"Do you think you can come, tell me what to do and leave alive?" Ezekiel asked, his expressions darkening.

Ryder was standing before him. Even Janus couldn't have been so carefree before him, but this man had a strange demeanor that didn't make sense.

Ezekiel had gathered the information of every God in the Realm of Gods and even beyond, but he had never heard of a person who looked identical to Chaos and was even stronger.

From Ryder, he could feel an ancient aura. It wasn't part of his soul, but it appeared to be inherited from an ancient Power. That power was similar to the Divinity of Gods, but it was also more than that.

"I can do much more than just that, but as I said, I prefer to resolve this peacefully," Ryder calmly stated, reaching out his hand.

For him, earth was his entire world. He didn't care what happened to the Realm of Gods. Even if Ezekiel kept control over it for a lifetime, it didn't matter since it was just a piece of land.

He had always considered the fight over this piece of land to be stupid. That's also why he didn't let his son participate in the battle of the throne against Caen. It wasn't because he was worried that his son couldn't defeat Caen, instead it was because he found out insignificant.

Most people still thought that Chaos had fought the Ancestral Gods to win the control of the realm of gods, but Ryder knew much better about the reality.

"What do you want?" Ezekiel asked. It was unclear what he was thinking.

"The Antidote to cure Caen's poison," Ryder stated.

"You want me to hand over the cure so he can come and trouble me again?" Ezekiel scoffed. He wasn't even taking the negotiations seriously. He just wanted to know Ryder's identity and his motives.

"I will prevent him from leaving. He won't trouble you anymore."

"I've killed his mother! I've taken over his domain and killed every god in existence except a few. You think he'll let that grudge go?" Ezekiel smirked. He already knew that Caen was going to be crazy for revenge.

Although he was surprised that Caen was still alive, Ryder's presence here was evidence that it wasn't for long.

Hearing about the death of the Goddess of Reincarnation, Ryder's fists tightened. But he maintained his expressions.

"I will convince him. But if he still leaves, the next time I won't interfere to help him," Ryder responded. For now, saving that little brat's life was more important than anything else.

Although he was asking nicely, he didn't expect Ezekiel to hand over the antidote. More and more people were starting to gather around him, surrounding him from all sides.

Ryder already expected a battle to ensue. However, to his surprise, a small vial appeared in Ezekiel's hand.

He tossed the vial and turned around. "I hope you'll stick to your promise."

After stating his peace of mind, he entered the Mansion once again. The Villagers also moved aside, clearing Ryder's path. They dispersed as well.

Ryder stood with the vial filled with a dark gray liquid in his hand. He didn't expect things to resolve this swiftly.

Initially, he doubted that it was fake medicine, but he could feel a strange energy coming from the vial which was clearly countering the trace of poison that he brought with him.

This medicine wasn't fake. It was the real antidote.

He opened the portal to return and left the realm of gods, trying to make it the last time he was here. He departed.

A short moment after Ezekiel left, another portal opened in the Realm of Gods. This time, Gabriel stepped out of the portal, just missing Ryder.


Inside the mansion, the Village Head followed after Ezekiel.

"My Lord, why did you give him the cure? Do you really expect him to keep his promise? If Caen heals, it'll just give them more fighting Strength!"

Ezekiel laughed in response. "That is, if they can heal him."

"What do you mean?" The Village Head asked in confusion. "What you gave him was the real antidote. It'll definitely heal him in two weeks. So what are you implying?"

"You're correct. That cure will heal him in two weeks. But do you think they'll have two weeks?" Ezekiel asked.

He further stated. "How many days has it been since you failed to find a single trace of Janus? Finding him is our priority now. And with this medicine, we'll be taken straight to him.'

"You mean... You can track that medicine?" The Village Head asked, only now realizing what Ezekiel meant.

"I've left a soul trace on the vial. Even an Ancient God can't detect that trace, let alone him. That man will lead us to Caen and Janus." Ezekiel had a clear plan and with this, he had the last piece in place as well.

He closed his eyes, sending the location of the vial. A smile spread across his lips. "So it's that small world."

"Start preparing. We'll soon be going on a conquest."

The Village Head had a wide grin on his lips. He hadn't thought that Ezekiel was going to think so far. With this, everything was in place! They had the location of their last few targets as well.

"I don't know how someone like that man stayed under our radar, but this time, we'll have to deal with him as well," Ezekiel commented, thinking of Ryder.

The Sword studded with the Gems of Life appeared in his hand. "This little thing might have an opportunity to show its might."

"Oh the irony. He came here to save that boy, only for him to die at that boy's Sword. Fate is indeed very fickle." Shaking his head, Ezekiel entered the Royal Hall.

The Village Head turned around and left with excitement in his eyes. Soon, they were going to finish the last remnants of god as well. They were going to finish their mission!