Chapter 391: Delivered to the Doorstep

In the voice of Lian Cangqing, there resided an astonishing sense of incredulity.

This woman, who had always scorned the world and remained untamed, has finally lost her composure, unable to maintain her calm any longer.

However, this is not her fault.

Because the scene just now was excessively eerie and unsettling, one could even argue that it defied rationality!

A person who had been contaminated by dark sorcery, already vanished without a trace and devoid of any signs of life, astonishingly rekindled the flames of existence after complete annihilation. Meticulously and visibly reassembling, they defied the natural order in a complete reversal of life and death.

This is something that nobody would believe even if it were spoken out loud.

Even if Lu Heng had mastery over the Requiem Seal, the Requiem Seal merely allows one to exist as a ghost cultivator in spirit form after death. However, the Lu Heng we just witnessed had even his soul completely dispersed, utterly vanishing into thin air.

How can a person who has already completely vanished into thin air be capable of resurrection?

Lian Cangqing lost her composure, leaving the Lord of Seven Desires dumbfounded, even causing Ao Tianxing to have his mouth agape and his jaw almost dropping. The cultivators present were all the most elite beings, how could they not comprehend the absurdity of this scene?

While You Yue, whose cultivation level was the lowest among those in the Precelestial Realm, was even more astonished than Lian Cangqing and the others.

Due to the Requiem Seal, the connection between You Yue and Lu Heng became even more profound. At the moment when Lu Heng dissipated, she keenly sensed that the Requiem Seal had lost its owner… even if it was just for a fleeting instant.

However, it can be evidenced that in that fleeting moment, Lu Heng had indeed experienced his soul scattering and his spirit dispersing.

Within a mere second, Lu Heng's aura resurfaced once more…

The entire Zhuxian Ancient City was engulfed by an eerie silence that felt as lifeless as death itself.

At this moment, the only one who could maintain composure was Xiao Ai, with her silver hair and beast-like ears. She stood impassively by Lu Heng's side, unaffected by the previous counteraction of dark arts against him, and undisturbed by his resurrection after death.

To the young girl, the Wolf God is omnipotent. Mere death and resurrection… isn't that expected? Can a mere Lord of Seven Desires truly harm the Wolf God?

However, Xiao Ai was brimming with self-confidence, while Lu Heng, being privy to his own affairs, lacked any trace of self-satisfied pride, despite witnessing the awe-struck expressions of the crowd.

Because he was aware that this resurrection was peculiar and inexplicable.

Sister Yuanjun's gentle whisper suddenly emerged, leaving Lu Heng perplexed. Why would Sister Yuanjun's voice appear in his ears at the moment of his death? And why did his revival occur right after her voice appeared?

Could it be that Sister Yuanjun is not an ordinary human, but rather an ancient sage with great magical and intellectual prowess? Did she secretly protect him?

In Lu Heng's heart, there were ten thousand perplexities and mysteries.

The eerie silence within the Zhuxian Ancient City persisted due to the mutual silence of both parties.

Until Ao Tianxing regained his composure and used his hand to support his dropped jaw, forcefully pushing it back into place, he finally spoke, saying, "Are we going to fight or not? If not, then let's disperse… If we are going to fight, let's get on with it swiftly. Why waste time dawdling?"

Ao Tianxing's words finally directed the silent and speechless crowd to look at each other once again.

Lu Heng, gazing at the Lord of Seven Desires on the earthen platform, sighed and said, "It seems that in the end, it is not you who emerges victorious…"

As the words fell, Lu Heng raised his hand and pointed directly, unleashing a fierce crimson sword light that swiftly cleaved through the air.

The Heavenly Thunder Sword, which had lost its command due to Lu Heng's demise, once again unleashed its sword aura. The annihilating power of the God Slaying Heavenly Thunder instantly engulfed the figures on the earthen platform, submerging them in utter destruction.

The Lord of Seven Desires, filled with anger and madness, roared furiously, but was unable to resist. In an instant, he was engulfed by the crimson sword light, vanishing within the embrace of the God Slaying Heavenly Thunder, without even having the chance to display the protection of the seven demon shadows.

Upon witnessing this scene, Lian Cangqing let out a disdainful snort and exclaimed, "A despicable ambush, utterly repulsive!"

Lu Heng, with a smile on his face, looked at her and said, "In a life-and-death struggle, one cannot afford to be distracted. If it doesn't die, then who will?"

With the tragic demise of the Lord of Seven Desires, the earthen platform began to crumble and collapse. Immediately after, the entire Zhuxian Ancient City resounded and trembled madly, as the ground within the city manifested one enormous crack after another, spreading relentlessly outward.

In just a brief span of several dozen breaths, the Sword Formation, which had lost its suppression, and the eccentric city no longer sustained by the Lord of Seven Desires, collapsed within the realm of the netherworld. Numerous eerie blood-red hands convulsed and writhed on the desolate plains of the netherworld, rapidly withering away due to the lack of vital essence to sustain them.

The colossal Zhuxian Ancient City, in such a manner, vanished from the sight of onlookers.

Lu Heng remained perched high in the sky, gazing at Lian Cangqing and Ao Tianxing with a serene smile, refraining from any impulsive actions.

Lian Cangqing also coldly stared at Lu Heng, unmoving.

You Yue, standing afar, noticed the tense atmosphere and thus approached Lu Heng with the patched-together Sword Formation, respectfully handing it over to him.

Four ancient battle swords also hovered by Lu Heng's side. The blade of one tilted, subtly pointing towards the distant Lian Cangqing.

Upon witnessing this scene, Lian Cangqing chuckled coldly and said, "The Heaven's Divination Nine Swords indeed reign supremely, even causing the Emperor Fu Xi to retreat. However, here you only possess four swords, incapable of exerting even thirty percent of the power of the Sword Formation. Thinking you can annihilate me is nothing short of a delusion."

"You should honestly reveal your own origins," Lian Cangqing said, "Although you are an outsider, in the Celestial Desolation Realm, our people are candid and we welcome guests from all directions. As long as you are not truly wicked, I can overlook your outsider status."

After Lian Cangqing finished speaking, Ao Tianxing couldn't help but say, "Senior Lian, there's an issue with your words. How can one prove that they are not wicked? I believe it's simple to prove someone is a bad person, but to prove that someone is not… that's quite difficult, isn't it?"

Ao Tianxing looked innocent as he said, "Even if the Wolf God has done ten thousand good deeds, who can prove that it is not merely a facade? So, asking the Wolf God to prove itself as not wicked is an unreasonable demand!"

Ao Tianxing's words caused Lian Cangqing to wear a frustrated expression.

The woman in the red attire turned around and struck with the palm of her hand, saying, "Shut your mouth!"

However, despite Lian Cangqing's palm strike being as elusive and unpredictable as ever, Ao Tianxing had already learned his lesson and instantly disappeared from his original position, reappearing in the distance.

Upon witnessing this scene, Lu Heng couldn't help but sigh and said, "Miss Lian, I can only assure you that I am not a malevolent person, and my purpose for coming to the Celestial Desolation Realm is not to wreak havoc on innocent lives."

"As for whether you believe it or not, it entirely depends on you. If it comes to a fight, to be honest, I may not necessarily fear you."

With a smile on his face, exuding a sense of grandeur, Lu Heng, wielding the ancient Sword Formation and said.

In the empty void, Lian Cangqing looked at him coldly, remained silent for a moment, and then said, "It seems that I have no other choice… Very well! Lu Heng, let's put an end to this today. I shall seek you out at Hanyu Mountain for our battle another day."

"But I want to kill you, not because you are an outsider, but because I have publicly declared that I will kill you. Lian Cangqing has always meant what she says, and if I say I will kill you, I will not make empty promises!"

"You go back and heal your Heavenly Thunder Sword, until next time. Then, only one of us will leave alive!"

After speaking, Lian Cangqing coldly said, "Escort me out of the Netherworld."

Upon witnessing this, Lu Heng could only sigh with resignation as he invoked the power of the Requiem Seal, sending this woman back to the mortal realm.

Although this woman kept clamoring, Lu Heng, at present, had no confident assurance of victory. After all, the God Slaying Heavenly Thunder within the Heavenly Thunder Sword had been depleted and needed to be rekindled.

Relying solely on these four ancient war swords, Lu Heng had no guarantee of winning and therefore refrained from provoking this insane woman.

Anyway, she said that we will face each other in a deadly battle next time. When that time comes, Lu Heng will heal the Heavenly Thunder Sword, grip the ancient Sword Formation firmly, and once prepared, deliver a satisfying blow to her.

If the opponent insists on engaging in a deadly battle, can Lu Heng simply sit back and await his demise?

After bidding farewell to Lian Cangqing, Lu Heng turned his gaze towards Ao Tianxing, smiling as he spoke, "Brother Ao, are you also planning to depart? Your duel with Miss Lian has not yet concluded. Would you like to return and continue your fight with her?"

Ao Tianxing immediately waved his hand in response to Lu Heng's inquiry, saying, "No, no. This insane woman is currently in a fit of anger. Seeking her out at this time would be pure self-inflicted misery."

"And I have come to realize that her current strength is not yet restored, so she hasn't truly reached her previous level of power. Even if I were to defeat her, it would be an unfair victory. That's why I intend to go back and find a treasure for her, to help her regain her former strength as quickly as possible before challenging her again."

"This way, regardless of the outcome, I, Ao Tianxing, will not tarnish my reputation!"

Ao Tianxing's words made Lu Heng nod in agreement and he said, "Brother Ao, your honesty and integrity are admirable… In that case, shall I accompany you back to the mortal realm?"

Ao Tianxing clasped his fists and said, "I kindly request the assistance of the Wolf God."

Lu Heng smiled and shook his head, saying, "No trouble at all, it's just a small favor."

Speaking thus, Lu Heng prepared to unleash the Requiem Seal to bid farewell to Ao Tianxing.

But at the last moment, Ao Tianxing spoke again, curiously asking, "Does the Wolf God truly have no interest in inquiring about my relationship with the Dragon Clan? Isn't the Wolf God curious?"

When Ao Tianxing brought up the matter, I couldn't help but smile and replied, "Of course, I am curious, but curiosity doesn't always require asking. If Brother Ao claims to have no relationship with the Dragon Clan, then it is indeed so. I dislike prying into others' privacy."

Within the power of the Requiem Seal, the figure of Ao Tianxing began to blur.

But in that moment right before disappearing, he chuckled and his voice reached Lu Heng's ears.

"Hehe… The Wolf God truly is a humble gentleman, unlike someone like me who is a brute. Since that's the case, allow me to share a little knowledge with the Wolf God."

"The Emperor of the Dragon Clan is female. It was said that she would be married off to whoever could discover the art of controlling heavenly thunder as his wife… Hehe… the Wolf God should take a stroll through the clouds just as the rain begins to fall, as there might be some unexpected gains awaiting."

Amidst Ao Tianxing's lewd laughter, his entire being vanished into the realm of the netherworld.

As he delivered his message before departing, Xiao Ai, who was beside Lu Heng, furrowed her eyebrows and her expression turned cold.

Pretending not to have witnessed this scene, Lu Heng turned around to face You Yue behind him and asked, "Is King Zhennan and his entourage still alive?"

Upon Lu Heng's inquiry, the group of ghost cultivators proceeded to carry out the unconscious master and servant.

After the ancient city crumbled, the ghost cultivators who no longer needed to engage in battle withdrew their fierce and sinister ghostly forms, known as Qingmian Liuya and Xiongshen Esha. Now, they have all regained their former appearances. Despite exuding a chilling aura, each one possesses remarkable handsomeness, beauty, and extraordinary temperament.

Lu Heng looked at King Zhennan and his attendants, who were being carried out by this group of handsome men and beautiful women, and felt a headache coming on. He said, "If we were to wake them up now, do you think these two individuals would keep today's events a secret?"

If Lu Heng's identity as a visitor of another realm is revealed instead of being considered a resident of the Celestial Desolation Realm it will undoubtedly lead to trouble.

And now, Lu Heng, who is most averse to trouble, longs to find Sun Yan and return to Hanyu Mountain to live a peaceful life of his own.

You Yue looked down at the master and servant before her, and smiled as she spoke, "The Wolf God worries too much. The Zhuxian Ancient City has crumbled, and the ancient fiend, the Lord of Seven Desires, has broken free from his prison. In the midst of this catastrophic turmoil, it is implausible for these two cultivators who have only recently reached the realm of innate cultivation for a few years to survive. Their demise would be deemed logical."

You Yue's words made King Zhennan, lying on the ground, turn pale, and he instantly jumped up, hastily shouting, "Senior Wolf God, spare me! I promise to keep silent about what happened today once I am released. Even if my mother asks, I will remain tight-lipped, ensuring that you won't face any difficulties!"

King Zhennan desperately assured, fearing that Lu Heng would truly kill him.

Lu Heng, with a faint smile, looked at King Zhennan and said, "Your Majesty, there's no need to be so alarmed. I happen to possess a small spell that can alleviate your concerns and ensure that you won't inadvertently let slip… I wonder if Your Majesty would be willing to assist?"

King Zhennan nodded desperately and said, "Willing, willing! I am willing to cooperate with all the arts of the Wolf God!"

Lu Heng smiled and gently patted King Zhennan's head, saying, "That is excellent."

Therefore, with the collaboration of King Zhennan and his follower Bai Yu, Lu Heng cast a spell upon the master and servant. As long as they don't reveal what transpired today, they shall remain safe.

But if the two were to divulge the true reasons behind Lu Heng's actions… whether it is done willingly or inadvertently, once the information is disclosed by either of them, the spell shall take effect, swiftly seizing their souls and transporting both the master and servant to the realm of the netherworld.

In this manner, after informing both King Zhennan and his servant of the consequences of the spell, Lu Heng intended to bid farewell to the master and servant.

However, at this moment, King Zhennan unexpectedly spoke up.

"Um… Senior Wolf God," King Zhennan said cautiously as he looked at Lu Heng, "May I ask you a question?"

Lu Heng smiled and replied, "Please go ahead."

King Zhennan looked at the numerous ghost cultivators in front of him and cautiously asked, "Does the Wolf God choose the ghost messengers only from those who have passed away in the Fire Pass Country, thus granting them eligibility to enter the realm of the netherworld?"

Lu Heng glanced at King Zhennan with astonishment, surprised by his intentions, and then smiled as he said, "Does Your Lordship also desire to dwell in the realm of the netherworld and become a ghost cultivator?"

King Zhennan smiled awkwardly and replied, "Not at the moment, but if I were to pass away one day…"

Lu Heng laughed and said, "I understand Your Lordship's meaning."

"You Yue, teach His Lordship the methods of how to embrace and guide the souls of the deceased, so that he may bring them back to the Youxiong Country."

"This realm of the netherworld is not mine alone, Lu Heng, nor is it exclusive to the Fire Pass Country. As long as one's virtue remains untainted and they are not involved in malicious acts, even if they are not cultivators, they have the eligibility to enter the realm of the netherworld and become ghost messengers after death… Of course, there will definitely be assessments during that time."

"Your Lordship can promote this method of embracing the souls of the deceased in the Youxiong Country, preserving the souls of those who have done good deeds and accumulated virtues, as well as the souls of cultivators who are willing to enter the realm of the netherworld after death. The realm of the netherworld welcomes all who come!"

Moreover, there is a great shortage of these ghost messengers who are willing to shine and radiate in the realm of the netherworld!

Lu Heng gazed upon King Zhennan with a radiant and exceedingly warm smile.

That smile was so warm and endearing that it even made King Zhennan somewhat nervous…