Ezekiel arrived in the Realm of Gods, entering the mansion where he sensed the presence of Janus. However, that presence was starting to fade, as if he was here a long time ago, in such a hurry that he didn't even erase his presence.

Curious, Ezekiel followed the traces of that present, only to end up before the secret room. The door of the room was broken but no one was inside.

The room had no precious treasures either. There was only a small pond, which made Janus' arrival here strange.

Ezekiel entered the room, wondering why Janus would come here, even if it meant breaking the door?

His attention went to the pond, which was the only significant thing here. In the pond, nothing had changed. There were still the same four fishes as there used to be in the past, all four of them swimming in circles.

If one difference could be found, it was that one of the four was swimming very slowly.


"Can something be done?" Janus' voice was heard, in a faraway place. His voice was laced with worries.

He stood near the window, looking at an unconscious young man who was lying on the bed, his entire body appearing as if it lacked any blood.

The young man barely seemed to be breathing, his life force flickering as his life hung by a thread.

There was another person present in the room, a man who seemed to be in his late twenties, but was slightly older.

It was Ryder, the only person that Janus could come to help at this moment. With no other method to save his nephew's life, Janus arrived on earth, appearing in Ryder's house.

Initially, Ryder was surprised to see Caen in such a bad condition. He had fought Caen before... Or rather, he had beaten Caen before, but he hasn't hurt the boy too seriously.

He only injured Caen to the point that he could recover on his own in a week. It was just to teach Caen a lesson. But the condition in which Caen was right now... It was clear that someone had actually tried to kill him.

Ryder didn't even ask Janus about what happened. He directly took Caen from Janus' hands, taking him to his room.

Ryder placed the young boy on the bed, before he placed his hand on Caen's forehead, trying to send traces of his Divine Energy inside the young man's body to observe the situation.

In the meantime, Janus simply waited silently in the back, hoping that his nephew could be saved. If even the young boy couldn't be saved, he could never forgive himself!

As Ryder concentrated, he felt a surge of darkness and malevolence emanating from Caen's body. It was unlike anything he had encountered before. That poison reacted fiercely to his Divine Energy, as if the Divine Energy could only make the poison worse.

After observing the situation, he retracted his hand, seemingly in thought.

"Can something be done?" Janus asked at this point.

"For that, you'll have to tell me what happened? How did he end up in this situation?" Ryder asked. He wondered if Caen offended someone else with his arrogance, but still... Even if Caen wasn't as strong as him, but he wasn't so weak that anyone could hurt him like this.

Who could be strong enough to hurt Caen to this point? The reason that Janus came here instead of attacking that person to get a cure of the poison also meant that even Janus wasn't certain if he could defeat that person swiftly.

Janus didn't hide anything from Ryder. Ryder was the other half of his brother after all. Although his memories weren't the same, he could trust Ryder like family. Ryder had never craved for the throne either, only desiring to live on earth with his family.

Janus told Ryder about Ezekiel's past. He told him how Ezekiel was a mortal, who unfortunately had to suffer at the hands of a few evil gods. Since then, he hated the gods.

He talked about the time when Ezekiel was assassinating the Gods and that he even invaded the Realm of Gods, only to be stopped by Chaos.

He talked about the seal, and how this matter had ended.

"Even I don't know what changed after that, but when I returned from the Abyss, everything had changed. The realm of gods had fallen, and all the gods were annihilated. I only managed to save him, but I was too late as he was already affected by this strange poison." Janus sighed. It was evident that he was still blaming himself.

"All gods were annihilated? By all, you mean..." Ryder frowned, his expression darkened.

Janus nodded. "Sister in law is dead as well. Now Caen is the only remnant of my brother. So please save him... at any cost, even if I have to sacrifice my life for it!"

Ryder glanced at Caen. Although he disliked the personality of Caen, the young boy was still like a Nephew to him, that he cherished. That's why he didn't seriously harm Caen, even when Caen took so many lives on earth last time. And now, things were even worse.

He placed his hand on Caen's head, caressing the head of his nephew lightly. The boy had to grow up without his father. He never once saw his father, and now his mother was also gone...

As Ryder was also an orphan, he could understand what it was like to be all alone in this world. In Caen, he could see Chaos' face.

"I'll bring the cure." Ryder replied, shaking his head lightly.

He had promised himself that he would stay out of the matters of the Realm of Gods, but this time, he couldn't stay out.

"I'm coming with you!" Janus exclaimed. If it was a war, he was also ready to put his life on the line.

"Stay with Caen. Someone needs to stay here to make sure his condition doesn't deteriorate."

Ryder created a portal. This was the first time he was going to enter the Realm of Gods after the Great War of Gods in which Chaos was seen for the last time.