Sylvester helped Felix, Lord Inquisitor, and Soulbreaker. Then, he released Emperor Raz from confinement. He gave them all healing potions while letting them rest. Their battle had only lasted a few minutes, and Sylvester had dominated from the start. The others understood that very well, but Emperor Raz was confused.

"How did you stop me? I'm a Supreme Wizard. In theory, I'm much stronger than you." Emperor Raz asked, somewhat annoyed since he had lost against Saint Scepter as well.

Sylvester created a ball of solid light on his palm and threw it at Emperor Raz. "Catch."

By instinct, the Lich caught it with his skeleton hands. But in an instant, he began to fumble the orb and soon threw it away. "Hot, hot, hot! Ouch!"

"In other words, my mastery of light magic has reached a higher level. So, now I'm able to hurt you, a being constructed from dark magic. And who else is a master of dark magic? Chief of Anti-Light," Sylvester explained and decided to pick two members from the group to go along with him. "Lord Inquisitor, your vast knowledge will help me deal with that man. Emperor Raz, you can help deal with unforeseen situations, and your undead dragon will help us reach the place."

At that moment, Sylvester also saw Felix sitting on the ground, looking angry. He could understand the frustration that must be eating him from inside. Not being able to fight against him, even after becoming a Platinum Knight had to be irritating.

"Want to know why you lost?" Sylvester directed his words toward his good friend. "You lack a particular fighting style and its mastery. You're very young, and I think it's time you choose one style. Besides, you couldn't have defeated me because my knight rank had already reached its peak—beyond this, it's uncharted territory."

Felix looked up at Sylvester, shocked, "You've hit the peak?"

"I have," Sylvester nodded and gestured for all of them to stand up. "Return to the Pope's Peninsula and rest. We leave in the morning."

Not wasting time with them, Sylvester kicked the ground and jumped away. Midair, he formed Light Tiles and swiftly crossed the entire waterbody to reach the Pope's Peninsula. However, instead of heading to the Palace, he landed directly on the roof of the Bright Mother's building complex.

"Mewaaaa… I'm hungry," Miraj yawned from Sylvester's shoulder, his eyes seeming heavy and tired.

Sylvester picked up the fluffball and held him like a baby, "I think I spoil you too much. I'm also tired, but I'm not complaining."

"Because you're big, and I'm small," Miraj argued, making his eyes appear big and cute. "Can I have banana cake today? Just one?"

"You mean the whole cake and not one slice?"


"Okay, okay! Stop attacking me with those adorable eyes," Sylvester relented and knocked at his home's door. "You'll get very fat, so I'm warning you."

Miraj didn't care, "I'm a growing boy, Maxy. I need more food."

"You're a thousand years old."


Zeke opened the door, and Sylvester went straight to the kitchen. Xavia was cooking there, and the tasty aroma of food filled the entire house.

"Mum, Chonky wants a banana cake. Can you make a quick one?" He asked and placed Miraj on the table. He attached a bell to Miraj's body that, although became invisible, rang every time Miraj moved. That helped Xavia interact with the invisible cat.

"Anything for Lord Chonky," Xavia was happily humming a song. She was in her best mental state in a long time. It was also visible in her eyes since she didn't appear very tired.

Before revealing his mission, Sylvester went and took a bath and changed into regular pants and a short tunic, which basically made it seem like a modern t-shirt. He then sat by the balcony and trimmed his hair with scissors, as it was so long that it reached his waist. It was a hindrance during fights.

"Are you preparing for something?" Xavia noticed and asked.

"I'll be heading west tomorrow, Mum," Sylvester replied, trying to be honest with her since she was an essential part of his administration. "I've received word that the Chief of Anti-Light is at Mount Primis, and Bloodrain could possibly be there too. I have to put an end to this anti-light matter, so I have to go."

Sylvester fully expected Xavia to get sad. But instead, she patted his shoulder and started helping him cut his hair.

"I'm not naive enough to believe that you'll stay within the walls of the Holy Land forever. As the Pope, it's your duty to fight when needed, to ensure the safety of the realm. You might even have to fight Beastaria if the need arises, and there's nothing I can do to stop you. Otherwise, I'd fail as a Bright Mother," Xavia said while massaging his head occasionally. "But as your mother, I'm scared to death."

Sylvester smiled and placed his hand on hers, "I just reached the peak of Grand Wizard rank, Mum. There's a chance that I'll be something more by the time I return—someone truly qualified to sit on the Pope's throne."

Xavia was momentarily taken aback. It brought comfort to her heart, knowing how quickly he was growing. She hugged his neck from behind, "Call me foolish, but as a mother, I don't think I'll stop worrying even if you reach the peak of Supreme Wizard."

"Haha," Sylvester laughed heartily. "And that's why, no matter what, I will always remember I have a mum worrying for me at home. Giving me a reason to give my all and live—as long as possible."

Xavia whimpered on his shoulder, getting emotional. But she didn't want to show her face to him and rushed back to the kitchen, "Wash your hands. Dinner is ready."

Sylvester stood up and decided to tell her a little more, "Mum… Even after all this is done, and Beastaria has surrendered to me… Things won't be over. I've been warned of a greater evil lurking out there. But this time, I'm terrified and have no clue if I can win—So please be safe and careful."

Xavia had no clue what Sylvester was talking about but chose to believe him fully. Trying not to show too much fear, "I'll remember that, dear. Now cheer up, and let's eat."

'I must get stronger. I don't want to see her grow old,' Sylvester told himself, one of his deepest fears affecting him again.

Early the next morning, he bid a quick goodbye to Xavia and Zeke before heading out to meet with the rest at the Training Peninsula again. He chose to leave from a secluded place to keep his mission a secret. Felix was supposed to weave a story of where he was while working as the signing authority after he was gone.

As he arrived, Emperor Raz was already waiting there with his undead dragon. The giant skeletal creature had been given clothes to give it the appearance of a living dragon. Additionally, there were now leather seats with backrests and safety belts at the back of the dragon. Moreover, a large curved glass was also added to stop the wind from hitting the riders.

"Let's get going," Sylvester jumped onto the back of the dragon. Soon, Lord Inquisitor also joined. Without wasting any time, they soared into the sky and vanished behind the clouds to make sure the commoners below weren't frightened.

"What do you think?" Emperor Raz asked, patting the surface of the dragon's back. "I designed this ride myself, from every single stitch to the last piece of leather seat."

'Never in my life did I think I'd be friends with a lich,' Sylvester was just amused by the skeleton. Raz was peculiar, and too lively for his species. The man loved playing with children, teaching, sewing, writing, and fashion as well. Clear from the black leather trench coat, black pants, boots, and cowboy hat on his head. The funniest part was that there was no such thing as a cowboy hat in the world, so Emperor Raz invented it.

"I'm envious," Sylvester replied. "I would have loved to have a dragon to ride. But I'm sure the ones at Greenpeaks won't be happy with that."

"You can always bring me a dead one. I'll turn it into an obedient steed for you." Raz offered, not truly understanding how big of a thing it was to turn a dragon into an undead dragon.

Soon, they turned their discussion to serious matters. As they headed northwards, they first arrived over Miraj City, the second Holy Land where Sylvester was supposed to spend at least three months each year and focus on the development of the western region.

"The city looks amazing." Sylvester glanced at the massive, walled city with its pale red bricks being the unique point. The dwarves also lived beneath the entire city. It appeared very clean from the sky and modern as well since the trams had already begun operating with the electricity generated from the nearby smaller river dam. It was more of an experiment, so it wasn't showcased as a big invention.

Miraj City was also the first to have a dedicated municipal administration that was responsible for cleaning and maintenance. Even a police system was formed, abiding by the new constitution that Sylvester had released. On top of that, wealth gathered in the city as it acted like a bridge between the east and west.

Felix was still the Count of Sandwall County and earned a lot of gold from the region. Not that he cared since his wife-to-be was quite literally the Queen.

"Don't go too low. You might frighten the people," Sylvester warned Raz.

With that, they quickly made their way into the north. Once the wind turned freezing cold, they knew they were close. They passed by Mount Dimos, the highest one, and approached Mount Primis.

"I'll handle the fighting if it comes to that," Sylvester geared himself up for the battle. "The two of you should watch my back, and if we find Bloodrain, secure him."

'I can feel it… There's rage; there's anger; there's hopelessness,' Sylvester stood up and stared at the mountain nearest to them. The undead dragon slowly descended to get closer to it over time, but Sylvester didn't want to waste time there.

"Follow the path I make and maintain a distance," Sylvester ordered the two and, without warning, jumped down with Miraj.

The cold wind tried its best to freeze Sylvester, but other than his clothes, it couldn't affect him. The solidified light sword he made in one hand was hot enough to keep him and Miraj warm.


At last, he landed with a loud bang and quickly began walking toward the scents. He nearly melted all of the snow wherever he stepped, forming a path for Lord Inquisitor and Emperor Raz.

'He's noticed me,' Sylvester suddenly smelled the curiosity in the air.

"Julius Aurelius Alexander!" He called the man out loudly. "Let's sit and talk!"

He tried to pinpoint where the man was, but other than snow and deep ravines or cliffs from the mountain, he found nothing. However, he still kept going and felt the scents growing stronger. 'Inside the mountain? There must be an entrance.'

As a Master of Elder Magic, he started using the solarium in the air itself and attempted to sense if there was any secret opening behind the snow.

'If it's hidden behind the snow, it must mean he hasn't come out in a long time.'

"Where are you, Julius? Won't you greet the new Pope?" He bellowed.

Right at that instant, he smelled something. Anger and hatred abruptly surged in the air. 'Bitterness with burns, and the burning pungent feeling—does this mean…'

To test his theory, he shouted once more, "I am Sylvester Maximilian! Pope of the faith of Solis!"


All of a sudden, the entire mountain vibrated, triggering avalanches everywhere. But that wasn't the problem. The immense increase in scents related to negative emotions was.

"Alright… he hates me," Sylvester stopped moving and prepared his sword. "Chonky, get ready for battle."

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