin Heart Devil, the countless creatures gradually changed their appearances.

All the creatures seemed to have possessed Yan Zhaoge’s face, staring at the devil blankly.

The uncountable Yan Zhaoge stared at the Origin Heart Devil at this moment.

The old devil groaned miserably, and the outer shell engulfing Yan Zhaoge had shattered!

Deep in Yan Zhaoge’s heart, the Origin Heart Devil’s figure disappeared.

In the real world outside, colorful lights condensed and manifested an old man figure.

Origin Heart Devil turned weak. Yan Zhaoge immediately charged forward with his sword light and slashed his opponent into halves!

On the mysterious baldachin, one after another of Clear Qi scattered and circulated.

Following Bhikkhu Xuan Du’s footstep, the Origin Heart Devil was caught by the Clear Qi and sucked onto the baldachin.

“As long as the intelligent beings in this world are not extinct, you can still be reborn. This doesn’t end when the Nine Underworlds are destroyed. The devils can’t be purged. Origin Heart Devil, you are indeed powerful.” Yan Zhaoge said lightly, “In a sense, you’re indeed an immortal existence, even better than the devil ancestor in this regard.”

As he spoke, he looked up at baldachin, “However, from today onwards, you will still appear here no matter how many times you are reborn.”

On the baldachin, the dying Origin Heart Devil finally put on a bitter face.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “I will kill you every time you are reborn. So you will not exist in this world for more than one second every time you reappear.”

“Today marks the first round.” Having said that, Yan Zhaoge raised his hand and sent his sword over, piercing the body of the immobile Origin Heart Devil on the baldachin!