Compass Carburettor successfully completed his planning phase. Now, all he needed to do was engage in the accumulation of everything necessary for the war.

Energy from the star rapidly funnelled into him and was broken down into eight streams. Seven of them flowed into the Psyche Stars while the remainder fused with the world, consumed to create more space within the Dreamland.


Compass Carburettor caused the primary world within the Dreamland to take the shape of a planet instead of its Realm structure from before. Following that, he began to install more planets nearby, each separated by a barrier that prevented the natives from one planet interacting with the other.

Every world had a distinct difference. One was an information-centric world like Earth, one was in a state of perpetual war like the pre-industrial revolution period. One was similar to Earth's 5-6th centuries, the time of exploration into uncharted regions.

Just by considering the history of Earth, Compass Carburettor created various worlds, with each conforming to an era of Earth.

This was in an attempt to further diversify his worlds to truly conform to the level a Genre Representative needed to attain. His path was of a Genre Representative, after all, for that was the sole way to grow strong enough to oppose his enemies.

There was a limit to how much power an individual could hold, for no power system was capable of sustaining such a powerful individual.

Even the strongest of individuals from the Cultivation Worlds wouldn't be able to win against the Grade 3 Systems. They would be able to fight against a Grade 3 System, yes, given the circumstances.

But to win against one, they would need more than just power alone.

Shen Ze, the strongest immortal that was part of Immortal's army once had strength where he could barely face the weakest of a Grade 3 Systems. Similarly, Gehera and Earth Star too had attained such a level.

But to surpass that, they should embody a concept so that their power works beyond just a power system. After all, a concept was something applicable to various power systems.

And depending on how many power systems it was effective in, the strength possessed by the concept varied. This was why time was the strongest concept to exist, for it existed in pretty much every single power system, followed by space and fate.

Compass Carburettor began to create clones of himself once he attained a balance with the star, absorbing a steady stream of energy every moment without being damaged by the heat.

The clones teleported to various regions of the universe and entered a star each, beginning to absorb the energy there. And through the concept of Mortality, the energy funnelled into Compass Carburettor, causing his strength to grow faster.

If too much energy funnelled into him at once, it would cause chaos, for he couldn't use them all immediately. As all his energy was stored within the Dreamland, it might affect the lives of the people there.

Hence, he began to improve its foundation first by increasing the number of planets. And once those planets developed with countless races and began to stably function, he was able to absorb more energy stably now.

After all, when absorbed, the energy would be distributed to more planets, making the sum of energy per planet within the tolerable limit.

This was why he began to create clones only after creating some planets first. For every functioning planet in the Dreamland, Compass Carburettor created a clone.

The clone absorbed energy and funnelled it into the Dreamland for the respective planet. This kept things stable.

Of course, Compass Carburettor himself was directly responsible for the largest planet within the Dreamland, including the filling up of the Psyche Stars.


A terrifying level of resonance occurred between him and the natives within the Dreamland that were preparing for war. One of the phenomena where the mind is stretched taut for both sides, one that amplified all emotions and caused people to have the most simplistic of needs—to simply survive to see another day.

Psyche Star—War Preparation!

It was his eighth Psyche Star. And the moment it formed, something surprising occurred as Compass Carburettor felt a myriad of emotions. After all, the Psyche Star of War Preparation was special just like the Psyche Star of Blissful Ignorance.

It acted as a catalyst that amplified and interacted with the remaining Psyche Stars to create new derivatives as and when necessary according to the situation. After all, every single emotion an entity could exhibit would be displayed in a war.

At the moment before death, the mind would go into overdrive and make them experience their entire life, causing them to display every single emotion transparently before their lives were snuffed out.

Basically, with the arrival of War Preparation, Compass Carburettor had mapped out all possible Psyche Stars.

If not for it, he would have eventually ended up creating more Psyche Stars. But now, that was unnecessary as War Preparation alone would be able to exhibit the effects of the countless other possible Psyche Stars by interacting with the existing ones.

Fuse, influence, and catalyse; this was the effect the Psyche Star of War Preparation had on the other Psyche Stars, apart from its original effect.

The appearance of the final Psyche Star seemed to have triggered a reaction as suddenly, all Psyche Stars began to approach each other, gradually fusing into a unified whole.

"Indeed, only after mapping out all psyches fully could I dare represent myself." Compass Carburettor nodded, watching the Psyche Stars harmoniously fuse into a single entity that represented himself in his entirety.

A month passed for the fusion to conclude, at the end of which, Compass Carburettor muttered with a complete understanding of himself, "This was what I had been doing from the start of my life until now, just trying my absolute best to survive."

"And indeed, this is what I truly represent, as both a personification of myself and the genre I have gained authority over."

Representative Psyche Star—Survival!