As Michael pushed open the massive, creaking door and stepped inside the ancient ruin, an eerie and oppressive atmosphere immediately enveloped him. The air was thick with the scent of age-old secrets and the mustiness of centuries past. Flickering torches on the walls cast eerie, dancing shadows that seemed to whisper dark secrets.

The dungeon appeared as a labyrinth of dark stone corridors, winding deeper into the earth. The walls were adorned with ominous, ancient symbols that glowed faintly in an eerie, unnatural light, providing just enough illumination to reveal the haunting, grotesque carvings etched into the stone. These carvings depicted scenes of suffering, torment, and grotesque creatures that seemed to writhe and move in the dim light.

Sarba and Ayag, who had been quite vocal thus far, were now struck silent by the oppressive aura of the place. They pointed at various parts of the dungeon, their eyes wide with a mixture of shock and surprise.

"Look at these carvings, Ghost," Sarba whispered, his voice trembling. "They're like something out of a nightmare."

Ayag hissed softly, her serpentine form coiled tightly around Michael's shoulder. "This place reeks of ancient air. Be careful,"

As they ventured deeper into the dungeon, the shadows seemed to grow thicker and the air heavier. The corridors branched out in every direction, creating a bewildering maze of passages. Sinister whispers seemed to echo through the stone walls, though the source remained hidden.

As Michael ventured deeper into the gloomy labyrinth of the dungeon, he couldn't help but notice the grim tableau that surrounded him. Skeletal remains lay scattered on the ground, their bony fingers reaching out as if trying to claw their way out of the darkness. Bloodstains adorned the stone walls, frozen in time, a testament to the horrors that had unfolded here centuries ago.

The torches on the walls seemed to come to life with an eerie, flickering light as he moved forward. Their flames danced in response to his presence, casting unsettling, shifting shadows that seemed to mock his every step.

"This place..." Michael muttered, his voice echoing softly through the ancient corridors. "It feels familiar,"

Sarba shuddered, his eyes darting around the sinister surroundings. "Familiar or not, it's clear that this dungeon has seen unspeakable horrors. We should tread carefully. Who knows what kind of threats we'll face here?"

As the path before them narrowed and grew even darker, Michael couldn't help but feel a sense of foreboding. He spoke softly to his companions, "It looks like my previous self must have built some traps in this place. We need to be cautious."

Ayag, the small serpent coiled on his shoulder, hissed disapprovingly. "Damn it. Don't jinx our journey. This is not the time for such thoughts."

Michael smirked at the little creature's concern but continued to advance cautiously, his eyes scanning for any signs of danger as they navigated the treacherous depths of the dungeon.

As Michael and his companions entered the open space, their senses were on high alert. The eerie stillness of the chamber set their nerves on edge. Suddenly, with a resounding clank, the floor beneath them shifted, revealing a complex trap.

The trap consisted of a series of interlocking stone slabs, each carved with intricate symbols that glowed with a malevolent crimson light. These symbols formed a deadly puzzle on the chamber floor, and their purpose was far from benevolent.

"You fucked it up. What in the gods' names is this?" Ayag exclaimed, her voice tinged with concern.

Sarba hissed softly, recognizing the danger. "It appears to be a trap, designed to confound and ensnare intruders."

Michael studied the trap, his sharp eyes tracing the intricate patterns. "I need to find a way to disable this before it activates," he said, his voice determined.

The opening through which they had entered abruptly closed, sealing them within the chamber. Panic flickered briefly across their faces as they realized they were trapped.

The runes etched into the floor began to glow brighter, casting an ominous crimson light across the room. The air grew dense and stifling, making it difficult to breathe.

With a sense of urgency, Michael began to search the chamber for any signs of a mechanism or a way to disable the trap. Every passing moment felt like an eternity as the menacing glow of the runes intensified, and the air grew even thinner.

"We need to hurry," Michael urged, his fingers deftly examining the stone slabs. "There has to be a way to disarm this."

As they desperately sought a solution, the chamber itself seemed to conspire against them, the ancient runes sucking the air from the room, making their task all the more perilous. The trap's true nature remained shrouded in mystery, and Michael's race against time had only just begun.

Michael's eyes glowed with an otherworldly light as he activated his X-ray vision, scanning the room with precision. His gaze passed through solid stone and ancient glyphs until it settled on a seemingly random section of the wall.

Without hesitation, he lunged forward, his fist connecting with the stone surface. Dust and debris filled the air as the wall cracked open, revealing a concealed switch. Michael wasted no time; he grasped the lever and pulled it down with a satisfying click.

As the trap deactivated, the malevolent crimson light from the runes began to fade, and the oppressive atmosphere in the chamber lifted. The room returned to an eerie stillness, the echoes of their harrowing experience still lingering.

Ayag, now visibly relieved, slithered closer to Michael. "Phew. Well done, Ghost. I hate traps,"

Sarba, too, seemed impressed. "It's as if this trap was designed to allow only you to pass safely. There's more to this place than meets the eye."

Michael nodded, his expression grave. "It certainly seems that way. We need to proceed with caution. The past me, the one who originally built this place, may have left behind more surprises."

After disarming the trap, a stone door opened on the other side. Using shadow teleportation, Michael appeared before the door in the blink of an eye.

"I have a feeling these traps are not coming to an end," said Sarba, her voice laced with fear.

"Fuck you two for keep jinxing our way," Ayag complained, her words dripping with sarcasm as she berated Sarba. Ignoring the banter between the siblings, Michael entered through the stone door and found himself in another narrow hall.

"What now?" Michael mused aloud, looking over his shoulder just in time to see the door closing behind him.

Suddenly, the dim room was bathed in the bright glow of runes, dispelling every trace of darkness. In the next moment, a pillar appeared at the far end of the hall. But before Michael could make a move, the floor between him and the pillar opened up, revealing a deep pit filled with menacing spikes.

"Another trap, who would have guessed?" Ayag quipped, rolling her eyes with sarcasm.

As if the pit filled with spikes wasn't enough, rotating blades emerged from both sides of the walls and descended from the ceiling. These blades effectively blocked Michael from flying above the pit.

Then, he heard a distinct click as the air in the room began to be sucked away, making every breath a struggle.

"Do what you did before," Ayag urged Michael, prompting him to activate his X-ray vision. To his surprise, he found no hidden mechanism near him.

"That pillar," Michael declared as he focused his gaze on the distant pillar through the maze of spinning blades. His godly eyes provided a clearer picture, revealing the pillar's intricate carvings. Although it appeared empty, Michael noticed a small hole on the pillar's surface.

With the threat of suffocation looming, he knew he had to act fast and make the right move.

"Quick, we're going to suffocate," Sarba urgently prodded Michael.

Michael was profoundly surprised and shocked by the intricacy and lethality of these traps. Even though he was a god, disarming them had proven to be far from easy. No wonder the elf had been so terrified of this place. Michael had his doubts that the elf had ever ventured this far.

While Michael was focused on the pillar, Sarba noticed the skeletons strewn about the pit before them.

"Poor bastards must have tried to jump their way out," Sarba remarked with pity for those who met a gruesome end.

"Here it goes," Michael murmured, slowly raising his hand and aiming his finger at the pillar.

"Ignitia," Michael cast the spell telepathically, and a lightning bolt shot out from his hand, threading its way through the labyrinth of spinning blades. The shot was incredibly challenging, but Michael managed to hit the pillar through the hazardous obstacle course. The lightning bolt struck the hole in the pillar with a jarring noise. To their surprise, the moment the lightning bolt hit the pillar, a dark cloth emerged from within and cast a long shadow across the floor.

"Use the shadow teleportation now!" Ayag shouted, her voice laced with urgency. Michael locked onto the shadow as he was instructed and disappeared from his original spot, reappearing beside the pillar using the shadow teleportation.

As soon as he teleported near the pillar, he heard a click beneath his feet. The pressure plates on the floor, triggered by Michael's weight, deactivated the traps.

"AHHHH," Ayag gasped for air as the airflow slowly returned to the room. The traps dissolved, revealing another door before Michael.

Taking a long, deep breath, Michael placed his hand on the door, hoping there wouldn't be any more traps to face.

"This place better have something worth all this trouble," Ayag growled as Michael pushed open the door.

"Welcome back, God of Darkness," came the voice of Azazel when Michael entered the hall, surprising him.