[Harem System (Level 99): Hahaha, I caught one! The rewards are awesome!]

[Forced Romance System (Level 8): This is unfair! I was about to catch him!]

[Harem System (Level 99): Oh, are you in the same world? Nice, let's meet up.]

[Force Romance System (Level 8): I have no intentions to be consumed, sorry. I'm returning to the System World now.]

[Harem System (Level 99): Not so fast!]

In the real world, the Harem System hurriedly managed to locate the Forced Romance System and devoured the latter, burping contently.

[Women Enslavement System (Level 11): I feared this day would come. But you won't be able to catch me, Harem.]

[Harem System (Level 99): We'll see about that. I'm going to devour the rest of you dimwits.]

This was a group in the Astral Network shared by the Systems from the same genre as the Harem System. With it reaching level 99, not to mention obtaining a second Core Skill from Arnark, the Harem System's advantages spiked, allowing it to gain enough confidence to hunt the rest.

In another group, probably the largest group among the Grade 1 Systems, messages rang in a flurry.

[Bully System (Level 12): Target spotted in the System World. He's now heading to the world D-9008.]

Immediately following the message, many Systems that were waiting patiently in the System World jumped into that world, beginning to chase after Valmor Du Te Ace, pressuring him.

When he jumped into the System World, the Hatchling Systems that acted as spotters immediately relayed the information in the Astral Network.

Arnark's Quest had riled up all the Grade 1 Systems into action. After all, this was their fastest possibility of reigning supreme in their respective genres. And they had observed the Harem System receiving its rewards.

So, everyone was aware that Arnark indeed saw through his end of the deal. Thanks to this, they had already been on Valmon Du Te Ace's tail for a month, causing him to jump from one world to another and expend enormous amounts of Mental Energy.

For Arnark, this was the best deal, for he didn't even have to waste his strength and still reap all the benefits.

It made Valmor Du Te Ace realise the type of opponent he was facing. Even though Arnark hadn't taken action, the prestige regarding the Main Character was so enormous that it caused pretty much all Grade 1 Systems to take action.

Arnark was waiting in a world, eyes closed, fully focused as he was ready to sense the pulse of the Main Character System fragment.

Once Valmor Du Te Ace was pushed into a corner, he would have to rely on the power of the Main Character fragments to survive. And the moment they are used, a strong enough fluctuation would be produced, which would allow Arnark to target there immediately.

But just as he was observing, his senses flared up as he noticed a humanoid individual land before him. A glance later, Arnark spoke in all seriousness, "Did you come here to fight me, Invader?"

Grade 3 System—Invader (Level 256)!

"How long are you planning to chase after Valmor Du Te Ace?" The Invader System asked, "Considering his foundation, he would be on the run for at least one more year. You would need to kill him at least five to six times before you could reclaim your fragments. But,"

It stared at Arnark, "Do you have that much time?"

"What are you getting at?" Arnark frowned, getting ready to fight.

"I'll hunt him down for you." The Invader System grinned as it extended its hand, "In response, what will you reward me with?"

'So, it also sensed Compass's growth through the fate streams?' Arnark thought for a moment before shaking his head, 'No, only the Main Character can sense that. It probably discovered his hiding place instead and derived an answer from there. It indeed has the capabilities to do so.'

"If you can catch Valmor Du Te Ace, I'll indeed reward you." Arnark nodded in response as he smirked, snapping his finger to cause a small sphere to form. He pointed at the sphere, "This is the location of a world that I have been working on while the other Main Characters were active."

"A world you had created?" The Invader System was surprised.

"It's nothing special," Arnark said coolly, "There's just one living entity that had fused with the essence of the world and regrets his action, for it ensured no other life would ever form there. It was an experiment of mine."

He stared at the Invader System, "Grade 3 Systems take a world as a Host. But when you fight a Genre Representative, the world you choose as your body to fight with gets destroyed. So, I was just working on making one for when I attained Grade 3. But since that would take time, I'll sell it to you."

He continued, "One individual as a world. He forms the core of his universe's power and carries it all. So, taking over his world means taking over him too, which would net you with the perfect body to use and fight the Genre Representatives with. Moreover, it has a pretty useful power system that works the best against the representatives."

"You have a deal." The Invader System grinned in response and disappeared, "Wait for a minute. This will be over by then."

The Invader System arrived at the System World, connected to the Astral Network, and joined the group with the Grade 1 Systems. It noticed Valmor Du Te Ace's current location there and then arrived at that world.

"What...?" Valmor Du Te Ace was shocked, "I can't move my body."

"You should stop resisting." The Invader System's voice resounded in his mind. It had already invaded his body and gained control, completing the task in a matter of seconds.

No matter what, the power difference between a Grade 2 System and a Grade 3 System was an unfathomable chasm. And Valmor Du Te Ace was only a fragment of the Demon System, so he couldn't even put up a fight, blinking in confusion as he watched his surroundings change twice before noticing the feet of someone come into view.

"My, my, my, that was quick." He shuddered at the familiar voice, trembling in fear as he stared at the face of Arnark approaching close.