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"Great job today, Loit." The Head of the Heppeturn Clan, a Superior Invoker said in praise, staring at the Forbidden Tale before him.

Even though plenty were injured severely, the Heppeturn Clan was overwhelmed with joy. After all, they managed to gain a lot of profit this time.

If it had landed anywhere beyond Heppeturn Town, they didn't have the confidence in obtaining it. But since it appeared in their domain, they managed to obtain it through sheer numbers. The other Invokers couldn't do anything, only having to leave in defeat.

Of course, dozens of Invokers lost their lives in the process.

The Heppeturn Clan Head stared at the Forbidden Tale, reading its first line.

[Disaster, prone by chaos,]

[In its wake, I awaken.]

At first, it didn't make sense but as he continued to stare at the line, the Heppeturn Clan Head muttered, "A saviour?"

"I feel that's the case." Loit said, "That's what I came to understand when I benefitted from it."

"Yes, you're right." The Heppeturn Clan Head nodded in response, watching the Mental Fragments in his Dreamland stir up in response, "It works."


All the Invokers of the Clan stirred up in response, staring at the Forbidden Tale with bated breaths, focusing on the first line as they too began to experience the benefits.

Though, the time they took to do so was different.

Some took a few minutes to do so while others took hours. Those like Loit who managed to do so in mere seconds were too rare. There was just Loit in their Clan that had done so.

Even the Clan Head took more than a minute before he experienced the changes.

The Clan Head focused on the second line next, frowning when he was unable to feel anything. But strangely, from his Dreamland, he obtained the sensation that he would only be able to find out more once he truly comprehended the depth of the first line.

The Forbidden Tale was a poem composed of 11 lines in total, with each line broken into two stanzas.

'I obtained this much benefit even by barely cracking the first line?' The Clan Head was shocked before announcing solemnly, "Everyone, vow with the lives of you, your family, and our Clan on this!"

"The Forbidden Tale isn't in our hands. That's how we must go about it if we wish to avoid destruction." He spoke.

"Yes, Clan Head!" All the Invokers saluted in response, clearly aware of the things at stake.

"Quick, memorise the contents." The Clan Head said, "I'll be sealing it somewhere out of sight and only take it out once a month when I deem it's safe. Until then, keep thinking about the verse."

At his words, everyone quickly mugged up all eleven lines before the Heppeturn Clan Head picked up the Forbidden Tale and covered it with a jet-black cloth, just as how Loit observed at first. Even though he wasn't aware of the reason, he didn't wish to take risks and followed the same protocol.

But, he only turned around and was about to head out of their main hall when suddenly, the roof burst open as a figure jumped through with pompous presence, startling everyone.

"Enemy! Attack!" The Heppeturn Clan Head shouted as everyone brought out their rabbits, making them pounce upon the intruder.

"Useless," The intruder only snorted in disdain as a pair of wings, grand in nature unfurled from his back, wrapping around his body as the rabbits slammed into it.

But, it felt like hitting a mountain as the rabbits failed to even dent a single feather. In the next moment, the eyes of the Heppeturn Clan Head widened in shock as a massive eagle head popped out of the intruder, its beak clamping upon him.

He couldn't even resist as his body was crushed into paste while the Forbidden Tale vanished.

The eagle head vanished as the wings on the intruder's back flapped once, sending him flying out of the roof as his figure disappeared.

There was silence following that as the Heppeturn Clan Invokers were aghast, still reeling from the after-effects of what just happened.

"Was that an…Ascender?" One of them muttered, gasping in shock.

"That was the Lan Clan Head in the flesh," Loit muttered, on the verge of crying as not only was their Clan Head killed, but in an instant, all their efforts were rendered useless.

They had paid a sharp price and had offended a lot of parties in the battle before getting their hands on the Forbidden Tale. But now, it was snatched away, just like that.

And even if they knew of the other party's identity, they couldn't do anything.


An ape leaped into the main hall, destroying most of the roof due to its sheer stature that surpassed a height of twenty metres. Seated on it was an old man that eyed the expression of the Heppeturn Clansmen, asking coldly, "Where's the Forbidden Tale?"

"The Lan Clan Head snatched it from us just moments ago," Loit said in defeat, watching the ape leap away and vanish from the scene. Since there was nothing they could do from now on, the least they could do was reveal the one in possession of the treasure.

'At least, these powerful entities would chase after and give trouble to the Lan Clan Head.' Loit said, gritting his teeth as he brought out his rabbit and climbed on its back.

"Where are you going, Loit?" A Heppeturn Clansmen asked in a hurry upon seeing him leave the Clan.

"To the Lan Clan, of course." Loit said, gritting his teeth, "A massive war would break out there. So, I'm heading there to fish for benefits to recoup our losses."

"I promise you that I'll bring something beneficial for us." Saying so, he rode away on his rabbit that leaped large distances with every jump, quickly leaving the town as he headed straight towards Wakttark City.

The night wasn't peaceful as a few more Ascenders arrived at the Heppeturn Clan to see the status of the Forbidden Tale. And upon learning of the details from the Heppeturn Clansmen that replied like clockwork by now and seeing the traces of other Ascenders at the main hall, the ones that arrived left soon after.

"I never knew there were so many terrifying existences hidden amongst us." One of them sighed, heading home soon after, intending to sleep away his urge to cry.