Chapter 374: Yuanjun

In the night sky, streaks of swift and hurried escape lights traverse the vast expanse, one after another, as figures fly towards the direction of the Zhuxian Town.

From afar, they could already see that the sky above that ancient city had completely changed, transforming into a menacing and eerie blood-red hue.

However, it is only when one truly approaches the Zhuxian Town that they can clearly sense that pervasive feeling of terror filling the air. It is as if an intangible pressure weighs upon the hearts of the masses, while also bearing a deadly threat that directly targets them.

As they arrived outside the Zhuxian Town, all cultivators wore expressions of unease.

The blood-red sky above, resembling more and more an ugly crimson eyeball, stared indifferently at the people below.

In the midst of this blood-red sky, one's mood would inexplicably become gloomy and tense.

Meanwhile, outside the Zhuxian Town, at the heavily guarded Lord's Mansion and among the cultivators of the various prominent clans within the town, a formation had already been established to prohibit these curious onlooker cultivators from trespassing into the city.

However, these cultivators don't even need to be stopped, as at this moment, no one dares to trespass the Zhuxian Ancient City right before their eyes.

The ancient city that appeared before everyone's eyes had long ceased to resemble its daytime appearance.

Under the crimson glow, the city walls of the entire city loomed dauntingly tall. Moreover, the walls were exceedingly pitch-black, and upon closer inspection, one could discern that they were intricately adorned with a multitude of dark, intricate patterns. Each of these patterns seemed to be imbued with earth-shattering secrets.

And these countless peculiar patterns engraved the entire exterior walls of the city, faintly forming a massive formation, imprisoning the entire ancient city within its confines.

Atop the city gate tower, there even hung a menacing ancient battle sword, faintly exuding a sense of oppression as if it were suppressing something.

However, nowadays, this ancient battle sword is crooked and seems as if it could fall down at any moment, emitting a strange blood-red aura that continuously seeps out from the wide-open city gates.

And that massive and imposing city gate is no longer in its original form of the City of Immortals' ancient town gate, but has transformed into a peculiar yellow earth gate, entirely sculpted from yellow clay.

The paved stone streets within the city have also transformed into peculiar yellow earth thoroughfares.

However, these compacted yellow earth thoroughfares are immensely solid, devoid of any potholes or dust. Amidst the chilling winds, one can seemingly catch glimpses of peculiar figures wandering along the streets within the city.

The foremost cultivators at the front let out cries of astonishment.

"Lian Cangqing rushed in!"

"Not right! Ao Tianxing has also rushed in!"

"Both top-notch cultivators have rushed in… Could it be that there is some extraordinary treasure within this city?"

"I've heard that the Zhuxian Ancient City actually harbors ancient divine weapons! That's why there have been recent covetous actions from evil demons!"

The cultivators were engaged in lively discussions, filled with uncertainty and intrigue.

The scene of Lian Cangqing and Ao Tianxing rushing into the city one after another truly startled all the cultivators. If it weren't for the eerie situation within the city at this moment, which didn't seem like a righteous place, it is likely that the many cultivators outside would have already swarmed in long ago.

And at this moment, within the crowd, several intense demonic auras suddenly erupted.

Those several demons who had been hiding within the crowd finally could no longer restrain themselves. In an instant, they unleashed their full power and directly broke through the blockade of the City Lord's Mansion, rushing into the open gates of the Zhuxian Ancient City.

The situation of these demons storming the gates came so abruptly that the numerous cultivators from the City Lord's Mansion were unable to react at all.

The only ones who managed to react were King Zhennan, who had arrived at this place, and one of his attendants by his side.

However, the demon cultivators who stormed the gates were all influential leaders of the demonic path, with formidable strength, and they attacked suddenly, without giving any time to react. King Zhennan and his attendant could only watch helplessly as those few demon shadows vanished into the city.

Following that, the cultivators who were watching from outside the city completely surged with excitement.

"The demon cultivators have also rushed in! Indeed, there are top-notch benefits within this city!"

"These demons have been hiding among us all along. Could it be that they were waiting for this moment? Do they know what treasures lie within the city?"

"Where is the person in charge of the City Lord's residence? Come out and provide an explanation to everyone! Can we or can we not enter this city?"

"Indeed! According to the rules of the martial world, when ancient relics emerge, those who possess virtue should inhabit them. No force should be allowed to forcefully monopolize and block them. Even if this matter now reached the presence of the ruler, the Youxiong Country is in the wrong!"

The sight of several demon cultivators rushing through the city gate has made the cultivators unable to sit still any longer, prompting them to shout and clamor excitedly.

According to the rules of the cultivation world, ancient relics that appear in this world should indeed not be blocked. If one desires the benefits inside, they must rely on their own fortune to enter and obtain them.

However, as soon as several cultivators in the crowd spoke up, they immediately gained unanimous support from the fellow cultivators. Although there were actually only a few daring cultivators who dared to step into this peculiar city, it didn't prevent everyone from enjoying the spectacle.

Meanwhile, over at the City Lord's residence, Nangong Zhi engaged in a low conversation with King Zhennan before issuing orders to clear the path for the cultivators from the City Lord's residence, in accordance with the rules of the martial world, allowing them to enter the city.

The announcement from the City Lord's residence spread outside the city.

"The Zhuxian Ancient City has been opened, and the day of upheaval is upon us! If there are those unafraid of death, they are welcome to enter the city! The City Lord's residence will absolutely not impede anyone!"

With these words spoken, all the cultivators who had just shouted out fell into a brief silence.

Obviously, they were willing to shout out, but when it came to actually opening the barriers and letting them in, there were only a few cultivators present who possessed such courage.

After all, the Zhuxian Ancient City at this moment appears sinister and terrifying, clearly not a benign place. Who knows what the chances of survival are once one enters? Moreover, the few individuals who had previously entered the city were all formidable cultivators at the innate stage. Trying to compete with them for extraordinary treasures would simply be like offering oneself as a sacrifice for ordinary cultivators who venture inside.

However, even so, amidst the crowd, there were still dozens of figures that swiftly transformed into streaks of light and charged directly into the city.

Among those dozens of streaks of light, astonishingly, there were the Wuyou and Wuyu siblings, who were by Lu Heng's side…

As the announcement rang out at the City Lord's Mansion, these two siblings with relatively low cultivation suddenly transformed into streaks of light, swiftly passing over the heads of the crowd, plunging into the city gates.

At that moment, Lu Heng briefly glimpsed the bewildered expressions on the faces of the siblings.

As well as the woman standing on the city street, who beckoned and smiled at the siblings, calling them to come inside.

"Sister Yuanjun…"

Lu Heng muttered a sentence, and instinctively placed his hand on his chest.

In that fleeting moment just now, the person he saw was unmistakably Shen Yuanjun, who should have died long ago!

Witnessing this scene, Xiao Ai standing beside them grew anxious, her countenance fraught with worry, "The Wolf God!"

Xiao Ai attempted to restore the clarity of Lu Heng's consciousness.

However, Lu Heng's expression remained unmoved, and his gaze remained clear and calm.

He quietly watched as the figure of the woman, accompanied by the Wuyou and Wuyu siblings, vanished into the streets of the city. Then, he spoke, "Let us go inside as well."

Saying so, Lu Heng took the lead and walked towards the wide-open city gates, displaying not a trace of irrational behavior.

However, this abrupt gesture unsettled Xiao Ai.

"The Wolf God!" exclaimed Xiao Ai anxiously, rapidly transforming into a shimmering light and chasing after, closely following Lu Heng's figure as they flew into the fierce ancient city beneath the crimson sky.