Chapter 363: The Legend of Immortal Execution

The Great Sage of Fu Feng's distress, observed by Lu Heng, elicited a slight smile.

Knowing that the Great Sage of Fu Feng was simply venting his frustrations to him, rather than actually losing patience,

Lu Heng held a favorable impression of the wielder of the Roaring Goose Sword.

Not only because of the Roaring Goose Sword, which has a profound connection with the Xuanyuan lineage, but also because of the straightforward and easygoing nature of the Great Sage of Fu Feng, interacting with him is both relaxed and enjoyable.

After a few grievances expressed by the Great Sage of Fu Feng, he, as Lu Heng had anticipated, quickly recovered and casually engaged in conversation about other topics, as if nothing had happened.

"By the way, why has Senior Wolf God also come to the northern region?"

The Great Sage of Fu Feng curiously asked, "I heard before that the Fire Pass Country was plagued by evil demons, and the Wolf God was busy descending from the mountains to exterminate them, causing the Green Hell Cave to be soaked in the blood of demons and corpses scattered across a thousand miles… Shouldn't you, Senior, be busy eradicating demons in the Fire Pass Country?"

Lu Heng couldn't help but sigh upon hearing the words of the Great Sage of Fu Feng.

"Has the rumor really become so exaggerated… Although the demons in the Green Hell Cave were indeed exterminated, and there were indeed corpses stretching for hundreds of miles, it didn't reach the extent of blood flowing like a river."

"And I only participated in the operation to kill the main culprits. The matter of corpses stretching for hundreds of miles and the land drenched in blood is not directly related to me, but rather it is the merit of the wizards from the Fire God Temple."

"As for this trip to the north, it is to rescue a mischievous monkey under my sect. It was abducted by demons during the chaos, and now, there is no news of its whereabouts."

Lu Heng roughly recounted the incident of Sun Yan being abducted by demons, allowing the Great Sage of Fu Feng to understand the situation.

The Great Sage of Fu Feng was astonished and exclaimed, "Are there still demons daring to abduct people in Hanyu Mountain? The audacity of these few demons is truly unparalleled and hard to find in the world."

The Great Sage of Fu Feng marveled at the audacity of these demons, daring even to provoke the Wolf God. It is truly an act of utter recklessness.

Lu Heng, on the other hand, smiled helplessly and said, "Even if they have abducted people, wouldn't I still be unable to catch up with them? I have been pursuing them for three months now, yet I still haven't found any trace of those demons."

"These demons indeed possess considerable skills in concealing themselves and remaining hidden. It may be difficult to catch up with them within a short period of time."

The Great Sage of Fu Feng nodded repeatedly and said, "In the future, I will also keep an eye out for the Wolf God… However, could it be related to the upheaval in Zhuxian Town that those demons linger nearby and refuse to leave?"

The words of the Great Sage of Fu Feng left Lu Heng somewhat astonished.

"Hmm? The upheaval in Zhuxian Town? What kind of upheaval?" Lu Heng asked.

The Great Sage of Fu Feng pointed towards the direction of the Zhuxian Town not far away and said, "Speaking of the Wolf God, this ancient city known as Zhuxian Town is no ordinary place. It has existed since ancient times."

"Legend has it that during the last arrival of the Earthly Catastrophe, countless casualties occurred here. The blood of gods stained the sky red, and the wailing of vengeful spirits echoed across the land. It was a truly complete battlefield of carnage."

"After the Earthly Catastrophe, peculiar phenomena occur in this place every hundred years."

"When the moment of upheaval arrives, the sky will be filled with a crimson blood glow, and the earth will resonate with constant wailing and cries of battle, as if a multitude of soldiers and horses are charging forward."

"Now, if a cultivator were to open their magic eyes, they would be able to see faint and blurry apparitions both inside and outside of the Zhuxian Town."

"Those apparitions are clad in peculiar battle armor, wielding ferocious weapons, and battling each other in the sky above the Zhuxian Town. The gruesome spectacle is enough to send shivers down one's spine."

"One thousand years ago, on the day when the Human Emperor ascended the throne, this place experienced a sudden and extraordinary upheaval. Blood began to overflow from the ground, transforming into surging crimson waves that engulfed the entire ancient city of Zhuxian Town. The majority of life within the city perished, suffering countless casualties."

"Fortunately, the Human Emperor possessed profound cultivation and issued a decree, thereby suppressing the malevolent spirits in this place."

"However, since then, various mysterious rumors have spread throughout the world."

"Some say that during the Zhuxian Town's upheaval on the day of the Human Emperor's ascension, they witnessed the ancient remains of divine beings, which only existed in the primordial era, emerging from the underground and wreaking havoc upon the city."

"Furthermore, there are those who claim that when the bloodwater flooded the ancient city, four ancient war swords hovered menacingly in the four corners of the void, forming a ferocious sword formation that slaughtered the residents within the city."

"There are also claims that beneath the Zhuxian Town lies an ancient mass grave, where countless ancient demons were buried and suppressed. Thus, on the day of upheaval, it is believed to be the release of the malevolent energy, resulting in various anomalous occurrences."

"In any case, since then, during the periodic upheaval of the Zhuxian Town that occurs every century, the Youxiong Country dispatches innate cultivators to this place as protectors, to prevent the recurrence of the remnants from a thousand years ago."

"And on this day, as the Zhuxian Town's day of upheaval draws near, numerous fleeing demons from the south have coincidentally arrived, causing a chaotic and troublesome situation unlike any before. Therefore, the Lie clan, specifically Lie Yang, has been dispatched from the capital city as a protector to prevent the rampaging demons in the southern border from taking advantage of the day of upheaval to launch an attack."

The Great Sage of Fu Feng expressed, "During my recent wanderings in the mortal realm, I have heard rumors that certain demons have set their sights on the secrets hidden beneath the Zhuxian Town. They seek to take advantage of the chaos and uncover the true nature of what lies buried beneath this ancient city."

"Perhaps the demons who abducted the Wolf God's disciple are aware of this matter and intend to interfere," he speculated.

The Great Sage of Fu Feng put forth his own speculation.

After listening, Lu Heng furrowed his brow slightly. The matter mentioned by the Great Sage of Fu Feng was quite astonishing, wasn't it?

What ancient mass graves… and four ancient war swords that dominate the void in all directions… In the dilapidated Zhuxian Town, there are still such immense secrets?

Among them, the most intriguing to Lu Heng was the name of the Zhuxian Town and the rumored four swords that dominate the void in all directions, forming a vicious sword formation that takes lives…

The Zhuxian Town… four swords… sword formation… Could it be merely a coincidence?

The impact of this matter was so immense that Lu Heng was momentarily unsure of how to feel.

Could it be that there truly exists a Zhuxian Sword Formation in this world?

As he looked into the expectant eyes of the Great Sage of Fu Feng, Lu Heng sighed and said, "Don't look at me with those eyes. I also have little knowledge of the Zhuxian Town and have no idea what secrets lie underground."

"I know less than you do," he replied.

Lu Heng was filled with helplessness.

The Great Sage of Fu Feng clearly intended to test Lu Heng by speaking so much. In his eyes, Lu Heng, also an ancient predecessor, must surely be aware of the secrets beneath the Zhuxian Town.

However, unfortunately, Lu Heng, this ancient predecessor, is a fake. If we don't count the two hundred years as the former mountain god, Lu Heng's cultivation in this world is not even ten years old.

Shaking his head, Lu Heng said, "However, your conjecture is quite likely. Those evil demons have been fleeing north all the way without stopping. But they suddenly halted in the vicinity, which must indicate a significant event taking place."

"Perhaps they really intend to meddle in the affairs of the Zhuxian Town…"

Looking at the Great Sage of Fu Feng, Lu Heng asked, "On what day did the Zhuxian Town undergo its upheaval?"

The Great Sage of Fu Feng sighed when he saw that the Wolf God was reluctant to divulge any information about the rumors. He was slightly disappointed, as he had hoped to uncover the truth about the Zhuxian Town and unravel this ancient enigma that no one else knew.

However, the Wolf God refused to speak, and the Great Sage of Fu Feng could not press him further. Moreover, the ancient secrets that the Wolf God kept hidden may be of great significance and for his own good. Therefore, the Great Sage of Fu Feng chose not to inquire any further.

Instead, he shifted the topic of conversation along the lines set by the Wolf God.

"Regarding the Zhuxian Town's upheaval, the day of manifestation occurred on the eighth day of the twelfth month, coinciding with the festival of Laba. As of now, there are only three days remaining."

The response from the Great Sage of Fu Feng prompted a nod from Lu Heng. "Three days, you say… In that case, let us stay and witness what transformation awaits the Zhuxian Town after these three days," he remarked.

Lu Heng smiled and said, "Would Brother Fu Feng also like to join us?"

However, the Great Sage of Fu Feng shook his head and said, "I'm afraid I cannot join you. I must continue my search for those peculiar creatures with three heads, three eyes, and three mouths."

"On that day, within the remnants of the Star Sea, the elder's divine consciousness warned me when I ventured north, saying that if I were diligent and persevered in my search, I might be able to find that creature," he explained.

"However, if one were to slack off and take rest… even if it were just for a single day of idleness, it would be absolutely impossible to find that creature," he warned.

"Therefore, in these recent years, I have been constantly on the road, never experiencing a day of relaxation. Even if I encounter the Wolf God now, I can only afford to spend a little time with the Wolf God before I must continue on my journey. I simply cannot linger," he explained.

The Great Sage of Fu Feng was quite helpless. When talking about this matter, his face showed a look of exasperation, clearly indicating that he had never encountered such peculiar demands before.

However, he dared not disobey the instructions of the ancient elder, for if he were to truly slack off for a day and miss out on the rare ancient heritage, it would truly be a great loss.

Especially when Lu Heng praised the owner of the ancient heritage as being so powerful, the Great Sage of Fu Feng was even more reluctant to give up.

Seeing this situation, Lu Heng couldn't help but feel a mix of amusement and frustration.

No wonder that divine consciousness back then said that the inheritance was not suitable for Lu Heng. With Lu Heng's temperament and the path he has already glimpsed in the Dao Scripture, even if the Emperor's inheritance is alluring, it would be absolutely unacceptable for him to spend his days and nights constantly on the road, searching for an unprecedented creature without any rest or respite.

After all, he had already endured enough hardships in his previous life, and in this life, he simply desired to live a carefree existence. Besides, Lu Heng had no strong desires for power and showed no interest in monopolizing or ruling over the world.

If it were not for the entanglement with the Green Hell Cave and Sun Yan, he could have completely spent his days until old age in the seclusion of Hanyu Mountain.

At most, occasionally venturing down the mountain for leisurely strolls, engaging in idle conversations with Jiu Mie and Candle Dragon, sipping tea together, or visiting the lively fire god festival in Yanjing City, Lu Heng intended to lead a carefree and reclusive life, akin to that of a wandering hermit amidst the clouds and mountains. The pursuits of striving and hard work were things that Lu Heng had no intention of getting involved with.

After engaging in a conversation filled with laughter about the observations within the Youxiong Country with the Great Sage of Fu Feng, he bid farewell and departed before daybreak.

This weary traveler, the Great Sage of Fu Feng, who has been on the road for five or six years, now dares not even sleep, fearing that even restful slumber might be deemed as laziness and idleness.

At the mountain's summit, Lu Heng and Xiao Ai watched as the Great Sage of Fu Feng departed, before turning around and leaving themselves.

The morning dawn on the horizon released gentle rays of sunlight, casting down upon Lu Heng and Xiao Ai.

Xiao Ai asked, "The Wolf God, shall we return to the Zhuxian Town?"

Lu Heng turned around and glanced once again in the direction of the Qushui Village, saying, "Let's first go and have a look at the Qushui Village."

Lu Heng still couldn't set his mind at ease concerning the Qushui Village, fearing that this village might be affected because of his association.

After deploying the technique of concealing their presence, Lu Heng, accompanied by Xiao Ai and the Wuyou and Wuyu siblings, returned once again to the Qushui Village.

The Qushui Village, which was extraordinarily bustling last night, now appears much quieter.

On the walls and door frames hang festive red cloths, still crooked and about to be torn down. In the corner of the courtyard, there are remnants of food and oil stains that have yet to be cleaned, being diligently attended to by servants. The cooks, who were busy in the kitchen all night, now sit lazily on the steps, soothing their fatigue by clasping their strong arms. In front of the steps, weary attendants hurry by, carrying tables and chairs with tired expressions… After each banquet, what is always left behind is an everlasting mess.

The lively atmosphere during the banquet has nothing to do with the servants. However, the subsequent quietness is something they must endure.

The stark contrast between the tranquility witnessed this morning and the lively banquet of last night is evident.

While walking amidst these busy and weary attendants, after taking a few more steps forward, Lu Heng and the others happened to encounter Gu Yin's father, the proprietor of the Qushui Village, who was strolling under the morning light.

As Master Qu walked, he simultaneously admonished his few sons who followed behind.

Lu Heng, who was walking alongside, listened attentively for a long time before finally heaving a sigh of relief.

From the tone of the Qushui Village, it appears that the events of last night didn't affect the village. However, after this battle, neither Huo Feng of the Yun Sect nor Gu Yin will be able to return to the Youxiong Country.

Upon reflecting upon this, Lu Heng turned his gaze once again towards the still angry proprietor when Gu Yin was mentioned, as well as the brothers who were quick to shift blame and criticize Gu Yin, and couldn't help but shake his head.

Gu Yin's choice of leaving without a trace last night, in retrospect, appears to be nothing short of perfect.

Although this male musician possesses a solitary disposition, he demonstrates great sophistication in his interactions and understanding of others.

By withdrawing himself last night, he unexpectedly spared himself countless troubles, exhibiting an uncomplicated and carefree demeanor.

Upon witnessing that the Qushui Village remained unaffected, Lu Heng subsequently released the worries weighing on his heart and departed gracefully with Xiao Ai and the Wuyou and Wuyu siblings.

Until the moment they departed, the father and son of the Qu family nearby remained oblivious to the arrival of Lu Heng.

Master Qu, who was admonishing his son while facing the morning sun, remained immersed in the chaos of last night and failed to notice the slight tremor of the leaves in the shadows.

While in the distance from the Qushui Village, outside the Zhuxian Town, at daybreak, Lie Lao and his group bidding farewell, they finally set off to return to the Zhuxian Town.

The events of last night dampened the enthusiasm of everyone involved.

Later on, although the banquet continued, everyone was devoid of the previous joy.

Walking along the broad avenue now, everyone had a gloomy and listless expression.

On the carriage, Lie Lao and Nangong Hao were conversing in low voices, discussing the events of last night, sighing incessantly.

However, at a certain moment, the marching procession came to a halt.

In front of the avenue, a woman stood in the way.

Inside the carriage, Lie Lao and Nangong Hao were slightly surprised upon hearing the report.

They alighted from the carriage and saw that the woman standing in the way on the avenue ahead was dressed in a magnificent scarlet bridal gown.

The woman possessed an incredibly beautiful countenance, yet her overpowering aura caused one to furrow their brow.

Now, she impolitely stood in front of them and spoke directly, "You mentioned earlier that Huo Feng of the Yun Sect was accompanied by a young girl with silver hair and animal ears, as well as a male-female twin pair?"

The woman in the red attire coldly exclaimed, "Where did he go? How did you encounter him?"

As soon as she spoke, her tone was akin to interrogating a criminal.

Lie Lao, despite his well-mannered composure, couldn't help but furrow his brow slightly at the audacious attitude.

Where did this woman…come from?