Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 475

Defense Specialization and Daily Life (6)

Maple and the others switch attackers according to the characteristics of the enemies that stood in their path. Sally and Kasumi were good against nimble opponents; Mai and Yui were good against tough opponents; while Maple, Kanade, and Sally were suitable for attacking from a distance. Iz would take care of everyone’s buffs, while Chrome would intercept and fill in Maple’s gap if the enemy used forced teleport.

Once they knew what kind of enemy they were dealing with, there was nothing that the [Maple Tree] couldn’t handle.

Maple and the others continued their search, opening treasure chests several times in a room inside the castle.

“We did the right thing by saving the best for last!”

“It’s full of materials… Maybe we’ll find some skill scrolls soon?”

“Compared to a bunch of equipment, skill scrolls are more useful because someone can learn it.”

The materials were rare, and although the equipment wasn’t as good as the unique series, they were all excellent.

However, rather than equipment, [Maple Tree] prioritized skill scrolls.

“It’d be better if we explore the other side as well.”

“I agree. There has to be some kind of reward, so there’s no reason not to go.”

“My skills are still available!”

At present, Maple had only used [Dedicated Affection]. She had some skills left, along with [Machine God], which could be used only a limited number of times.

Basically, Mai and Yui, who crushed the enemy with normal attacks, would be leading the way so they wouldn’t have to use valuable skills to break through.

After all, normal attacks could be used infinitely. Because of that, the combat power of the twin didn’t decline even during consecutive battles.

“We still have some spaces left, so let’s look around and gather as many items as possible!”

“But if it’s a dead end, we’ll just fight again…!”

“How dependable! I’ll do my best, too.”

They wouldn’t have to struggle so hard until the boss battle. Considering the strength of the eight people, that was only natural.

However, they didn’t let their guard down. After all, it was still a hidden area on the 9th Floor, and the enemy’s attack power was correspondingly high. Mai and Yui, as well as Iz and Kanade’s rearguard group, would be fatally wounded with a single blow.

Even more so if Maple was struck by a piercing attack. Depending on the power, her HP might be greatly shaved off.

“If an unknown enemy appears, we should wait and see first.”

“I don’t mind aggravating them. Even if I unexpectedly take damage, I should be able to withstand at least one blow.”

“It doesn’t matter if I get hit a little, too. Leave the reconnaissance to me.”

Once they reaffirmed their strategy, they carefully checked the walls and furniture so as not to miss the hidden treasure chest before leaving the room.


The passage turned out to be a dead end. Nevertheless, the eight proceeded to delve deeper.

If their purpose was to reach the deepest part and defeat the boss, they were already failing. But in a sense, they were also successful, and Maple was keenly aware of that.

“Aren’t we more likely to find a treasure chest here rather than the main path?”

“I think that’s quite likely. Judging from the outer appearance of the castle, I’m sure the boss is stationed at the back.”

Even if that weren’t the case, it was unlikely for them to place the boss at the edge of the dungeon. If anything, the boss room should befit the majestic appearance of the castle.

“Maple, can’t you locate the treasure chest or something? After all, you have a penchant for finding rare skills.”

“Ahaha, that was just a coincidence.”

“Actually, rather than intuition, she seems to have a high affinity with unusual events.”

“Then… hmm, let’s take a look at the second-floor next time we return to the entrance!”

“All right, that’s the plan.”

At Maple’s suggestion, Sally and everyone else from [Maple Tree] nodded.

No special gimmicks or traps so far. Nevertheless, some items were required to trigger a boss battle. It was just the norm.

‘We overlooked something. Even though the key to the boss room was right there all along—’

In order to prevent such a scenario from happening, the eight decided to score the passages one by one.