Chapter 366: Xiao Ai Has Become Misguided

A colossal mountain looms above the Qushui Village, casting its shadow and blocking the scorching sun from the sky.

Within the shadow, both the inhabitants and visitors of the Qushui Village are filled with a chilling sense of trepidation.

Due to the invisible barrier surrounding the village, which separates the inside from the outside, all cultivators within the village, regardless of their level of cultivation, including even young children who have just embarked on the path of Qi cultivation, are unable to leave the mountainous estate.

Moreover, that intangible wall even obscures the celestial dome, sealing off the earth.

At this moment, within the three-inch depth beneath the Qushui Village, there is likewise an invisible barrier that cultivators are unable to transcend.

Qu Min, the proprietor of the village, stands at the entrance of the estate, anxiously observing the outside situation through the invisible barrier.

In terms of his cultivation level, even if the towering mountain above were to collapse, not a single blade of grass or leaf within the Qushui Village would be harmed; he would be able to move this mountain away.

However, in the event that a great power were to intervene, would the impact of this mountain falling truly be limited to the ordinary force of a mountain descending?

Even if someone were to claim so, Qu Min would not dare to believe it.

He swiftly summoned all the servants within the estate of the Qushui Village, instructing these mortals who have served the Qushui Village for generations to hasten to the city for assistance.

However, the news that was relayed back by the subordinates left Qu Min utterly dumbfounded.

The group, consisting of Lie Lao and others, who were supposed to return to the Zhuxian Town, were intercepted halfway by a mysterious woman in a red garment.

The scene of that woman in red ruthlessly attacking on the thoroughfare was witnessed by numerous passersby.

In the blink of an eye, two individuals at the innate stage were eradicated…

Such strength, even mentioning it sends chills down one's spine.

Meanwhile, Qu Min, with a pale complexion, suspected who was suspending this mountain over the Qushui Village.

Shortly after Lie Lao and his group were mercilessly slain by an unidentified woman in a red garment, the Qushui Village found itself ensnared by an enigmatic power.

This mysterious woman in red, she is undoubtedly an acquaintance of that Huo Feng of the Yun Sect! It seems she intends to use the Qushui Village as leverage, to force the aforementioned Huo Feng of the Yun Sect to reveal himself.

Witness the ruthless methods of this female cultivator, it appears that she and that Huo Feng of the Yun Sect are likely enemies rather than friends.

In such a situation, would Huo Feng of the Yun Sect truly risk his reputation for the sake of the Qushui Village… After all, the formidable power of this senior female cultivator is truly awe-inspiring.

At the entrance of the mountain estate, Qu Min's countenance fluctuated between gloom and brightness. After a moment of contemplation, he made a decision.

"Let Old Song go to the city and inform Little Seventh, asking him to bring back Little Fifth."

"My fifth son and Senior Huo Feng of the Yun sect are friends and acquaintances. If he were to step forward, Senior Huo might be willing to lend a hand…"

In a situation where he had no other options, Qu Min could only think of this straw of salvation.

He absolutely couldn't imagine that the fifth son who had caused him immense embarrassment last night and almost brought him to the point of disgrace, would now have to be pleaded for help.

However, Gu Yin has already become the only life-saving straw he can think of. If he doesn't please this son who has been away from home since childhood, he cannot think of anyone else who could rescue the Qushui Village in such circumstances.

As the servant Old Song rode on a fast horse and left the Qushui Village, heading towards the Zhuxian Town, the unusual situation in the Qushui Village also attracted more and more attention from cultivators as time passed.

Recently, the Zhuxian Town, in particular, has already gathered numerous cultivators.

Now that two innate cultivators have been killed, and they are both influential figures with fame and power within the Youxiong Country, the situation immediately exploded.

Cultivators in the city flocked out of the city and gathered outside to watch the spectacle.

Meanwhile, in the wilderness, Lu Heng stood atop a tall mountain, gazing at the turmoil unfolding in and around the Qushui Village in the distance, shaking his head helplessly.

"Why has Lian Cangqing also followed to the north?" Lu Heng exclaimed with immense frustration.

As for him now, he truly didn't want to antagonize Lian Cangqing, this ancient monster.

Although the Heavenly Thunder Sword is invincible, it is primarily a formidable opponent against those in the innate realm, capable of extinguishing them.

As for Lian Cangqing, the true extent of her strength is unknown. Even in her state of borrowing a corpse and reviving her soul, her power is far inferior to her prime, yet she effortlessly annihilates innate cultivators as if it were a trivial task.

Who knows if the Heavenly Thunder Sword can still be invincible in the face of such an ancient monster?

If by some mystic technique, the adversary manages to evade the strike of the Heavenly Thunder Sword, Lu Heng would be in a precarious situation.

Although Lu Heng possesses multiple lives, he is still reluctant to take risks.

Observing the distressed expression on Lu Heng's face, Xiao Ai comprehended the turmoil within the heart of the Wolf God and spoke up.

"The Wolf God, Xiao Ai has an idea that might be able to handle this woman,"

"Oh? What idea?" Lu Heng asked in astonishment.

Xiao Ai, on the other hand, shifted her gaze towards the distance and said, "During the severe conflict between the Fire Pass Country and the Witch Evil in the past, there was a cultivator who went by the name of Ao Tianxing, roaming around challenging others, proclaiming his intention to defeat formidable opponents and gain immense fame."

"It is said that on the day when all members of the Green Hell Cave launched an attack on the Yanjing City, he clashed with Lian Cangqing and was sent flying by a single palm strike, soaring all the way to the Youxiong Country."

"After arriving in the Youxiong Country, this fellow never left and is now active in the Three Heavens City, which is less than ten thousand li away from the Zhuxian Town. If we were to write a letter to Three Heavens City, informing this Ao Tianxing that his adversary, Lian Cangqing, who once sent him flying with a single palm strike, is present in this location, perhaps this brash individual would come and disrupt the situation."

Xiao Ai's words made Lu Heng pause for a moment, but then he smiled.

He said, "Xiao Ai, you've learned some mischief… However, this is a good idea. Let's find a way to inform Ao Tianxing and get him involved in this mess."

"Moreover, since Ao Tianxing has been informed, we cannot overlook the situation in the capital of the Youxiong Country. It would be unacceptable if the patriarch of the esteemed Lie clan was annihilated here without any response."

"It would be best if the Youxiong Country's authorities could dispatch some adept cultivators, even renowned ones, to directly resolve Lian Cangqing. That would be an immeasurable merit."

After Lu Heng finished his words and was about to continue instructing, he suddenly heard a call from the netherworld, causing his eyebrows to slightly furrow.

Is the Lord of the Chakravartin Palace calling for him?

Ever since the Lord of the Chakravartin Palace issued the decree, Lu Heng no longer concerned himself with the matters of the netherworld. He entrusted them all to You Yue for handling.

Upon hearing You Yue's call, it was indeed the first occurrence in the past half year.

In the biting cold wind, Lu Heng spoke, "I have matters to attend to. I must make a trip to the netherworld. For the time being, I entrust the affairs here to you, Xiao Ai."

After finishing his words, Lu Heng promptly vanished from the mountaintop.

When he opened his eyes once again, he found himself in the eerie and windy realm of the netherworld.

However, what Lu Heng found himself in was no longer a desolate and vast plain, but a magnificent and majestic grand palace.

This strict and magnificent grand palace stands tall and awe-inspiring, surpassing mortal imagination. Moreover, beyond the grand palace, there lies an uninterrupted cluster of small temple buildings.

From a distance, vaguely wandering apparitions can be seen among these grand palaces.

In a trance, it felt as if stepping into the legendary Palace of Apang, encountering the specters of the pre-Qin era.

And upon the vast wilderness further beyond this grand palace, a city was under construction.

Although at present there is only a crude framework, with even the foundation yet to be laid, within just half a year's time, such a monumental project has been completed, revealing the tremendous efforts exerted by remarkable ghost cultivators.

Lu Heng looked at the multitude of ghost cultivators who greeted him in front of the Chakravartin Palace, smiling and bowing politely as he said, "Congratulations, everyone. With the completion of the Chakravartin Palace, we have taken the crucial first step towards rebuilding the realm of the netherworld."