"Damn, shit, screw this!" Valmor Du Te Ace cursed in resignation, bellowing indignantly, "You involved the Invader System in this? You, shameless cheater!"

"Shameless is my middle name." Arnark played it coolly as he observed that Valmor Du Te Ace was unable to move. The Invader System had invaded his body and pretty much gained control of all his Demon System fragments.

Though of course, he observed that it hadn't bothered to even touch the three Main Character System fragments in him, surprised for a moment as he thought, 'In that war, it was capable of invading even me. If it so desired, it could fight me with all its strength. After all, among all Grade 3 Systems, it has the highest possibility of doing me damage thanks to the concept it represents.'

"What's the reason you're helping me?" Arnark asked, thinking for a moment as he uttered, "Is it because of Compass?"

"As expected of the Main Character." The Invader System nodded in response, "Yes, I'll be honest with you. I need you to be strong enough to fight him."

"I see, I understand the plan now." Arnark smirked as he stared at it, "So, you guys are planning to invade the world he's at now?"

"Not now, but soon." The Invader System said, "And if I were to lose, I want you to clean up after me and kill him."

Veins mildly protruded on his forehead as Arnark controlled his anger, "And, what makes you think I'll follow your plan?"

"I know for a fact that you'll do so." The Invader System said as such, took the key to the universe he had created, and vanished. "You'll understand when you consume the final three fragments in this brat."

"After all, you're the Main Character System."

"Tch!" Arnark spat out in frustration and plunged his hand into Valmor Du Te Ace's body which was immobile thanks to the Invader System's power.

Arnark grabbed his three fragments and yanked them out, taking some time to manually grind away at the Demon System fragments surrounding them, eventually freeing the three Main Character System fragments as he absorbed them in his body.




Immediately in response, ringing sounds resounded throughout the System World as every single peak existence there shot up in alarm.

"So, it's finally happening." Zaira exhaled a long breath before continuing with her tasks.

[Harem System (Level 99): The King is born.]

[Intelligence System (Level 99): The King is born.]

[Monster Hunter System (Level 99): The King is born.]

[Appraisal System (Level 99): The King is born.]

[Expert-In-The-Ring System (Level 99): The King is Born.]

The peaks of all the Grade 1 Systems came out one after another and announced with a solemn tone, as if citizens subjecting themselves to their ruler.

All the Grade 1 Systems were in shock, for the first time in their history, ever since the concept came into being, the Main Character System was whole.

This was such an unprecedented situation, for every single System, even the current Grade 3 and Grade 4 Systems all started as Hatchling Systems at level 1, as a single whole entity, and levelled up their way to the peak.

All expect the Main Character System that was born in two locations--999 fragments in Arnark and one fragment in Gilthru.

So throughout history, the Main Character System had always remained fragmented. Though fragmented, each fragment possessed terrifying power on par with Grade 2 Systems. That was why it was special.

And now, the most special existence among the Systems had become whole for the first time in history.

At the result, the first to break into a grin was Zaira, 'Now, you just need to come to the System World, Arnark. I'll instantly obtain all the details regarding you and would be able to install your Core Skill in my database.'

Yes, this was why the Main Character System always remained elusive from her possession, for it was never whole in the first place. Because of that, it slipped through the rules that formed the System World.

But now, as long as Arnark arrives at the System World, she would gain all his information, 'Finally, I can look forward to something great after the recent string of defeats.'

The Grade 1 Systems were nervously joyous at the birth of the entity that could be crowned the King of Systems. The Grade 2 Systems were pressured by the situation while shockingly, the Grade 3 and Grade 4 Systems were rather happy at the fact.

After all, irrespective of his desires, Arnark was in the end a System. That meant his existence was closely tied to the System World. And with them being aware of the truth, they were all hoping for him to land in the System World just once.

With that, he would fully fall under Zaira's influence and be incorporated into the System sphere.

Even Zaira was anticipating his next move expectantly.

But as for the person in question, there was shock in his expression, stupefied as he gazed at himself, "H-How? Why haven't I hit Grade 2?"

Grade 1 System--Main Character [1000/1000] (Level 99)!

The thousand fragments fused into a singular whole, but despite that, he didn't attain Grade 2. For a moment, he wondered if it was because of the 11 Core Skills he possessed, but after his investigation, he deemed that wasn't the case.

He then recalled the Invader System's words, scowling in response for he finally thought of the only other possibility blocking his ascendance to Grade 2, "Fuckers! There's another System in my genre!"

He clenched his hand into a Fist and vaporised Valmor Du Te Ace, probing through the Mental Energy absorbed from the other party, 'No, he has no idea regarding this.'

"The Invader System should be aware of the reason, judging by its words." He muttered, immediately sensing System Punishment unleashed on him by the world for uttering the word System.

"Screw off! I'm not in the mood!" Arnark waved his hand and vanquished the System Punishment. He was now whole, so his power was already on par with a Grade 3 System at the peak. So, the System Punishment couldn't even scratch him.

Arnark took out a Relic and shattered it, watching Slayer manifest before him immediately in response, asking in concern, "What happened?"

"I'm whole, but not Grade 2." Arnark scowled.