Chapter 386: Decimating the Ten Thousand Banners and Beheading Yama (Part Three)

"Oh, ghost!!!"

Ao Tianxing let out a horrified shriek.

The indomitable Ao Tianxing, who was being pursued by countless ghostly apparitions, still had a cheerful smile on his face. However, when he caught sight of the myriad of ghostly figures pouring into the city outskirts, his complexion instantly turned pale.

While the fearless Ao Tianxing didn't let out a horrified scream like King Zhennan, who stood at the forefront, the moment he witnessed the incredibly eerie and sinister ghosts rushing into the city, he was still significantly startled.

He had almost closed his eyes and given up resisting.

There was an impasse ahead and pursuers behind; it seemed as if they intended to bring about his demise at this very moment!

But in the next instant, a chilling gust of wind blew, and one ghostly figure after another surged past him with ethereal strides. These terrifying specters, wielding mourning staffs and waving soul-capturing banners, astonishingly ignored him completely, colliding instead with the densely packed remains of powerful adversaries.

Amidst the eerie wind, a colossal palanquin emerged from the ominous ghostly aura, lifted by dozens of robust ghostly figures. The palanquin was adorned with ethereal white fabric and exuded a chilling atmosphere, offering glimpses of an elegantly attired woman seated within its confines.

The inexplicably shaken King Zhennan stood amidst the eerie ghostly aura, alongside the translucent figures of those specters. He distinctly heard a faint voice of a woman emanating from the palanquin.

"Chakravartin You Yue, I pay my respects to the Wolf God."

Subsequently, to the incredulous gaze of King Zhennan, this terrifying entity, which had been accompanied by countless specters that suddenly descended, astonishingly stood up and respectfully paid homage to the white-robed Wolf God in the void.

"All spirits of the Netherworld, devote yourselves to the teachings of the Wolf God,"

Upon the eerie voice of the enigmatic being who identified themselves as Chakravartin, all the ghostly figures lining the streets simultaneously lowered their heads and bowed towards Lu Heng in the sky.

"Awaiting the commands of the Wolf God!"

The ominous and ghostly atmosphere enveloped the city, and King Zhennan could not discern how many specters had appeared within its confines.

However, that deafening sound echoed, and there were unquestionably a considerable number of people!

– These mysterious entities of unknown origins actually obey the commands of the Wolf God? Could they possibly be the minions of the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain?

In this moment, King Zhennan was completely overwhelmed with astonishment.

Within the formation of swords, Lian Cangqing, furrowed her brows even more tightly, staring intently at the ghostly figures below, as well as the silhouette of the woman inside the carriage, almost unable to believe what she was seeing.

"Ghost cultivators?!"

Lian Cangqing, astonished, looked at Lu Heng and exclaimed, "You actually possess command over the netherworld?"

The figure on the throne suddenly stood up, losing composure for the first time.

"The Master of the Green State Cauldron, you have actually experienced death once?!"

The tone of these two top-tier beings, both filled with astonishment.

The so-called bystanders enjoy the spectacle, while the cultivators understand the intricacies. Their lifespans are far longer than those of the younger generation like King Zhennan, and naturally, they possess a greater wealth of experiences and knowledge of hidden stories.

Although King Zhennan, surrounded by specters, appeared astonished, he was actually in awe of this eerie scene of ghostly procession, unaware of the meaning behind this spectacle.

However, Lian Cangqing and the figure on the throne both clearly knew that the emergence of this sinister group of ghost cultivators below represented a terrifying truth.

--In the desolate realm of the Underworld, which has endured countless ages, someone has actually succeeded in seizing control? They have even pioneered the true path of the ghost cultivator?

You see, during ancient times, countless mighty beings coveted the Requiem Seal, yet all of them returned empty-handed. Ultimately, it was because the conditions for wielding the Requiem Seal within the realm of the Underworld were exceedingly stringent.

To govern the Underworld and wield the Requiem Seal, one must be a deceased individual.

This kind of "death" refers to the dissipation of will and the demise of the soul. Only through true death, where the soul is extinguished, can one rule over the Underworld.

But if one truly perishes, and even the soul dissipates, how can they govern the Underworld?

In order to fulfill this rigorous requirement, numerous ancient mighty beings attempted countless methods. From discarding their physical bodies, disassembling their souls, living a second life, to being reborn through death… Every method that those ancient mighty beings attempted, once revealed, was enough to shake the world.

However, all individuals failed, and no one succeeded.

The last Requiem Seal was ultimately discarded amidst the wilderness, with no one paying it any heed, and it was universally deemed an uncontrollable relic by the people.

Even the Emperor himself regarded this object as mere refuse, believing that it was impossible for anyone to wield it.

But the Lu Heng before my eyes, has actually mastered the Underworld?!

On the throne, the Master of the Yuz State Cauldron murmured, "No wonder the life essence within your Green State Cauldron is abundant and nearly unused. It appears you no longer have any need for it."

"The deceased have their own path as ghost cultivators. There is no need for them to tread the path of the living…"

The Master of the Yuz State Cauldron muttered to himself, while Lian Cangqing's gaze sharpened, fixating tightly on Lu Heng.

He spoke, "Commanding the Underworld, wielding the Soul Seal, bearing the nine cauldrons, forging the God Slaying Heavenly Thunder, embodying the earthly punishment, those who have traversed the ancient god's tomb can attain immortality… Where did you come from, and what is your purpose? Such a sinister artifact like yours cannot possibly emerge from the Celestial Desolation Realm!"

The vigilant inquiry from the two supreme existences instantly changed the atmosphere in the city.

The corpses that were originally fiercely besieging Ao Tianxing came to a sudden halt, while the three demons wielding the Sword Formation, an ancient sword formation, took the opportunity to cease their attacks. The sword aura became dormant, only trapping Lian Cangqing.

King Zhennan, who found himself amidst the eerie ghostly shadows, felt a chilling sensation coursing through his body. He couldn't help but feel a sense of utter misfortune, regretting his audacity in venturing into this ancient city. It was evident that the current situation was far beyond the capabilities of someone of his insignificant stature.

Even the usually carefree Ao Tianxing couldn't help but feel a tinge of fear as he gazed at the group of ghostly shadows looming in the distance at the city gate. He would occasionally rub the goosebumps on his arms, seemingly genuinely shaken by these apparitions.

After listening to Lian Cangqing's series of accusations, the figure on the throne became even more perplexed.

It looked at Lu Heng beneath the Green State Cauldron in disbelief, almost doubting its own hearing.

"The God Slaying Heavenly Thunder? Worldly Retribution? Survived the ancient Divine Tomb? Are you serious?"

It skeptically looked at Lian Cangqing, suspecting that she was merely bluffing to intimidate itself.

However, upon seeing the solemn expression on Lian Cangqing's face, it realized that everything was indeed true.

Therefore, the two originally hostile and rival supreme beings now all turned their gaze towards Lu Heng, alert and vigilant.

"Speak! From whence do you come?!" Lian Cangqing shouted angrily.

Underneath the Green State Cauldron, Lu Heng felt somewhat bewildered.

The current situation before my eyes is changing too rapidly.

What happened to the agreement of teaming up to defeat the BOSS together? Why is it that in the middle of the battle, both my teammates and the BOSS seem to be targeting and attacking me instead…

Facing Lian Cangqing's cold and probing inquiry, Lu Heng helplessly replied, "I, Lu Heng, hail from Hanyu Mountain… Isn't this something known to all in the world?"

"And also, Miss Lian, have you perhaps mistaken the enemy? The one standing beside, the necrophiliac who bears the Yuz State Cauldron and has collected tens of thousands of corpses, is our true foe."

"How did I end up turning into the antagonist in the middle of the battle?"

Lu Heng, with an immense headache, exclaimed, "We are allies, after all!"