Sylvester worried about the situation but, at the same time, understood that he didn't have enough information to take any action against the anti-light yet. He spoke with Felix, and it would take them almost another full day to return. So, he decided to wait and focus on other things that mattered.

One of the main things that he worried about most was the literacy levels of the people. He had read a few entertaining books before where the main character goes back in time and revolutionizes society. It was easier said than done. Because, to revolutionize society, he would need a generational, constantly improving knowledge base.

Starting from scratch wasn't easy since everyone would begin learning at the same time on the same level. There were no genius professors or inventors yet. Sure, there were great minds with higher IQs, and Sylvester placed his hopes on them to study faster and innovate on their knowledge.

Soon, another morning came. Sylvester ate his breakfast as he had decided to do with his family and headed out to work. Miraj was late that day from his morning stroll and missed his breakfast, but once Sylvester reached his bicycle, the fluffball came running and climbed onto his shoulder.

"Maxy! You won't believe what I saw! A human fountain!" Miraj started talking with excitement. "The water came out so strong… But the window saved me."


Sylvester abruptly pulled the brakes, making the tires screech. He lifted Miraj and placed him in front of himself on the handlebar, "What are you talking about, Chonky? What fountain? Where?"

"Ummm…" Miraj looked at the Bright Mother's building. "On the third floor! I looked inside from the window, and this lady turned into a big fountain. But I think she wasn't hurt… She kept saying oh yes, oh yes… Can you be a fountain too, Maxy?"


Sylvester was speechless, wondering if he should ban Miraj from going around the building and invading privacy. He understood that many adult women did that when lonely since they were oath-bound to stay away from men.

"A fountain? I don't think so." Sylvester began moving again. "And you should stop peeking inside other people's homes. Especially in the Bright Mother's housing."

Miraj was simply confused and interested, "Maxy, can I be a fountain too?"

"You already are. Just open your mouth portal and let all the mud come out." Sylvester countered, shutting Miraj down and extinguishing his curiosity.

But Miraj was Miraj, "Wait! Does that mean that woman had a portal like mine? But between her le—"

"You want bananas, Chonky?"

"Yes, Sir!" Miraj instantly calmed down.

It was a strange start to the day, but Sylvester appreciated such small situations as Miraj's goof-ups usually lifted his spirits.

He arrived at the Pope's Palace and began his mundane job that he had grown to almost hate. He wanted to run out and travel to Sol again, fix issues on the ground level, and catch criminals and Demons. But the thing was, even the Bloodlings had almost been eradicated thanks to his Solarium Beam invention. It worked like a charm, and without even approaching the creature, the light of Solis prevailed.

Knock! Knock!

The Bright Mother Sylvester had appointed as his assistant knocked on the door and peeked her head in. She was a pretty woman in her fifties, very loyal to him, and pure from the heart. However, at the same time, she was sharp and very overbearing to anyone who disrespected her or the Pope.

"Your Holiness, Saint Externum is here."

"Elyon? Send him in." Sylvester cleared his table off the documents and waited to see his foreign minister.


"May the Holy Light enlighten us!" Elyon saluted. "I came to discuss a situation in Beastaria, Your Holiness. The Beastkins have started to notice the shadowy influence of the Demon reaching their lands. They're worried since they have nowhere else to go."

Sylvester invited the Tigerkin man to take a seat, "What percentage of the Beastkins have accepted the faith of Solis?"

"A majority of them have. Only the clans of Lionkins remain since their pride stands in their way. However, I was able to convince the Tigerkins, and they're now highly religious toward Solis and revere you as well." Elyon briefed and pushed a document forward. "This is a petition from the elders of the Beastkins. They wish to receive your permission, so if the Demon gets too close, they are allowed to journey to Sol and find temporary housing until the Demon is defeated."

Sylvester rubbed his chin while humming, "I'll have to ask Lazark to keep an eye on the Beastkins for the foreseeable future. I don't trust anyone, and there could be a hidden agenda behind it. But I'll give permission in case something happens. However, according to what I have planned, things won't devolve to such a level. Any word from the Dragons? I asked them to build the runes around the Demon's area."

Elyon shook his head quite dejectedly, "King Malisius has been kicked out of dragon nobility because the photograph of him kneeling reached Greenpeaks. But Malisius wasn't ready to leave and fought against his own kind. The issue of the Demon has been put on hold."

"Wonderful!" Sylvester stood up and stretched his arms and back. "The more they ignore the Demon, the bigger the crisis will be. So when I arrive and solve it—The general mindset of commoners in Beastaria is bound to change. Don't do anything for now, Elyon. Just keep establishing relations with various species. Any report on that part?"

Elyon placed more documents before Sylvester. "I was going to start with that. The Giants of Gantis have responded with a neutral letter. They wish to be left alone, but since they depend on the river that originates from Merkin Lake, they'll be affected soon enough. Similarly, the Vampires are ignorant and hold some hostile ideas about humans.

"The Goblins, as you said, will be eradicated soon. The Werewolves have been quite friendly, however. They hope for a safe and prosperous life, but the full moon twice a month is their bane. As for the Orcs, they're completely hostile toward us."

"What about the elves? How is my cure working out for them?" Sylvester asked, "What about Deca Imperia? It had the most cases of the plague."

"Deca Imperia almost lost half of its population, but now things are stabilizing. The cure has worked, but the elves have monopolized it for themselves. They wish to immunize themselves in the Alfia Kingdom and then focus on the rest outside."

'Hah, just as expected.' Sylvester hid his smile since not many knew he had spread the plague in the first place.

"Good, the other species must be disgruntled and unhappy with the elves now. Make contact with non-elven species of Deca Imperia and offer them the cure. That will elevate our position later, more than what it would have if elves shared the cure." Sylvester ordered, giving Elyon the shudders at the realization that Sylvester was always in control, even while sitting a continent away.

Elyon stood up and stoically saluted, "I will get to it, Your Holiness. May the Holy Light enlighten us."

"May we be enlightened." Sylvester watched him leave and moved to the window overlooking the outside garden. "Just a little more, and I'll be able to unite this planet. After that… the real fight will start."

"Maxy, can you scratch my back? It's itchy again."

Sylvester turned around and retook his seat. Miraj was sitting at his table the entire time, snoring and making noises. It was almost comical that the man most people were afraid to even speak to was a backscratcher to a cat. But Sylvester wasn't complaining. He loved squishing the furball.

"Are you growing more wings?" Sylvester checked while scratching, almost massaging Miraj's back, apparent from the happy purrs he made. "I don't see any new bone spurs."

"Maybe my wings are growing big?" Miraj suggested. "I can fly faster now. I feel it."

'He's definitely not a cat.' Sylvester muttered under his breath and relaxed in the office. 'Felix should be back anytime now.'


"Sylvester! Look what I caught!"

Sylvester jinxed it, and Felix stormed into his office, his armor looking dirty. He dragged a man by the hair into the room and threw him down.

"Who's he?" Sylvester walked over to check.

"Meet Baron Clawfort. He's the one responsible for the illegal activities in the protected region. He hired a few knights with no masters and turned them into an overpowered logging company. They were clearing through the patches of forest as if they were children playing with dirt," Felix introduced the man on the ground. "They attacked me, a big mistake. Only the Baron survived."

Sylvester walked over to the Baron and looked at the man intently.

"M-Mercy, Your Holiness."

"Later," Sylvester swung his leg and kicked the man's head, knocking him out. "I don't care about the Baron or who you killed. Tell me, did Emperor Raz notice anything on Mount Primal? And… where is he?"

Right then, the door opened again, and Emperor Raz entered. His body was covered with a white wooly cloak, and there was even a pointy hat over his skull head. "Ho-ho… Who'd have thought mountain people would be this nice? They gifted me such wonderful clothes."


Felix scoffed., "They were scared of you, not happy. They thought you were some evil god and gave you offerings."

Sylvester was interested in knowing what happened, but he tried to remain focused. "Mount Primis? What happened there?"

Soon, they all sat down, and Emperor Raz gave his complete report. "I felt the presence of a Supreme Wizard in the mountains. But it didn't react to me despite noticing me. I think the man you're looking for is certainly there."

Sylvester clenched his fist, causing his knuckles to crack. "Then my prediction was right. The anti-light organization has turned into a headless snake, a dangerous one at that. The Chief of anti-light wanted to kill the Pope, Saint Scepter, and ruin the faith. But he lost the bet with me, and now the enemies he wanted to kill are dead—He's an aimless man who chased power his entire life, but now, he doesn't know what to use it for."

Tensions grew in the room, and Felix tried to change that, "What's the plan then? Isn't it good that the anti-light is self-destructing?"

"They're people who hate us, Felix. Without someone to lead them, they'll spread around and create chaos. I need to go and see what's happening in Mount Primis," Sylvester made a decision. "What happened to Bloodrain? And what happens to anti-light after this? We need answers."

"But he's a Supreme Wizard," Felix warned him. "You won't always be lucky. He has no reason not to kill you."

Sadly, Sylvester knew that was the case, "I know. That's why I'll be completely unavailable for the next five nights."

Felix worried for his friend and stood up, "Sylvester, I won't let you go."

"I'm not going there, Felix. Just going to train myself—for the inevitable..."

'Five nights should give me almost four years in there… Even if I don't reach the Supreme Wizard, I should be able to come close to it.'

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