Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu 476

Defense Specialization and Daily Life (7)

“Hahaha, it’s a harvest!”

Exploring every nook and cranny was worth it.

Knowing that they could deal with any monsters, Maple and the others scored all the passages. Afterwards, they returned to the branching point to each passage.

Although there was no skill scroll, all the treasure chests made up for it. After all, they didn’t only obtain a bunch of materials, equipment, and items that would fetch a good price.

“We found what we needed.”

“Again, saving it for the last was the right choice.”

They just happened to follow the correct sequence.

At the end of the passage on the first floor was a key required to unlock the passage on the second floor.

As for the second floor, neither the left nor the right doors was locked, leaving the one at the middle.

“It looks like there’s no other place we can explore…”

“Let’s go quickly!”

“Yes, let’s go!”

The eight people, led by Maple who still activated [Dedicated Affection], opened the lock and checked the situation ahead.

A little further down the aisle was a circular room with a door at the back. The room, which had the radius of 10 meter, bore a different atmosphere. Suffice to say, it was different from the passages and small rooms they’d explored so far.

Standing on the border between the room and the corridor, they scanned it from the ceiling to the floor, but didn’t find anything out of place.

“Hmm, looks like it might lead to the boss room, but…”

“Because we can see the door right ahead of us, it doesn’t seem to be the deepest part.”

“Still, something might come out, so be careful.”

“It’ll probably appear the moment we set foot inside.”

“In that case, I’ll set up the cannon here.”

Since there were no signs of the enemy, they could prepare as much as they wanted. a stack of buffs was applied on Mai and Yui, while a row of cannons was lined up with the muzzle pointed at the room.

If nothing happened, all they had to do was collect them.

“Time to move!”

With Maple’s shout, everyone entered the room at the same time.

In the next moment, black flames were spewed, engulfing the air.

Right after the flames had subsided, a girl emerged from within—both her hands and feet covered in black scales. Her wings and tail had the same color.

It was the boss of the Land of Fire and Wasteland of the 9th Floor.

“I’ve concealed it thoroughly, so how did you manage to come this far?”

The boss conjured several masses of flame in the air, amplified them, and grinned at Maple and the others.

“An unexpected visitor. I’ll entertain you. Just be careful not to turn into charcoal!”

“Maple, brace yourself!”

“[Pierce Guard] [Afterglow of Salvation]!”

“Take this—!”

The sudden attack caught them off-guard.

The giant black fireball that filled the room expanded, turning into a pillar of fire that reached even the ceiling, swallowing the eight people.