Later, the news of the Empress’s death came. Everyone claimed that Xie Xuanchen was meant to escape since he snuck out prior to the murder spree. Otherwise, he would have died from the evil hands of the Gong Emperor. Nevertheless, Xie Xuanchen had the exact opposite idea. The reputation of his natural power spread throughout the capital impressively. If he were in the Xie Mansion, wouldn’t it mean that Emperor Gong wouldn’t have dared to act this brashly? No matter what happened, when the imperial court sent their men to surround the Xie mansion, Xie Xuanchen would have been able to protect his mother instead of letting her face the tip of a blade, weak and alone.

Xie Xuanchen had been brooding over this mistake for many years. Plus, he didn’t know what Xie Yi thought of it. Anyway, after the death of his mother, the father-son duo were completely separated. Now, the same thing was happening with Mu Mingtang.

If he led his troops away and let Mu Mingtang stay alone in the capital, how would the Emperor, Empress, Empress Dowager, Xie Xuanji and Jiang Mingwei treat Mu Mingtang? Wasn’t leaving her here merely being a hostage in disguise?

He had already made a mistake once and he couldn’t afford to lose someone else. He would rather not be the general, the hero who turned the tide and protected the capital if it meant that Mu MIngtang’s own safety had to be compromised.

Just thinking about the possibility that Mu Mingtang might leave him forever made his eyebrows twitch. He had a sudden urge to just kill whoever dared to disrupt his peace.

In the meantime, the Emperor had generously agreed to Xie Xuanchen’s participation in the battle. On one hand, the situation was really critical, but on the other hand, he might be able to take advantage of Xie Xuanchen’s weaknesses. The moment Xie Xuanchen went out to fight, Mu Mingtang would stay in the capital. With Mu Mingtang in hand, there was no need to worry about him being disobedient. So the Emperor was surprised to know that he wanted to bring Mu Mingtang along with him.

The Emperor vetoed it flatly, “No, military discipline must not be disrupted. That’s just nonsense.”

“I was already betrayed once and I have a rope hanging around my neck for 10 long years, which is why I want to bring my wife along with me for the sake of peace of mind. With how adamant Your Majesty is denying me of this right, is the Emperor perhaps going to mimic the actions of Emperor Gong?”

The Emperor choked on his words and grew furious, “How outrageous!”

Xie Xuanchen’s words had undoubtedly and openly questioned the Emperor.

Everything was fine for a moment, but in the blink of an eye, Prince An and the Emperor were no longer tolerant of each other. The surrounding courtiers were silent and looked at each other in shock, not knowing why the situation became like this. Originally, the matter had been settled, but because of a woman, the matter escalated to this degree?

Many people tried to persuade Xie Xuanchen, “Prince An, the country matters come first; there is no time to talk about the love between children. Prince An, don’t delay your great achievements because of a woman.”

“It is for her that I have made great achievements,” Xie Xuanchen did not look back. After saying these words coldly, he looked at the Emperor without hesitation, “That’s all I want to say. She comes out with the army and I will help you deal with the people of Beirong; if that’s not possible, then I will not offer assistance, which leads me to wish Your Majesty luck in finding another expert.”