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The reporters asked questions frantically, trying to find a trace of abnormality in Gu Ren’s expression.

Under the spotlight, Gu Ren didn’t change his facial expressions and he didn’t say anything. He just raised his hand slightly and revealed the wedding ring to the camera.

The delicate ring made his fingers appear even more distinct. He stretched out his other hand and turned the ring slightly, as if he was trying to make it clear to everyone present.

Gu Ren wanted to speak and tell everyone that he now had someone that he loved and cherished dearly.

However, he didn’t know how to express it because everything was too complicated and too bizarre for them to understand at any rate.

The agent Du Heng suddenly came up and stopped the reporters. He gave Gu Ren a look before saying to the reporters, “Sorry, our artists are not entitled to answer any questions.”

Gu Ren was then pulled away and brought directly into the car from the event.

Upon doing this, Gu Ren would undoubtedly hurt his own future. Du Heng saw Gu Ren’s absent-mindedness and his almost ever-lastingly stubborn behaviour.

Du Heng sighed, “Stop being willful.”

Gu Ren’s expression was indifferent and his tone was extremely low, “You won’t understand.”

He couldn’t explain in a few words what had happened over the years.

No one would believe that he would later get into a car accident, become blind and fall in love with a girl who pulled him out of the darkness.

He once travelled to another world and looked for her there for a long time. There, he met her and fell in love with her all over again.

But on their wedding night, he lost all form of contact with her…

Gu Ren still remembered that night where Ye Zhi had planned their ceremony. Now, it was considered a memory and nothing more.

What she said at the time was, “No matter what happens, I will always be by your side.”

So was he.

Although there was no news about her whereabouts, he was going to find her even if he had to turn the world upside down.

Ye Zhi had been in this world for a few days already, but she hadn’t encountered Gu Ren yet.

In just a few days, Ye Zhi lost a lot of weight. Amidst this crisis, she was still finding optimism in this situation. She thought that if she met Gu Ren at this point, he would definitely tell her off.

If Gu Ren saw her like this, he would definitely worry about her and make sure that she was eating.

The more she thought about Gu Ren, the more Ye Zhi became confused. She could already confirm, after all, that Gu Ren had definitely transmigrated to this world along with her.

Every time there was news about Gu Ren on TV, Ye Zhi would watch it with undying attention. When walking on the road, Ye Zhi would also stop and stare when she saw Gu Ren’s posters and s.

Every time she looked back at Gu Ren’s participation at an event, the familiar wedding ring on her hand would remind Ye Zhi repeatedly that he was looking for her too.

It was only halfway through the winter, but Ye Zhi already felt very cold. However, she still did not give up and soon she came up with another method.

Ye Zhi imitated Gu Ren’s fans. She held up a cheering card and began to stand at the base of Gu Ren’s agency.

As long as she waited, it was possible to see Gu Ren.