Chapter 478 – Defense Specialization and Daily Life – part nine

As the eight players worked together with the attack patterns that they had decided upon in advance, they were able to defeat their enemy by creating an opening that allowed Mai and Yui to deliver their killing blows.

However, that was just a mid-boss, so they couldn’t relax just yet.

Nonetheless, Maple and the others continued onwards after defeating said mid-boss.

“[Multi-Cover]!” Chrome exclaimed.

“[Tidal Wave]!” Kanade exclaimed.

Chrome protected Mai and Yui, while Kanade engulfed the monsters with a large wave, destroying them.

Just as the battle ended, Maple came running from behind the waves and breathed a sigh of relief, “Thanks for the help!”

“The number of monsters that can use forceful teleportation is increasing, so leave things to me if you end up being separated from us.” Chrome told her.

Even Maple’s [Dedicated Affection] has its limitations, so when she is unable to participate, Chrome ends up being the last line of defense.

He is a top class large shield wielder though, so having him to back Maple up is quite reassuring to the rest of the team.

Maple is just way too powerful though, so it becomes easy to forget that it’s also fairly hard to break through Chrome.

“Keep up the good work, everyone! We still have plenty of buff items left.” Maple said.

“Okay!” Mai and Yui cheerfully replied.

Even if one breaks through Maple, passes through Chrome, overcomes Kanade’s barrier and Izu’s barricade, as well as Kasumi and Sally’s repelling, they would still need to deal with Maple’s [Giant’s Work]…

Pair that up with Mai and Yui’s offensive potential, and it ends up being extremely dangerous for anybody to try passing through [Maple Tree]’s tactics.

It’s the kind of thing that feels quite hopeless for the monsters.

“I’m not sure if monsters can defeat our tactic, but…” Maple started saying.

“We have to be careful nonetheless. Our opponent is a boss after all, and we want to win.” Sally complemented.

“That’s it. So let’s not get too careless and move forward together, everyone.” Maple nodded.

Like Sally said, the enemy is a boss. And if it’s anything like the event boss, it should be able to fully transform into a black dragon and use all sorts of wide-range attacks.

An opponent like that might be able to do all sorts of absurd moves, so they should prepare themselves for anything.

Perhaps they would be able to win after losing a few party members, which isn’t a particularly uncommon occurrence when playing together as a party, but…

Since they’ve come this far, everyone should survive until the end and be able to fully enjoy the joy that comes from beating a boss.

“Considering the small size of the rooms here, it wouldn’t be strange if the boss used the same kind of breath that was used in the event.” Maple commented.

“I’m not sure if my barriers will be enough in that case…” Kanade muttered.

She used a lot of her powerful defensive skills in PvP, so even if she still has a few magic books, they might not be enough.

“Leave that to me!” Maple exclaimed.

She’s a clear counter to wide range attacks. Enemy big moves are pointless if they don’t deal piercing or fixed damage.

“I’ll be ready to recover others as needed. But just in case, shouldn’t we also prepare some fire damage reduction?” Kasumi suggested.

Even if they do take damage, they can still continue the battle for as long as they mitigate the damage enough and recover quickly.

Maple may have an abnormally high toughness, but what needs to be done to her when she is damaged is no different than what any other player needs.

Enemies only have a chance against her if they can bypass her defense, but Maple still has a high level of damage reduction and continuous recovery… It’s just that she doesn’t have many opportunities to show these abilities off.

Maple nowadays isn’t defined solely by her high defensive stat.

“I would like to avoid any chance of getting a loss, so Chrome, let’s rehearse what to do when facing an enemy that Maple cannot handle.” Sally suggested.

“Alright. It would be better if it didn’t come to that, but as there’s a high possibility of our entire party collapsing if the enemy lands a single good hit, we should better be careful.” Chrome agreed.

After all, Sally, Yui, Mai, Iz and Kanade are all people who are better suited for the rear guard.

Kasumi may be a vanguard, but she’s mostly focused on AGI and STR, so the only ones with high defensive stats are Maple and Chrome.

At the end of the day, the players of Maple Tree are primarily brittle. Anybody other than Maple and Chrome can be instantly killed if hit by a strong enough attack.

But Maple and Chrome supplement their weaknesses, which allow the rest of the guild to fully specialize on their strengths. That’s what makes Maple Tree so powerful.

“If something breaks through our defense, you have to help them even if it ends up putting you in a dangerous situation.

“We should try planning how to recover from a bad situation if it comes to that.” Kasumi commented.

“I’ll be counting on you, Chrome.” Maple told him.

“It would be ideal if I didn’t have to do anything, but if I’m needed, I’ll be ready for it.” Chrome replied.

Both Maple and Chrome nodded and raised their shields. They were ready to show the full power that comes from having two large shield users in a party.