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Gu Ren knew that the only thing that could prove his identity was their wedding ring.

This style had never surfaced before as they had gotten someone to customise it. Therefore, only the two of them had this ring.

Throughout the following activities, Gu Ren wore the wedding ring on his ring finger.

He was currently very popular as he found himself to be plastered in the spotlight of the media. If Ye Zhi could see him at some point, she would definitely come to try and find him.

The media and the fans soon discovered the subtle difference. Gu Yue, who had been involved in zero scandals in his rise in popularity, recently began to wear a ring frequently.

The first time they saw it was when he was featured on the poster. Back then, it could have been interpreted as a prop or an accessory, something that was needed for the filming.

Wearing it once could have been an accident. But if he wore it more and more, how was he supposed to explain it?

Although Gu Ren’s mind was not at work, he had seriously devoted himself to work. That was because it was the only opportunity for him to find Ye Zhi amidst the public.

He was sitting in the car whilst the styling for tonight’s event had been taken care of. His agent, Du Heng, had been talking in his ear.

“It’s been so long since you debuted and I’ve never cared about your personal affairs,”Du Heng said, “But this time, you must be more restrained.”

“I don’t know how important that ring is to you, but there are too many rumours out there, so we have to suppress this issue.”

“Just listen to my advice and don’t wear it tonight,” After saying what he needed to sayl, Du Heng opened the car door and left.

Gu Ren looked out the window as the cold and lonely moonlight shone, illuminating the side of his face. His sharp and pale jawline was then conspicuous as well.

Gu Ren then sat in the dark. His eyes were void of emotion, hence, his heart was the same as well.

It was already night and the light in the car was very dim. If Ye Zhi was still at home, she would definitely be worried about his night blindness.

However, when he returned here, even his night blindness was gone.

Night fell and the light disappeared as usual. However, the most important person to him was not by his side.

Gu Ren took out the wedding ring from his pocket again and put it carefully on his ring finger. This was the only connection he had with that world.

For some reason, he had a strong intuition that Ye Zhi must have come to this world along with him.

It’s just that Gu Ren couldn’t find where she currently was. He had already waited so long for her anyways, so now that the situation was as such, how could he just give up?

Many people were waiting for Gu Ren to appear as he got out of the car and touched his ring finger. The cold and hard sensation of the ring gave him a sense of peace of mind.

Gu Ren reminded himself constantly that he was Ye Zhi’s husband.

That night, when the highly-popular Gu Yue showed himself in front of the media, it was noticed that he had put on his ring once again.

They were not mistaken— this was definitely not a prop that was used for a shooting nor was it something worn by accident; that was indeed the style of a wedding ring.

“Gu Yue, are you wearing the ring because your good day is getting nearer? Or are you going to make your current relationship public?”

“Why is this ring on the ring finger? Are you perhaps married?”


The reporters asked questions frantically, trying to find a trace of abnormality in Gu Ren’s expression.