Chapter 389: Lord of Seven Desires

"the Master of the Green State Cauldron!"

As the four ancient battle swords, brimming with a menacing aura, bore down upon this place, a figure beneath the Yuz State Cauldron finally spoke.

It gritted its teeth and said, "I agree with your previous proposition! Let's strike first and eliminate this insane woman! We can discuss life and death later!"

In the nearby void, Lu Heng stood beneath the Green State Cauldron, donned in white attire. The immense Green State Cauldron, brimming with billions of lifeforce streams, allowed the terrifying rays of light emitted from the chests of the Wuyou and Wuyu siblings to pass through, yet they were unable to penetrate the thin barrier and harm Lu Heng inside.

Upon hearing the call of the Master of the Yuz State Cauldron, Lu Heng smiled slightly and said, "It's too late for you to agree now. I suggest you first test whether your Yuz State Cauldron can withstand the simultaneous onslaught of the Immortal of Martial Arts, Lian Cangqing, the awe-inspiring Ao Tianxing, and these four ancient battle swords."

Upon witnessing that Lian Cangqing was not truly driven to madness but had instead chosen to set aside her doubts and decided to strike down the Master of the Yuz State Cauldron, Lu Heng's mood eased considerably.

Now, even the only three demonic beings who stood on the side of the Master of the Yuz State Cauldron in this city have met a tragic demise, leaving the Master of the Yuz State Cauldron completely isolated.

Moreover, as the tide of battle shifted, once the ancient Sword Formation fell into the hands of You Yue, it was as if it had fallen into the hands of Lu Heng. Even if Lian Cangqing were to turn hostile after eliminating the Master of the Yuz State Cauldron, Lu Heng, wielding the ancient Sword Formation, would possess defensive measures beyond the Heavenly Thunder Sword.

In comparison to the Heavenly Thunder Sword, which is known for its one-strike-kill ability, Lu Heng finds the ancient Sword Formation, a conventional and reusable divine artifact, much more to his liking.

If it is possible to annihilate the Master of the Yuz State Cauldron here, and there is no need to leave behind the four ominous ancient battle swords for demon suppression, does that mean Lu Heng can temporarily take them away for safekeeping? Cough, cough, cough…

Under the Green State Cauldron, Lu Heng's smile was warm and amiable.

Upon the colossal altar, the visage of the Master of the Yuz State Cauldron was menacing and fierce.

"Do you truly believe that the Green State Cauldron can protect you? I'm just reluctant to let go of the essence within my cauldron! Otherwise, extinguishing you would be as easy as flipping my hand!"

In the distance, four streaks of sword light swept across the sky.

Four ancient battle swords formed a sword formation in the void, with countless sharp sword radiance sweeping and devastating everything in its path. It is evident that within the Yuz State Cauldron, numerous life essences descend, resonating and producing a crisp sound amidst the sweeping and tumultuous sword aura, causing countless ripples to surge on its surface.

Meanwhile, not far away, every strike from Lian Cangqing and Ao Tianxing landed on the position where ripples appeared on that barrier, causing the entire altar to shake violently. This, in turn, caused the Yuz State Cauldron suspended in the air to hum and tremble incessantly.

Underneath the Yuz State Cauldron, upon the throne of yellow earth, a figure with a chilly countenance cast a sweeping gaze in all directions, uttering, "…"

"If we are truly bound on a path of mutual destruction, then let us rely on our own abilities!"

"I, the Lord of Seven Desires, roam across the heavens. I am not afraid of any of you! Rise, the Zhuxian Ancient City!"

Above the altar, the enraged figure raised both hands high. In an instant, the entire city shook violently, and astonishingly, began to ascend continuously.

Meanwhile, the streets and buildings within the city trembled furiously, as terrifying blood-soaked hands emerged from the ground, one after another. Each of these blood-soaked hands spanned hundreds of feet, emanating a chilling aura of death, leaving one to wonder how many lives were extinguished to cultivate such a dreadful presence.

As I gaze into the distance, the entire Zhuxian Ancient City is filled with a dense and intricate dance of these eerie blood-soaked hands, completely engulfing the land.

And those tens of thousands of innate corpses in the void were even surging towards the sinister You Yue, attempting to hinder her from unleashing the ancient Sword Formation.

The eerie ghostly aura exploded resoundingly in the void.

The malevolent spirits behind You Yue all stood in formation, as pitch-black and chilling chains continuously flew out from the massive cloud of ghostly aura, sweeping away the incoming innate corpses from all directions.

The mourning staff, infused with the power of the netherworld, danced wildly, and with each strike, it forcefully pushed the already deceased innate corpses back repeatedly.

The fierce battle between these two groups of lifeless entities, emanating a pervasive aura of death, immediately plunged into a state of intense white heat.

In the void, deathly aura exploded and spiritual energy danced. One after another, the innate corpses were struck and shattered, while the malevolent spirits were torn apart and obliterated. And then, without end, they continuously flew out from the voluminous sleeves of You Yue's majestic robe.

Even if the ghost cultivator who has been registered in the Chakravartin Palace's Book of Life and Death dies, as long as You Yue is willing to allocate spiritual energy, she can immediately resurrect them!

However, such resurrection entails a tremendous depletion of You Yue's spiritual energy.

However, this bloodbath need not drag on for too long. The moment Lord of Seven Desires makes a move, it will be a fatal situation, with all the trump cards unleashed! The entire Zhuxian Ancient City erupts in turmoil.

Facing the terrifying sight of the endlessly vast blood hands wildly swinging and grabbing, even Ao Tianxing and Lian Cangqing had no choice but to retreat and evade. They were forcefully pushed out of the range of the ancient sword formation, no longer posing a threat to Lord of Seven Desires standing on the altar.

After forcing Lian Cangqing and Ao Tianxing to retreat, Lord of Seven Desires on the altar then turned his gaze towards Lu Heng in the distance and said.

"The Master of the Green State Cauldron, this is your final opportunity…"

However, Lu Heng didn't wait for it to finish speaking, but instead smiled and waved his hand.

"The Heavenly Thunder Sword."

With a seemingly casual call, the bronze sword behind Xiao Ai soared up, breaking free from the protection of the Green State Cauldron and ascending into the pitch-black sky.

The dark green slender blade, hidden within the scabbard made of fusang wood, didn't reveal any trace of murderous intent. However, when the slightly tilted blade pointed towards the figure on the altar, even without the manifestation of murderous intent, the Lord of Seven Desires, who was being pointed at, still felt a chilling terror, as if disaster was imminent.

The intense sense of a life-or-death threat caused this ancient being, who had lived for hundreds of thousands of years, to erupt in anger and respond with a mocking laughter.

He abandoned any intention of reasoning and directly laughed angrily, saying, "The Heavenly Thunder Sword? The God Slaying Heavenly Thunder? Very well! Today, I will abandon this Zhuxian Ancient City and fight you to the bitter end!"

"Seven Desires Demon Soul! Reveal my true form! Sweep across the heavens! Annihilate all living beings!"

In the midst of the furious roar of the Lord of Seven Desires, seven sinister and enigmatic translucent demon shadows silently manifested beside him.

Those seven demon shadows, varying in height and age, some alluringly beautiful while others dreadfully terrifying. The moment the seven demon shadows appeared, a violent gust of ominous wind swept through the city.

Behind each demon shadow, it seemed as if they were treading upon a desolate world, ravaged and devastated, where all holiness had been extinguished.

Seven demon shadows materialized simultaneously, emanating a dense aura of slaughter that could only be acquired through the annihilation of countless beings, causing furrowed brows among all those in the city.

Ao Tianxing was even more dumbfounded, exclaiming, "By God, how many people have you bloody well killed!"

However, at this moment, the Lord of Seven Desires completely disregarded everything else. In his eyes, there was only Lu Heng, clad in white robes, under the Green State Cauldron, as well as the unassuming yet chillingly terrifying aura of the Heavenly Thunder Sword in the void.

The Yuz State Cauldron, which was immense in size, trembled violently and astonishingly transformed into a radiant stream of light. It carried the essence of billions of lives, hanging down, and ruthlessly collided with the Green State Cauldron above Lu Heng's head.

Deprived of the shelter from the Yuz State Cauldron, the ancient altar beneath the feet of the Lord of Seven Desires was instantly annihilated and shattered by the surging sword aura within the ancient sword formation.

Simultaneously resonating, there were also the chilling words of the Lord of Seven Desires.

"You die! I live!"