Big Brother Henry looked surprised.

Oh, no. Did I ask something strange? It was just a normal question.

“…Oh! Are you talking about the wild wolves? Well, that solves it. I knew it was about the Saints of Duelkis Kingdom.”


Big Brother Henry denied, as if to cover my words.

“So you think I sold my heart to the Ravaal Kingdom?”

“No… did you?”

“Of course not.”

I looked at Big Brother Henry.

I was born and raised in Duelkis Kingdom, but there was no way I would sell my heart to a country where I had just spent some time on a whim. I might look like this, but I did possess patriotic feelings.

It was just a short study abroad program.

“Are you suggesting that I am plotting to gain power in the Ravaal Kingdom and rule this country?”


When I asked Big Brother Henry, he said in a strong tone of voice and with some dismay.

I thought I had good intuition, but I guess not.

Why did he not want me to go to Ravaal Kingdom so badly? It would be different if I were the heir to the Williams family….

I was just a young lady.

Besides, I hardly told anyone about Ravaal Kingdom since I returned to Duelkis Kingdom.

I hadn’t mentioned the Princes, Rai, or even Kii or Kushana.

“…Big Brother Henry.”

I narrowed my eyes and turned my gaze toward Big Brother Henry.


“Are you thinking that I have lost my heart to the prince of Ravaal Kingdom?”

“No! If you were, that would be a different story!”

“Alicia, don’t go any further, I’m starting to feel sorry for Henry.”

Big Brother Albert interrupted the conversation.

Finn-sama and Curtis-sama looked at Big Brother Henry with some amusement.

I did not know what was so pitiful about it. I mean, why couldn’t they tell me why they were feeling sorry for me…?

How could Big Brother Albert know why Big Brother Henry didn’t want me to go to Ravaal Kingdom?

Since when did he acquire such superpowers?

“Because I’m worried about my little sister.”

Big Brother Albert’s voice was gentle, and Big Brother Henry had a disapproving look on his face.


You didn’t want me to go to Ravaal Kingdom just because you’re worried about your sister? Is that all?

I was taken aback by his answer.

“It’s very Alicia-like that you didn’t have that option.”

Finn-sama said with a pleasant smile.

“It’s embarrassing to be that far off.”

Curtis-sama laughed.

“Well, that’s the kind of girl Ali is, right?”

Big Brother Henry sighed, and Big Brother Albert nodded in agreement.

That’s not a compliment, right?

Well, it was Villainess, and I guess you get more Villainess points if you don’t get complimented, but I have mixed feelings about this.

“Ravaal Kingdom was a surprisingly safe country.”

I was not sure if a place where you had to fight a Lion in the arena as soon as you enter the country was really safe or not…