Chapter 369: The Demon Sealing Record

When Lu Heng returned to the mortal realm once again, the evening glow had already appeared in the sky.

The blood-red sunset, hanging high on the western horizon, is slowly descending and about to fall between the mountains.

The amount of time he has been delayed in the Netherworld is almost a full day.

Atop the hill near the Qushui Village, the whereabouts of Xiao Ai and the Wuyou and Wuyu siblings have long vanished.

Clearly, Xiao Ai carried out the plan to deliver the message and deceive that notorious rogue, Ao Tianxing.

While not far away, above the Qushui Village, a massive mountain still loomed high in the sky, an invisible barrier binding all cultivators within the estate.

As for the wild mountains and fields near the estate, they were scattered with numerous cultivators who had come to spectate.

Even the hill where Lu Heng resided had several cultivators who had come together to spectate. There were a total of three men and two women, all seated on the grassy knoll, while many cups filled with fine wine and plates of delicious food floated around them, ready to be consumed at any time.

Laughter, even more so, occasionally resounded, as they engaged in a playful game of magical transformations, using spells to compete with one another.

Unbeknownst to these five cultivators, they remained unaware of the presence of Lu Heng, as he had become accustomed to the art of concealing his presence.

If he were to cease employing the technique of concealment and no longer hide himself, it is likely that all cultivators who catch sight of Lu Heng would be dazzled by the radiant brilliance of the Heavenly Thunder Dao Foundation.

Since Lu Heng crossed the threshold into the realm of the Heaven's Door, the radiance of his Heavenly Thunder Tao Foundation has become even more dazzling than before.

Even Jiu Mie, an extraordinary cultivator with magic eyes, experienced a sharp pain in his eyes when gazing directly at Lu Heng, as if they were being stung, let alone ordinary cultivators.

If the Huo Feng of the past were to lay eyes upon the present-day Lu Heng, he would not even have a chance for his Dao heart to shatter. One glance would likely induce a myocardial infarction, causing him to perish on the spot.

However, these cultivators failed to perceive Lu Heng's sudden arrival, and Lu Heng himself had no intention of actively revealing his presence to greet them.

After returning to the mortal world, Lu Heng proceeded directly towards the distant Zhuxian Town.

He must ascertain what lies beneath the Zhuxian Town within three days, preferably resolving this source of trouble before the manifestation of the ancient city's phantom in its entirety.

Otherwise, once the city descends fully into the realm of the netherworld, and the city gates swing open, one cannot fathom what horrifying entities might emerge from within.

Lu Heng's utmost desire is naturally to annihilate the threat in its cradle.

However, as soon as Lu Heng arrived at the Zhuxian Town and was about to begin his investigation, his mind suddenly stirred, sensing the movements of that group of demons.

That group of demons who captured Sun Yan, after remaining dormant in this area for several days, has unexpectedly resumed their activities and continued their journey towards the north.

The pace of their progress is nearly unchanged from before. In about half an hour, they will vanish from Lu Heng's perception range.

However, the present Lu Heng is no longer capable of catching up and steadfastly trailing behind like before.

The matters concerning the Zhuxian Town are those that he must address and cannot turn a blind eye to.

Outside the ancient and weathered city walls, Lu Heng, dressed in pristine white garments, furrowed his brow ever so slightly and ultimately resorted to employing concealed methods.

In the desolate wilderness, approximately eight hundred miles away from this place, a massive white wolf opened its eyes from the ground.

The physical body that has always kept a distance from Lu Heng, yet never truly departed, serves as his ultimate trump card. Apart from Lu Heng himself, nobody in the entire world is aware of the existence of this physical body.

Once Lu Heng encounters an ambush by evil demons or faces a formidable enemy, this physical body can promptly rush to his aid, even when he is critically injured and on the verge of death.

However, nowadays, Lu Heng finds himself in the rare situation of having to utilize this physical body.

With a flicker of thought in Lu Heng's mind outside the Zhuxian Town, the massive white wolf, located a hundred miles away, ceased its breath and stealthily submerged itself, vanishing into the depths of the earth, heading towards the north.

To replace Lu Heng's primordial spirit in tracking down the demonic beings who kidnapped Sun Yan.

Upon opening his eyes once again outside the Zhuxian Town, Lu Heng gazes at the grand city before him, yet decides against directly employing arcane techniques to unravel the mysteries of this place.

Although the book "Divine Skill" records several wondrous arcane techniques, they could prove useful in this very moment.

However, those methods that forcefully break seals and pry into its true essence are far too aggressive and crude. The situation in this place is extraordinary. It was once an ancient battleground where gods and demons clashed, and it is now guarded by four ferocious and bloodthirsty battle swords, projecting their presence into the netherworld… All these signs indicate that the entities beneath the Zhuxian Town are far from ordinary.

If Lu Heng were to resort to violent dismantling, it would likely result in a major catastrophe.

With his physical body currently absent, Lu Heng feels that maintaining a low-key and cautious approach would be more prudent.

Although his primordial spirit can be regenerated even after annihilation, the sensation of dying once is never pleasant.

Stepping directly into the city, Lu Heng intended to peruse the relevant ancient texts within the Lord's residence, in hopes of discovering some valuable information.

Since Nangong Hao is the protector of this city, a formidable cultivator of innate talent and held in high esteem, he certainly wouldn't be uninformed about the true essence of the Zhuxian Town.

However, when Lu Heng arrived outside the Lord's residence, he witnessed the entire place draped in mourning cloth and white sashes. Mourning cries filled the air, and a heavy atmosphere hung over the entire household. It was then that he recalled the news of Nangong Hao's untimely demise at the hands of Lian Cangqing earlier that morning.

Standing outside the Lord's residence, Lu Heng was rendered speechless as he observed the mournful scene with the black mourning clothes and mourning bands. For a moment, he was at a loss for words, unsure of what to say.

Though not having delved into the details of the situation, Lu Heng could easily surmise, even with his knee, how Nangong Hao had provoked the ire of Lian Cangqing.

Perhaps it was during the return journey of these cultivators that they were denouncing Lu Heng, only to be fortuitously overheard by Lian Cangqing who happened to be passing by. Subsequently, she approached to strike up a conversation.

However, when encountering the haughty and xenophobic actions of the cultivators from the Youxiong Country, coupled with the ruthless and unreasonable nature of Lian Cangqing, who kills without hesitation like a savage monster, it is simply a matter of inevitability what will transpire.

Lu Heng's current state of mind cannot be described as cheerful-despite the fact that these cultivators caused him trouble last night.

However, it is also not excessively sorrowful - after all, these cultivators are unrelated to him and hold no emotional connection.

Shaking his head, Lu Heng promptly withdrew into the secluded depths and made his way into the residence of the city lord, deftly avoiding the crowds dressed in mourning attire, displaying both sorrow and joy. Unwilling to intrude upon the private affairs of these individuals, Lu Heng proceeded directly to the study of the city lord, Nangong Hao.

Although there were formidable barriers and restrictions set up throughout the city lord's residence to prevent the infiltration of cultivators.

In Lu Heng's broaden perspective and experience, these barriers and restrictions appeared to be mere trifles in his eyes.

Without alerting a single soul, Lu Heng stepped into Nangong Hao's study.

This desolate study is the sole sanctuary within the city lord's residence, untouched by the external turmoil.

Lu Heng wasted no time. He immediately invoked the incantation, causing all the books related to the Zhuxian Town disturbance to fly out from the shelves and into his hands.

After the conclusion of the incantation, a total of three books had landed in Lu Heng's hands.

Among them, there was one that even flew out from a secret chamber, its pages made of a peculiar leather material strikingly reminiscent of that of the "Demon Sutra".

On the tattered cover, there are three ancient and rustic characters.

《Demon Sealing Record》!