"I'm that strong after all."

"Then, what are you not confident about?" Balveta asked in confusion.

"It's what comes after the fight." Arnark let out a sigh in disappointment, "No matter how the battle turns out, I'll be weakened after killing Compass. Whether it's my fate or timeline, they would be unstable. And, at that moment, I'll be the most vulnerable against Zaira."

He smiled wryly, "She would be able to target me. All she needs to do is send me to the System World and it would result in her victory. Besides, she's also supporting the System in the Protagonist Genre in preparation against me. So, I have to guard against that. And that's precisely what I'm not confident about."

"But, Slayer can easily stop that, right?" Balveta tilted her head, "With his powers, he could easily bring you to our world. With that, you'll be protected against an assault by the System. We have enough foundation to resist them, right?"

"Moreover, we can invite Mascot if things take a turn for the worse."

"Hmm..." Arnark turned silent in response, thinking deeply as he spoke in the end, "I don't like leaving my fate in the hands of others. There are just too many variables in this."

He got up and gently patted the back of her head, saying, "I need to go somewhere at the moment."

Saying so, he bit his tongue and committed suicide, causing his body to dissipate into fragments of light and vanish.

"This always raises my anxiety." Balveta groaned in response as she turned around and began to walk away, "Seriously, doesn't he have a better mode of travel?"

Main Character Core Skill—Check Point (Level 99)!

Normally, it was a Core Skill that allowed him to revive an instant previously in his timeline. But, he could also take advantage of it another way.

By setting up Check Points in other worlds, he could kill himself and revive in the world of his choosing. Considering how the System Slayers in the past had roamed through countless worlds, the data regarding all that was stored in the Main Character System fragments.

And through Lore, he attached them to the Core Skill of Check Point, allowing him to travel to any world as he pleased.

This way, he didn't have to depend on the System World to travel or by extension, even Slayer's powers.

Slayer too was relying upon a similar method from his System Slayer days by using his Cartographer Profession to the limit to travel.


Arnark arrived at the void of a universe, exhaling as he gazed at a gigantic sphere before him, 'Indeed, I have a solution to my problems in this place.'

By following the changes in fate, he had arrived at this universe, an empty place without any sentient lifeforms.

But, one of the most important battles had been transpiring here for 75 years already.

Grade 4 System—Reincarnation (Level 390)!

Grade 4 System—Transmigration (Level 376)!

Genre Representative—Mystique!

Genre Representative—Technocraft!

The four entities at the top of the multiverse had been engaged in a fight here, a never-ending war of attrition. The sphere was the Core Skill Manifestation erected by the combined powers of both the Reincarnation and Transmigration Systems.

Arnark arrived before the sphere and took in a deep breath as he placed his hand on it, activating his abilities one after another.

Main Character Core Skill—Plot Armour (Level 99)!

Main Character Core Skill—World Centre (Level 99)!

Main Character Core Skill—Plot Convenience (Level 99)!

Plot Armour, was as its name implied, a cheat that allowed him to break out of any inconceivable situations with the most absurd of reasons.

World Centre was a manifestation of the Main Character's inherent nature, which was to remain at the centre of every single event of importance.

And finally, Plot Convenience was another absurd cheat, sister to Plot Armour. It was one where the user obtained an answer to their problem rather conveniently.

Every single ability was a heaven-defying cheat already. But adding them all together, it created a broken character unbridled by all rules. And that was the Main Character—Arnark!

For a moment, influenced by the three Core Skills, the boundary of Core Skill Manifestation weakened, allowing him to create a path inside.

But, what was happening within it completely played to his benefit.


"Huff...puff..." The Transmigration System gasped for breath, staring at the figure of an exhausted Mystique, "Bastard, why don't you go down already?"

"The longer I fight, I stronger I get." Mystique said in fear, desperately reining in his abilities, "So, you should stop already. I don't want to change anymore!"

"Keep pressuring him." The Reincarnation System whispered from the side, having already recovered from all injuries, "The more his worlds wake up, the greater the internal chaos in him. Before, a collective consciousness lasted around two to three minutes. But now, each can barely last a minute."

"You mean to say..." The Transmigration System caught on, "When all his worlds wake up, the collective consciousness wouldn't even be able to surface for a second before they are replaced. Such an insane level of instability would cause him to implode."

"Indeed," The Reincarnation System grinned in response, "Following the Implosion, Mystique would die. It would take forever before he reforms and returns to his original state where most of his worlds are sealed. That provides us with the best opportunity to grow, as with Immortal's death, there would now be two fewer Genre Representatives we have to deal with."

"Martial has already become our lackey. And the majority of the minor Genre Representatives are too afraid to oppose us. So, it only leaves Mascot, Technocraft, and the weakened Magister in our opposition." It let out a cunning smirk, "We three would be enough to face those three, allowing the Grade 3 Systems to grow unhindered. It's the best way for us to reign supreme."

"And for that to happen..." The Transmigration System nodded in response as its injuries healed rapidly, following which it leapt onto Mystique, "I need to cause more of his worlds to awaken."

"Dammit!" Immediately in response, a terrifying amount of power exploded out of Mystique, strong enough to beat the Transmigration System to an inch of its death. But right when the attack was about to hit it, the collective consciousness manning him changed, causing the attack to be reclaimed, which only resulted in Mystique suffering from internal injuries.

A second later, he was punched in the face by the Transmigration System.