Janus listened to Ryder's explanation, his expression a mix of frustration and concern.

Although he didn't agree completely, he didn't argue with Ryder either. At the moment, the most important thing for him was the safety of his nephew. As for revenge, it could wait longer.

Looking at his nephew's condition, he dropped the idea for the time being. But that didn't mean he had forgiven Ezekiel. He couldn't be in peace until he killed Ezekiel!

Seeing Janus' uncertain expressions, Ryder sighed. He stood up and walked over to Janus, placing his hand on his shoulders.

"We've been friends for so long. I know what you're thinking. And as I said, I'm not going to stop you if you want to fight him to death. However, think about it clearly."

After speaking, Ryder left the room, giving some privacy to Janus and a moment for him to think. He was certain that Janus was going to make a smarter decision.

Janus sat on the bed next to him, holding his young nephew's hands. His mind was filled with so many thoughts. For the first time in his life, he felt at a loss. Deep in his heart, he felt anger. He also felt guilt for his failure.

Most of the Gods were wiped out. And the Goddess of Reincarnation who could send them to the Cycle of Reincarnation was also gone. This truly looked like the end of everything. Everything was in shambles, with no clear path.

"I am sorry... I'm sorry for everything..." he softly whispered.

Out in the hallway, Ryder sighed, hearing Janus' words. He walked down the stairs. He could understand what Janus was feeling right now. It was a feeling that could break even the best of them.

"Is everything alright? You took so long to come down."

As Janus reached downstairs, his wife approached him. She was unaware that Janus was upstairs or about the fact that Caen was hurt. Ryder didn't tell her much, not wanting them to worry over nothing.

"If nothing."


Three days passed. Caen's condition had improved, but only slightly. His breathing was stable and his skin was slowly regaining its luster, but there was still a long way to go. Caen still hadn't regained consciousness, even after all this time.

On the fourth night, Caen finally opened his eyes. His body was frail and weak, as if he was a mere mortal who barely had any strength.

The Divinity inside him was almost completely exhausted. What was left had barely kept him alive all this time.

Caen's eyes darted around the room, unable to fully comprehend his surroundings. He wasn't sure where he was.

He could remember that he was on the verge of dying in a cave, so this room was completely unfamiliar surroundings. Soon, his eyes landed on Janus who was standing near the window, looking outside.

His mind was still hazy, and he wasn't sure if this was real or if he had already died and it was a dream. His chest felt heavy, but the pain wasn't as bad as he remembered.

He tried to speak, but his voice came out as a mere whisper, barely audible.

Although his voice was barely audible, Janus heard him. Stunned, he turned around. His eyes lit up in happiness as he saw Caen regaining his consciousness.

"Caen! Thank goodness you're awake," Janus exclaimed, rushing to his side.

Caen managed to crack a faint smile, relief washing over his tired face. "So I'm still alive."

He looked at his hands, which were still pale. He wasn't sure how he was alive when he had given up hope, but he was certain that it was thanks to Janus.

Caen tried to sit straight, pushing his body up, only to groan in pain as if all his bones were broken. Janus rushed forward, helping Caen.

"Don't push yourself. Your body will have the option and it'll take over a week to get rid of the toxins," Janus reminded Caen, but Caen didn't care about that.

He didn't care about the pain. Even as his entire body was in pain, he reached out his hand, hugging Janus.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry..." He only repeated the same word, as if he was a child. Tears kept trickling down his cheeks.

He had lost everything and now Janus was the only family he had left. He had also realized that he had always accused Janus wrongly.

If he hadn't been stubborn and had gone through all the training that Janus was trying to give him, maybe the past could've been changed. He knew his fault, but more than anything, he felt regret.

At this moment, he wasn't a stubborn prince, but he was just the nephew of Janus.

Janus didn't speak, simply hugging back his nephew and comforting him.

In that embrace, they found solace and forgiveness. They could share all their pain without a single word.

After a while, the door opened and a figure stepped inside.

"Oh? Looks like you're up."

Caen released Janus, finding that voice familiar. As he looked towards the door, he found Ryder standing there. His expressions turned darker. If he had his strength, he would've already called out a weapon. His eyes were full of hostility.

"Don't worry. He's the person who saved you," Janus informed Caen, patting his shoulders lightly to comfort him. "He's also your Uncle.'

Caen was taken aback. The man who beat him up last time was his uncle? Was that why he talked as if he knew Janus? But how could it be? How did he not know about another uncle? His father had another brother?

"Little brat, last time you created so much trouble for me. You think I would've let you go if we weren't related?" Ryder laughed. In an instant, he appeared next to Caen, roughing the youngling's hair.

"Though you look more pleasant to the eyes now. You look more... humane."

He took the boy's wrist into his hands and sent his divine energy to check the conditions of Caen's body.