Chapter 368: The Promise of the Wolf God

After departing from the Chakravartin Palace, Lu Heng ascended directly into the sky and flew towards the distant illusory silhouette of the city.

Behind Lu Heng, the King of Ghosts You Yue from the Chakravartin Palace accompanied by several ghost cultivators, flew alongside. Only after they had flown near the city did Lu Heng descend and proceed directly towards the gates of the city.

Far in the desolate wilderness of the Underworld, the illusory cities appeared intangible and eerily vacant, mere figments of imagination. However, in certain corners, there were brick walls of the cities solidified into substance, already beginning to manifest in the Underworld.

Lu Heng stood before the city gates, observing the situation at hand.

The city before his eyes, however, differed slightly from the Zhuxian Town he had seen before.

Although both are ancient and dilapidated towns, the architectural style of this city is noticeably more ancient and bizarre. Moreover, the eerie and oppressive aura permeating the city, along with the sense of malevolence that exerts immense pressure on individuals, are not present in the worldly Zhuxian Town.

Even if it is just a false illusion, it still brings pressure upon Lu Heng. If this city were indeed completely solid, one can only imagine the degree of horror that awaits within…

Lu Heng stood in front of the city gates for a long time, indeed witnessing the continual trembling and shaking of the city gates, as if there was something dreadful inside relentlessly colliding with the gates, yearning to break free.

And above the city gates, one could faintly discern a fierce ancient war sword concealed within the eerie and lifeless atmosphere, appearing and disappearing like a phantom.

Lu Heng looked for a long time and confirmed that these were not the Zhuxian Four Swords he had speculated about.

Although the ancient and fierce war sword exudes a terrifying aura that makes one's brow ache and scalp tingle, its appearance is nevertheless dignified and unassuming. If it weren't for the condensed and lingering ferocity in its sword aura, it would simply be an ordinary heavy sword, devoid of any exaggerated design.

However, this situation is not beyond Lu Heng's expectations.

The so-called Zhuxian Four Swords are mere creations of novelists, and they only appeared in the Ming Dynasty's "Fengshen Yanyi".

And many things in this world, although remarkably similar to the legends of Huaxia, are actually based on ancient rumors that emerged during primordial times.

Such as Fu Xi, Nüwa, Candle Dragon, Mermaid, and the like.

Fictional deities such as the Zhuxian Four Swords, Hongjun Daoist, and the like, have no trace of relevance in this world.

Even among the many names Lu Heng had seen in the Demon Stone Forest, the ones he didn't recognize were those of ancient predecessors, while the remaining names he recognized belonged to figures such as the Three Sovereigns, Five Emperors, and Chiyou, who only existed in ancient legends.

Not even the names of important deities, such as the Supreme Divine Emperor and the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Heaven, from the pre-Qin era, which are relatively close in time, have ever appeared in that stone forest. Let alone the fictional characters of more recent times, such as the Celestial Master Tongtian and the Daoist Hongjun.

In Lu Heng's speculation, the ancient deities of this world may have had some form of connection with the Earth in his own world. Hence, the names and even some legendary tales of these ancient gods have been passed down to modern times.

However, the many legendary deities that have evolved since the pre-Qin period, such as the Heavenly Court, the Supreme Divine Emperor, Sun Wukong, the Twenty-Eight Constellations, and the Wealth God Buddha, among others, don't exist at all in this world.

And these four nameless war swords that suppress cities, as well as the name "Zhuxian" associated with this place, are indeed nothing more than a coincidence.

"Ah…" Lu Heng couldn't help but sigh when he thought about it.

A mix of emotions surged through his heart at that moment.

To be honest, if he were to possess these four war swords known as the Four Swords of Zhuxian, he would certainly be overjoyed.

After all, it is something related to my hometown, a divine weapon whose name I have heard since childhood. If I were to see it in reality, what a fascinating experience it would be.

However, with dashed expectations, he can only accept reality.

Setting aside his scrutiny of the war sword, Lu Heng left the city gate and began to walk around the outskirts of the city.

Finally, he ascended directly into the sky, standing tall in the void, overlooking the scenery of the city below.

However, Lu Heng was disappointed.

When he, perched high above, looked down, the entire city appeared vacant and void, as if a level of pitch-black mist veiled everything, prohibiting the gaze of the outside world from prying.

Lu Heng, towering above, found himself unable to see anything at all.

And clearly, he was not the only one with the same plight. The few ghost cultivators who followed behind Lu Heng, including You Yue, were also unable to discern the objects within the city.

After circling around the city, the group finally landed in front of the same city gate where Lu Heng had initially descended.

Upon landing, You Yue anxiously inquired, "Does the Wolf God have any strategies in mind?"

The current situation had made Lu Heng their sole lifeline, and in three days, this city would transition from illusion to reality, possibly unleashing terrifying entities from within. It was only natural for You Yue to feel afraid.

This Yanming Underworld is their sole place of refuge, after all.

If this place is destroyed by evil creatures, these ghost cultivators will have nowhere to go.

Lu Heng looked at the anxious group of ghost cultivators, sighed helplessly, and said, "This city seems to be ethereal, as if it doesn't exist at all. Even the powers of the Requiem Seal cannot locate its existence, let alone erase this city using the powers of the Requiem Seal."

"But there is no need to worry, even if this city truly materializes completely and dreadful creatures emerge from within, they will not be able to harm the Netherworld for the time being."

"During the process of flying around the city just now, I have temporarily separated the spatial surroundings of this city using the Requiem Seal. In three days, when the city solidifies, even if things inside manage to escape, they will be unable to break through the barrier I have set up within a short period of time."

"And once this city solidifies completely, revealing itself in the Netherworld, I will be able to utilize the power of the Requiem Seal to forcibly detach it and throw it back into the mortal realm."

"Now we are powerless against it, simply because it has not truly descended; it has merely projected a fleeting illusion."

Lu Heng said, "During these three days, I implore you all to keep a slight vigilance over this city. If any abnormalities occur, please notify me promptly."

"And I will return to the mortal realm, personally making a trip to the Zhuxian Town, to see what lies beneath that ancient city."

"If there is indeed a malevolent force that threatens the Netherworld, I would certainly not stand idly by."

The promise given by Lu Heng relieved all the ghost cultivators, causing them to exhale a sigh of relief.

If the Wolf God is willing to take charge of this matter, then the Netherworld should finally find solace.

The ghost cultivators quickly expressed their gratitude to Lu Heng, who waved his hand and said, "I shall return to the mortal realm… Until we meet again, everyone."

Hurriedly bidding farewell to the multitude of ghost cultivators, Lu Heng vanished directly from the Netherworld, venturing once more into the mortal realm.

Lu Heng also began to attach significance to this ancient city, which appeared so oddly peculiar.

The construction of the Netherworld's domain affects all living beings, and since Lu Heng has taken charge of the Requiem Seal, he cannot simply stand by and watch at this moment.

Not to mention the connection between this city and the Netherworld, which has a profound connection with Lu Heng himself.

If it weren't for him leisurely bringing the Wuyou and Wuyu siblings into the city for amusement, such a troublesome situation would not have arisen… right?