Inside the hall, Gabriel could hear some footsteps outside. He glanced towards the door, frowning. Usually, no one came here since no one was allowed to disturb him. If there was one person who could come here, it was only Ezekiel.

Gabriel sat up, waiting for Ezekiel to enter. However, to his surprise, he heard the sound of footsteps growing fainter, indicating Ezekiel was moving further away. Gabriel couldn't help but wonder why Ezekiel had come all the way here only to leave without meeting him.

He stood up and walked towards the door. Opening the door, he stepped out. As he stepped out into the hallway, he noticed that no one was there. Ezekiel had already left.

Bewildered, he contemplated seeking out Ezekiel for direct answers. However, just as he took a step, his attention was captivated by an envelope lying on the ground.

Curiosity got the better of him, Gabriel bent down and picked up the envelope, examining it closely.

It was a plain white, seemingly ordinary envelope.

"Did he come here to leave this letter? But why did he leave it at the door?"

Many questions remained in Gabriel's head. At the end, he could only think of one possibility. This letter wasn't something urgent and Ezekiel didn't want to disturb him so he left it out the door instead of coming in to greet him.

Still, the content of this envelope intrigued him. Walking inside the hall, he tried to open the envelope, only to be blocked by some restriction. It was a restriction created by Ezekiel himself.

Not much power was put behind the restriction. In fact, it was just enough power to last for a few more days. After that, the restriction was going to break on its own.

Gabriel didn't want to wait that long. Moreover, the restriction made him even more intrigued about the contents of this letter.

He used his own Divinity and the power of Abyss to try to break the restriction, but the arcane energies within the letter reacted violently to his attempts.

The surrounding elemental energy began to shake, creating a tempestuous storm. Unfortunately, with his current strength, this violent energy wasn't enough to throw Gabriel off.

It would've been different if Ezekiel was here to constantly reinforce the restriction of the letter, but in his absence, it became much easier to break the restrictions. With each passing second, the restriction became weaker, until it finally disappeared completely.

With the restrictions gone, Gabriel could easily open it. He tore the envelope open and pulled out a neatly folded piece of paper.

He sat next to the pond as he unfolded the paper. The letter was written in the Ancient Language that barely anyone could understand. It was the language of Ezekiel's world.

Since everyone from that world was killed by the gods, Ezekiel was the last person to know this language. For some reason, during the training, Ezekiel taught this language to Gabriel.

Although Gabriel wasn't fluent in this language, he was able to comprehend the words to some extent.

As Gabriel studied the letter, he noticed a familiar symbol at the top. It was the symbol that he had often seen Ezekiel use, even in the land of Abyss, especially when he was teaching him this language.

It was a single word, with a straightforward and uncomplicated meaning. This word served as a way to bid farewell.

As Gabriel reflected on the symbol and its meaning, he couldn't help but wonder if Ezekiel's intention in using it was meant as a final farewell or if there was a deeper message hidden within the letter.

As he immersed himself in the letter, a whirlwind of emotions swept across his face.

Gabriel's eyes flickered with curiosity as he unraveled the intricate web of emotions conveyed through every word in the letter.

This wasn't just a letter. Instead, it was the life of Ezekiel. In this, he mentioned everything that no one knew about him.

Many people knew that Ezekiel used to be a mere mortal, left to suffer in a world stained with blood by the gods. From a helpless mortal, he had become the Nightmare that could scare anyone.

Almost every God knew about his significant transformation, but no one knew how. No one in this world knew what happened to Ezekiel from the moment he was left to suffer in his world to the moment he appeared in the Realm of Gods for revenge.

In this single letter, Ezekiel wrote everything, as if he wanted someone, even if it was just one person, to know the real him.

He spoke about the exquisite beauty of his homeland, declaring it as his most beloved place in the world. He also expressed regret that now that world was nothing more than a blood stained barren land, a witness of the gruesome history.

He also talked about the fact that he had hidden his home world. He told Gabriel the coordinates of the world, so that Gabriel could find him.

He didn't mention why he was telling Gabriel about that world. Gabriel wasn't certain either.

Was it because he didn't want the land to be forgotten in the great void? Did he want the Land to be returned to its past glory where innocent lives could flourish once again after the war was over? Gabriel wasn't certain, but from the words, he could feel Ezekiel's regret.

Upto this point, he had already heard Ezekiel talk about in bits and pieces in the past, but what he mentioned after that was something he had never said before.

"Elzera?" Gabriel muttered, reading the next paragraph, his expressions getting solemn. As he went further, his expressions kept getting darker and darker.


In an unknown land, Karyk finally stepped out of a portal with the Lord of Upper Realm. Even with a spatial portal, it took them such a long time to reach this place.

"Welcome... Welcome to our personal hell... Welcome to Elzera," The Lord of Upper Realm stated.