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Ye Zhi stood in the middle of those fans, staring at the entrance and exit of the building without blinking. People came in and out in pairs and trios, but they were all staff.

The outside of the building was very empty and there were no structures that could provide some form of shade from the wind. The cold wind was blowing so hard that Ye Zhi’s hand, which was holding the card, felt like it was freezing.

Gu Yue’s name was written on the support cards of most of the fans around her, but Ye Zhi was out of place— the name Gu Ren was written on her card.

Those fans felt curious and began to ask Ye Zhi, “Who is your idol? Do we have a star named Gu Ren here?”

“Is it a newcomer?”

Ye Zhi was silent for a while, not knowing how to answer.

At this time, a loud noise suddenly came from not far away. It wasn’t far nor near, but she didn’t know which fan shouted first.

“It’s Gu Yue!”

All the fans were eagerly waiting as she stood on her tiptoes to look in the direction of the person who came. Ye Zhi also instantly became calm as she looked over.

No matter who started the chants, the fans were all collectively screaming one name.

“Gu Yue! Gu Yue! Look here.”

“Gu Yue, we will always support you!”

Amidst the cheers, Ye Zhi’s voice was instantly engulfed, “Gu Ren, Gu Ren…”

Ye Zhi raised her voice and shouted Gu Ren’s name loudly, using almost all her strength. When she vaguely saw the appearance of the person coming, her voice suddenly stopped.

Other fans were still shouting Gu Yue’s name, but Ye Zhi recognized at a glance that this was not the husband she knew and fell in love with.

Ye Zhi knew Gu Ren too well and always kept him close to her heart, so she also understood him best. They have been together for so long, hence, with just one look, she was able to determine whether the person in front of her was Gu Ren or not.

Ye Zhi’s sudden silence did not affect the enthusiasm of the fans, but soon, when the man approached, the fans realised that it was not Gu Yue.

The person who came was a male star from the same company as Gu Yue. His fans were all around him at this time, calling out his name.

Ye Zhi and the other fans of Gu Ren started to wait for his appearance patiently. However, it was unfortunate that they didn’t get to see him today because he wasn’t even there.

The winter night came very fast as the sky darkened all of a sudden.

It snowed just yesterday, which was why the trees on both sides of the street were gleaming with a shade of white from the lights. The decorative neon lights shone faintly as well, as if they were full of brilliance.

Although the snow stopped today, when the ice and snow melted, the temperature dropped even more. Ye Zhi wrapped her scarf tightly around her and covered most of her face.

The freezing cold wind still blew on Ye Zhi’s face through the gap, making it slightly painful for her.

After Ye Zhi left Gu Ren’s agency, she started walking aimlessly on the street. She selected a store at random and walked in.

The heating appliance was turned on in the store, which made Ye Zhi warm up all over her body. Ye Zhi had no appetite, but she knew that she would be able to meet Gu Ren one day.

When the day of reunion ever came, Ye Zhi didn’t want Gu Ren to worry. Hence, even though she was less than hungry, she was going to eat to make sure that she was healthy.

Ye Zhi ordered a bowl of noodles and sat in the corner and the boss moved quickly. The steaming noodles were placed in front of Ye Zhi. It looked delicious, but she was not very interested.

Ye Zhi ate in small bites as if she was merely completing a task.