Chapter 390: Whisper in the Ear


With a horrifying roar, it seemed to shake the entire netherworld.

When the colossal Yu State Cauldron, dragging with it innumerable resplendent streams of vital energy, came soaring, it appeared that the Green State Cauldron, too, was drawn in by its allure, likewise carrying with it innumerable resplendent streams of vital energy.

When the two colossal cauldrons, emerging from the same source, clashed and battled against each other, they could no longer protect their respective owners.

Below, the two Lords of Nine Cauldrons, deprived of the protection of the nine cauldrons, were completely exposed to the external threats.

Within the ancient sword formation, the surging sword qi swept through, obliterating not only the ancient altar but also cleaving towards the Lord of Seven Desires standing atop the loamy platform.

However, the seven translucent demon shadows suddenly dispersed with a resounding blast, effortlessly shattering all incoming sword qi and sending the four ancient battle swords, that relentlessly approached, flying away with a mere flick of the hand.

Within a radius of ten meters, centered around the platform where the Lord of Seven Desires stands, not even the slightest trace of sword qi can penetrate!

The dark and chilling deathly light that emitted from the chests of Wuyou and Wuyu siblings, standing at the edge of the platform, unabashedly swept towards Lu Heng in the distance.

In an instant, a cold and ominous deathly light enveloped the figure of Lu Heng.

The despairing and agonizing wails of Wuyou and Wuyu siblings echoed incessantly in his ears.

"Father! We are but ephemeral! We are but ephemeral!"

"Father! We should dissipate now! Illusory illusions ought to dissipate!"

Amidst the agonizing cries of the boy and girl, the figure of Lu Heng trembled incessantly. Like the reflection cast upon a lake surface upon impact of a pebble, it seemed on the verge of dispersing at any moment.

As Lian Cangqing from afar witnessed the unfolding scene, an instinctual urge to speak arose within her, yet ultimately she chose to remain silent. The crimson-clad lady danced and maneuvered within the void, her elusive figure ethereal and evasive, avoiding the relentless entanglement of countless bloodied hands. However, her gaze remained fixed upon the distant Lu Heng, patiently awaiting further developments.

Beside Lu Heng, Xiao Ai displayed an expression of anxiety.

"The Wolf God!"

Lu Heng reached out to halt the approaching Xiao Ai and said, "Don't worry."

As the voice echoed, the Heavenly Thunder Sword unsheathed from above Lu Heng's head with a resounding clang.


With a clear and melodious sword chime, it resonated throughout the entirety of the Zhuxian Ancient City.

The blood-red sword intent, emerging with an eerie presence, overflowed throughout the chaotic city, the Zhuxian Ancient City. In an instant, the city that was once filled with tumultuous clamor seemed to quiet down, and the only sound heard by everyone was the unsheathing of the Heavenly Thunder Sword.

In the next instant, a torrential sea of blood-red sword light swept across the sky.

The God Slaying Heavenly Thunder, which brings forth a destructive power that utterly annihilates everything, descends with a devastating force that no living being can resist.

At this moment, the Lord of Seven Desires on the high platform finally unleashes all his killing moves, roaring in fury.

"The Demonic Incarnation of Seven Desires!"

Within the burst of pitch-black demonic aura, the seven demon shadows standing on the edge of the high platform simultaneously flew towards the central Lord of Seven Desires, their forms mysteriously overlapping with that of the Lord of Seven Desires.

At that moment, the Lord of Seven Desires standing on the high platform seemed to be even taller than the celestial dome itself.

The overwhelming momentum that covers heaven, earth, and all living beings, directly seizes hold of the trembling figures of the two children, Wuyou and Wuyu. The cold and deathly light emanating from within the chests of the Wuyou and Wuyu siblings is invigorated to its utmost pinnacle by the power of this ancient entity in an instant.

Lu Heng in the void experienced a momentary blur in his vision, even the already launched Heavenly Thunder Sword strangely slowed down.

A sensation akin to the spinning of heavens and the turning of earth emerged within Lu Heng's heart.

The voices of the two children echoed frantically in his ears, urging him to dissipate together, to let himself perish alongside them.

And all the spiritual power and energy within him, at this moment, completely lost consciousness.

This is an eerie and ancient occult art, summoning illusory loved ones from thin air, with the intention of taking away the victim's soul in the final moment, causing it to dissipate completely from this world, without leaving the slightest trace.

Once the conditions are successfully met, it becomes an uncanny and sinister sorcery that cannot be evaded, struggled against, or resisted under any circumstances.

What Lu Heng heard in his final moment was the chilling laughter of the Lord of Seven Desires.

"In the end, I, Lord of Seven Desires, emerged victorious…"

In the mortal realm, in a primeval dense forest merely seven hundred li away from the Zhuxian Ancient City, a colossal white wolf lying prostrate in a thicket several meters high, opened its eyes.

Lu Heng, being male, has a clear realization that his spiritual essence left in the netherworld has dissipated.

However, the dissipation of the incarnated spiritual essence doesn't affect this nearly independent entity of the physical body.

Because the relationship between Lu Heng's physical body and the incarnated spiritual essence is not akin to that of a mere clone, the demise of the clone would affect the original entity, whereas the disappearance of the spiritual essence doesn't have any impact on Lu Heng.

Because fundamentally, both the spiritual essence and the physical body are just "incarnations" of Lu Heng, they are both manifestations of Lu Heng's true essence. Lu Heng's thoughts wander between these two bodies, allowing him to choose to control them simultaneously or independently control one specific body.

Similar to playing a game where one can choose to simultaneously control two characters or solely focus on controlling one character.

By extinguishing the physical body, the spiritual essence remains. By extinguishing the spiritual essence, the physical body persists; only through simultaneous annihilation of both Lu Heng's physical body and spiritual essence can Lu Heng be utterly eradicated.

However, Lu Heng has always been cautious about others discovering this matter; in reality, nobody knows that Lu Heng possesses another physical body hidden in the shadows.

Now, as Lu Heng sensed the dissipation of his incarnated spiritual essence, the majestic white wolf shook its head and said, "While one spiritual essence has been forfeited, a fatal crisis has been averted… a worthwhile trade."

The crisis represented by the Wuyou and Wuyu siblings has always been a concern for Lu Heng. Now that it has finally been resolved, it can be considered a fortunate turn of events.

He intends to regenerate and gather another incarnated spiritual essence, and then let this newly born incarnated spiritual essence descend upon the netherworld, to see if the Lord of Seven Desires has any other means to deliver a decisive blow to him.

However, in the very moment when Lu Heng had a thought…


The brows of the white wolf in the reed marsh furrowed instantaneously.

Immediately after, Lu Heng's gaze became blurred - he unexpectedly sensed the presence of the incarnated spiritual essence again?

But shouldn't his incarnated spiritual essence have dissipated?

The ancient dark arts unleashed by the Lord of Seven Desires, once successful, would be inevitable and inescapable!

Shock surged within Lu Heng's heart. With a single thought, his consciousness returned once again into the incarnated spiritual essence within the netherworld.

Subsequently, he once again sensed that ethereal and dizzying sensation.

In a trance-like state, he seemed to be continuously shattering and undergoing a constant process of reformation.

From the abyss of nothingness, a chilling breath extended ceaselessly, gently repairing and reassembling his long overdue dissipated incarnation.

A gentle female voice murmured softly in his ear.

"Do not be afraid, Ah Heng, Sister Yuanjun will always be by your side…"

The familiar and gentle whisper sent a shudder through Lu Heng's heart, vividly reminding him of a time when he was a terminally ill young boy. It was a night of intense suffering when that tender sister crouched by his bedside, tightly holding his hands and murmuring softly in his ear.

In the crumbling and collapsing Zhuxian Ancient City, Lu Heng, clad in white garments, slowly opened his eyes and gazed upon the people present.

He, who should have dissipated, has unexpectedly returned unharmed, not a trace of injury upon him.

Upon witnessing this scene, not only was the Lord of Seven Desires unable to accept it, but Lian Cangqing, who had witnessed everything unfold, also opened her mouth wide in utter shock and completely lost her composure.

"What the hell… what on earth are you!"

The woman's astonished cry echoed throughout the entire city.