'We're stranded in the middle of nowhere. But,' Earth Star frowned in response to the situation, 'What does this correlate to gaining the wristwatch?'

He looked around, observing his surroundings before understanding what was up, 'So, that was the actual test.'

Earth Star dropped his weapon and slowly walked towards the edge of the deck and stared at the ocean, focusing as he heard the sounds of discussions among the sailors beside him.

The stillness of the vast ocean was sharply contrasted by their noisy ship that appeared tiny in comparison. The gentle rays of the evening sun created a perfectly enjoyable weather, but in this situation, only despair reigned their minds at the hopelessness of the situation.

The goods transported by the ship were deemed most valuable, but the lives of the sailors were treated otherwise, not even given enough ammunition to last the journey.

The contrasts were sharp, the situation was bleak, and hope seemed lost. But in such a situation, Earth Star seemed unfazed, inhaling a deep breath as he gradually attuned himself to nature.

The salty air, the subtle breeze, the mild heat from the sun, he felt them all, losing a sense of his physical body as he concentrated on them further.

'My powers might have vanished, but I wielded them ever since I was a kid. They are second nature to me.' He thought as his muscles faintly wriggled in response, just as he had done since a kid.

Gradually, the air around him began to move, becoming faster and faster before which, a tornado formed. His body rose to the air as mild gravity waves propped him up.

Earth Star looked around as he observed the faces of the people on the deck staring at him in shock, as if he weren't human.

"Sir, you asked if I'm desperate enough to save my people." He muttered before smiling wryly, "I've been desperate for that since the day I lost my family."

The tornado intensified in response as the water from the ocean was sucked into it, turning it a tad slower but with more power.

Earth Star didn't stop at that though as he fully unleashed his experience, actuating his body's natural capability to manipulate nature in such a way that a mild, almost negligible beginning had catapulted into such a terrifying calamity.

The tornado continued to grow in size but he didn't stop, continuing to fuel it as its power level began to reach a terrifying level. And eventually, it broke reality, shattering the world.


Earth Star arrived before the elevator, his eyes sharp, observing Compass Carburettor's pleasant surprise as he extended his hand and snatched the wristwatch from the other party, saying with a respectful tone, "I'll be taking this with me, sir."

"Hahaha, you got me!" Compass Carburettor laughed in response, "I never thought you would find a way to wield your powers even in that setting."

"I had completely blocked it."

"Then..." Earth Star was shocked as he stared at his hands, "I just...did that as a normal human?"

"At present, you can unleash earth-shattering might in an instant. But there, all you could do was generate a small wind around you by manipulating the energy waves your body emitted. And with that, you created a storm strong enough to overload the dreamscape I had constructed to test you." Compass Carburettor said in praise.

The human body was composed of cells. And the cells were basically a cluster of molecules and compounds. Every single molecule or compound unleashed different forms of radiation, not to mention the super weak gravity they possessed as a result of their mass.

The same elements making up their body was also what made the world. And as Earth Star had lived his entire life manipulating that, even though he became a normal human, he used that experience to focus and control his energy emissions.

All emissions were positionally actuated. And hence, through his actions at a macroscopic level, the influence reached a microscopic level and allowed him to manipulate the surrounding air through gravitation and electromagnetic charges, eventually resulting in that storm. It was something possible only for him.

"It allowed me to further understand my powers," Earth Star said in gratitude, "It was thanks to your test."

'This is a surprise.' Compass Carburettor thought, 'I never expected him to win the simulation, not to mention break the dreamscape. Earth Star is indeed a unique gem. If it's him, then it's worth it to support his growth.'

He extended his index finger and pointed at the wristwatch, suddenly causing it to shine for a moment before it became normal. Compass Carburettor looked at the surprised expression of Earth Star and smiled, "I've put a small gift in that. It'll be easier for Stencil to forge it into a weapon after this."

"How did you know about this, sir?" Earth Star was shocked, "I never revealed even a hint regarding that."

"Hints are unnecessary." Compass Carburettor laughed in response as he clicked the elevator button, watching it arrive at his floor as he said, "No matter how much you shield yourself, you'll be an open book before me."

'I can casually access your mind through the dreams it generates.' He thought as he waved his hand, entering the lift.

Earth Star stood stunned in his original location as Compass Carburettor thought for a moment and spoke while the lift doors closed, "Also, I can understand Stencil having plans to solve her issues on her own. Tell her that if she wishes to solve her final issue, she should meet up with Rhizen. His home world has the parameters necessary for her to derive a solution."


The lift doors opened on the ground floor as Compass Carburettor sauntered out and calmly walked towards the closest train station, boarding the train that arrived a minute later as he headed to the Nampur Hero Academy.

Earth Star remained before the elevator, still in shock as he stared at the wristwatch in his possession, "I...got it? That soon?"

He pinched himself, using his powers to feel that he was indeed alive, eventually breaking into a grin, "I succeeded."

"Thank goodness."