"Enough of talking about that. It's time for dinner " Ryder stopped the conversation and took his seat while gesturing for Caen and Janus to do the same.

Janus also took his seat, but Caen didn't do the same. Instead, he did something that no one had expected him to do. For the first time in his life, he lowered his head.

He had already apologised to Janus, but he hadn't done the same for Ryder for all the trouble he created for them. Now that he was certain that Ryder was truly on his side, he felt guilty for one more thing.

"I am sorry for what I did in the past."

Even Janus couldn't believe what he was seeing. Caen was truly a new person. After this near death experience, he had truly improved. If Caen was like this in the past, Janus was certain he never would've had any regrets.

Ryder remained silent, yet there was a hint of admiration in his expression. Despite his previous negative perception of Caen, he found himself slowly changing his opinion. Acknowledging one's faults and offering an apology required great strength of character.

And thus, Caen had become something akin to a part of the family, with even Nyx accepting him. None of them believed that Caen was truly a bad person. He had only lost his way thanks to outside influence, but now that he was back on track, they all accepted him.

Amidst what appeared to be an ordinary moment, significant shifts were silently altering the course of people's destiny.

Nyx and Caen, an unlikely pair destined to never cross paths, unexpectedly found themselves intertwined, creating ripples within the threads of fate, a ripple which no one in this moment could understand.

However, while Caen was eating with Ryder's family on earth, preparations for war were moving forward at full speed in the Realm of Gods.

Even the Rebel Gods didn't understand what was happening at the moment. However, the Realm of Gods had completely changed. They saw many figures clad in dark attire appear out of nowhere. They all supported Ezekiel, but their originals were unclear.

They weren't the Villagers that they had seen. They weren't gods either, but their strength wasn't lacking in comparison to a god.

Even the Rebel Gods couldn't see through the strength of those people. It was as if there was a mysterious shroud around those people. When the Rebel Gods tried to see through, they could only see a great void.

This void radiated an energy that resonated with Ezekiel, as if they were connected in ways beyond comprehension.

The figures surrounded the main mansion, as if to protect Ezekiel. They had formed an impenetrable barrier that shielded him from any harm.

It was evident that these mysterious individuals were here to ensure Ezekiel's safety and success. But where were they from? It was the biggest mystery that the Rebel Gods couldn't understand.

They couldn't ask Ezekiel about it. They wanted to ask Gabriel, but they hadn't seen Gabriel in a long time. Gabriel hadn't left the mansion after entering it.


Deep inside the mansion, there existed a secret place with the mysterious pond. The hall didn't have any place to properly rest. However, this was the only place where Gabriel could be truly at peace with himself.

Since his return, he found himself drawn to this hall. Resting on the ground beside the tranquil pond, he gazed at the ethereal stars that adorned the ceiling.

The sound of soft water ripple from the pond soothed his troubled mind, providing him with a rare sense of tranquillity in the midst of chaos.

It was in this refuge that Gabriel found solace, allowing his thoughts to drift into the endless silence.

This was the only place where he could peacefully sleep, not having any nightmares. It was as if he was in the embrace of his mother, whom he hadn't seen ever since he was little.

The memories of her warm smile and gentle touch enveloped him, offering comfort in times of uncertainty.

In this haven, Gabriel could momentarily forget the harsh realities of the world, finding respite in the simple joys and innocence of the past before he awakened the Element of Necromancy and was pushed into the war of his previous life.


Gabriel was sleeping peacefully while preparations for war were going on at full speed. However, the leader of the war was also idle at the moment, sitting on the roof of the mansion, glancing at the night sky above.

"Don't worry mother, father. Even if I have to sell my soul to the devil, I will finish it. You won't have to wait for long! Soon, I'll be accompanying you..." Ezekiel spoke, his voice barely audible.

His fists remained tightly clenched to the point that his hands were bleeding. But he didn't seem to notice, or he completely ignored it.


Two more days passed, and finally the preparation for War was complete. A multitude of shadowy figures, donning dark hoods, amassed in the Realm of Gods, greatly outnumbering the Rebel Gods. The sheer presence of these people was enough to overwhelm most of the gods.

The preparations for the last great war were complete, a war that was destined to see bloodshed like never before.

Ezekiel appeared outside the secret hall where Gabriel was staying. However, he didn't call out to Gabriel to accompany him. He didn't tell Gabriel about the war either. This time, he didn't want to drag Gabriel to it.

This was his burden to bear and no one else's. He had thought about informing Gabriel since it involved Caen who Gabriel hated the most, but Caen was already half dead. Even with cure, he was still at his weakest.

After thinking about it, Ezekiel didn't tell Gabriel that Caen was alive. In this war, he was going to handle everything himself.

He didn't speak a single word and just placed a single letter outside the door, before turning around and leaving. His life energy was almost exhausted.

This was the last war he could ever take part in and even if he won, he wasn't going to return alive. So he left his last message for Gabriel in the form of a letter.