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Seeing the indifference of Axion, Gabriel was actually somewhat upset.

He had almost died because of this, and this man was just saying that it was because he probably deserved it? He lost his entire old life, and this guy was saying he deserved it? He couldn't even enter the Royal City without hiding his real self, and this was deserved by him? Just why? Why did he deserve it?

Just because his Element was similar to the Element of Darkness, he went through so much. What about the people who actually had the Element of Darkness? What about the ones that were waiting for their element to awaken to become a mage, and when their element awakened, they were killed because it was the wrong element?

The more indifference of Axion he saw, the angrier he became.

"Just because you and the other Church heads thought it was right, all those people were put to death!" Gabriel asked. "Who gave you the right to decide who gets death and who doesn't?"

Since Gabriel had experienced the effect of this personally, this topic was very close to his heart.

"Just because eight people selected by the Holy Grimoires agreed on something, it became the law? You became the gods of this world who could write the destiny of people you didn't like? Just because you became Holy Priests, you damned their present and future generations to a life of a beast who had to run?!"

Axion still didn't show much expression on his face. He just sighed as if he was tired of this discussion.

"If I was selected by the Holy Grimoire, that means I was selected by the Gods. And just like me, all the other Church Heads were selected by the Gods as well. Of course, we won't make a wrong decision. Whatever we did was right. No one in the world has any right to question the actions of a Holy Priest!" Axion declared.

He was firm on his stance. It didn't matter what others said; he believed he was right, no matter what he did!

Gabriel sent his Sword of Uriel back after hearing Axion's answer.

Axion had not only disappointed him, but he had also angered him thoroughly.

"I wanted to save this for later, but not anymore..." Gabriel held his Ancestral Staff firmly, resting its lower end on the sand.

Initially, he thought that he could seriously fight Axion and learn something from him, but not anymore. He was so upset that he wanted to crush Axion! If Axion thought that having strength and Grimoire gave him the right to kill anyone, he wanted to do the same thing that he did to others!

Even though he knew that this Axion wasn't the one who destroyed the world outside, still his words were just as arrogant and sharp. It wasn't the past that upset him as much as the words that came later, justifying it by saying that they deserved it!

Initially, he didn't even care about the last when he selected Axion. He just wanted to learn from a more powerful Mage of Light, but now that felt like a waste of time. If he had to learn from anyone, he was going to learn from an even greater mage of Light, Cylix!

"Having a Holy Grimoire gave you the right to decide others' fate... Let me use the same privilege today! This time, let me write your fate..."

Gabriel started muttering something under his breath, holding the Ancestral Staff firmly.

As soon as he started chanting the spell, the surroundings started changing. The sky, which was bright until recently, started getting darker.

There was not a single cloud in the sky before Gabriel started chanting the spell, but as soon as he began, the sky was entirely covered by dark clouds.

The warm winds that were flowing turned much colder as an eerie atmosphere spread out.

This was also the Infernal King's first time seeing something like this since it was a spell that Gabriel hadn't used before.

Gabriel didn't even finish chanting the spell, but the Infernal King could still feel a strange yet familiar power in the surroundings. This was the same power that he felt when Gabriel's chains were overwhelming him.

"Huh, so you're finally ready to fight. So be it." Axion believed that Gabriel was ready to start the battle. He also called out his High Grade Staff.

"What?" As soon as Axion called out his Ancestral Staff, his eyes slightly widened. He saw the dark ring which was in Gabriel's fingers now fly out.

The dark ring transformed into a strangely charming yet scary black book that faced Gabriel.

The book opened on its own as the pages started flipping on their own, ending up on the main spell that Gabriel was casting... the seventh spell.


[Four Hours Ago]

Gabriel was on the 95th floor.

He had been fighting an unending horde of monsters which was quite challenging. No matter how many monsters he killed, more of them kept coming.

After getting extremely tired of them, Gabriel stepped back and let the Infernal King handle them for a little while he rested.

He had been fighting non-stop without taking the Infernal King's help on the last ten floors, but he realized he needed some rest on this floor. Moreover, as the enemies were in such huge numbers, the Infernal King was a much better option to deal with them.

Walking to the back, covered in sweat, Gabriel sat on the ground and started drinking some water.

After having some water, he used the Spirit Crystals given my Lira to recover some strength. However, as he was using the Spirit Crystals, he felt a vibration in his ring.

His Ring came out on its own and transformed back into the form of a Grimoire. It turned to the sixth spell but didn't stop there. The pages turned to the next page, which was completely empty.

A new spell started appearing there.

Going through the unending challenges of the Tower, Gabriel had strengthened his soul a lot. As people said, one could only become stronger by facing stronger beings, and it was true for Gabriel.

Before receiving the Tower, he had six spells in total, but after challenging himself, he was finally strong enough to possess one more spell.

Moreover, the new spell was a High Tier Spell as well. He went through the spell, learning it.

"It's a powerful spell, but it consumes a lot of strength... Then again, that flaw is to be expected. All powerful spells will consume a lot... Making them harder to use..."

While the Infernal King fought the unending stream of Monsters, Gabriel went through the spell and learned it.


[Present time]

Cylix and Novius both stood up, pleasantly surprised at the sight of a book.

"A Holy Book with a new element?"

As soon as Gabriel stepped into the hall, they were able to see his new elements and all the treasures he possessed, which became useless before them in a place like this, but even the Tower couldn't make the ring reveal itself.

To them, the ring looked like an ordinary ring. It was only now that they saw what it truly was! It was a Holy Grimoire!

"How Ironic..." Novius muttered as he sat down again. There was a constant smile on his face, which he couldn't hide. With the appearance of the Grimoire, their hopes for Gabriel went even higher.

They were sure that Gabriel could truly change this world! He didn't just have the talent and the spiritual strength but a Holy Grimoire as well, possessing two elements. Who could be better for them to depart their knowledge to than this young man?

"Ironic indeed," Cylix also sat down after his initial surprise. "Axion was saying that people with Holy Grimoires are allowed to do anything before a person who possessed a Holy Grimoire...."


On another end, Gabriel finished chanting his spell, which didn't take long.

In the end, he spoke the last three words as he finally raised his staff a few inches above the ground.

"Curse of the Dead!"