Chapter 400: We Are Currently Safe

Upon hearing Mo Xingzi's words, Xie Yunniang was slightly taken aback, and the Red-blue Twin Devils were greatly astonished.

"What? It is not allowed for people to be consumed in the Skyark Palace?" Red Devil exclaimed incredulously.

The Blue Devil murmured in a disapproving tone, "If even humans are not allowed to be consumed, then what kind of demonic path is this…"

Mo Xingzi shook her head and replied, "It is not that one should not consume humans, but rather that one should refrain from engaging in senseless slaughter, to avoid brutally ending the lives of ordinary people who have no beneficial impact on our cultivation."

"Demonic cultivation relies on the nourishment of living beings. However, all of you are innate Demon Lords, so even if you were to consume hundreds or thousands of mortals, it would not provide significant benefits to your cultivation."

"At the Arctic Skyark Palace, you are forbidden to slaughter mortals, but you are permitted to consume cultivators,"

Mo Xingzi explained, "As the ruler of the Arctic Skyark Palace, we ensure the well-being and happiness of the people under our jurisdiction, shielding them from the corrupting influence of the dark arts. This is achieved through the firm decree of the palace master, who strictly prohibits the senseless slaughter of mortals."

"And as the mortals live in peace and prosperity, their lives become increasingly joyful. They are free from the burdens of existence, able to lead content and blissful lives, which in turn leads to a continuous growth in their population. With the increasing number of offspring the mortals bear, the overall population of the Northern Realm naturally expands,"

"And as the population of mortals grows, the emergence of exceptional cultivators among them also increases. These cultivating prodigies, from a young age, are admitted into the Skyark Palace, where they receive comprehensive training and guidance under dedicated clergymen."

"By providing these young children with a small amount of resources, combined with their remarkable talents, we can systematically cultivate batches after batches of cultivators as a source of nourishment for our palace, aiding the cultivation of demonic cultivates amongst our ranks."

Mo Xingzi said, "It is precisely because of the continuous supply of blood nourishment from cultivators that allows our palace to never lack blood nourishment for cultivation. It is through the power surpassing ordinary people that our Arctic Skyark Palace can dominate the northern realm and challenge the world, even the Human Emperor Palace is powerless against us."

"Therefore, it is not that we are forbidden from consuming humans within the palace. By joining the Arctic Skyark Palace, not only can you partake in the consumption of humans, but you will also have a continuous supply of cultivators as nourishment. However, mindlessly engaging in meaningless acts of slaughtering mortals, as happened today, is strictly forbidden within the palace. Those who violate this taboo will face certain death. Henceforth, refrain from such actions," spoke Zi.

Mo Xingzi, looking at the four demonic figures in front of her, said solemnly, "These words are by no means an exaggeration, and I hope you all bear them in mind. Our master has always been fair in her rewards and punishments, never showing favoritism."

The narration of Mo Xingzi left both the Red-blue Twin Devils and Xie Yunniang astonished. Although the three demons had heard various rumors about the Arctic Skyark Palace, this kind of demonic cultivation was something they had never encountered before.

Blue Devil murmured, "Truly worthy of the Lord of the Nine Phoenix Palace, with far-reaching vision and a broad outlook on the world. It is evident that they operate on a completely different level than ordinary demonic cultivators."

The demonic figure, clad in a shade of green, had an increasingly enraptured expression on its face.

The Nine Phoenix flag in the hands of everyone suddenly emitted a radiant red light. Upon seeing this brilliance, Mo Xingzi smiled and said, "The spiritual energy has now connected with the demonic palace's formation, we can proceed."

Ning Po urged, "Then let's go, for lingering any longer would invite more dreams in the long night!"

When Mo Xingzi mentioned the forbidden rules of the Demon Palace, Ning Po remained vigilant and scanned the surroundings apprehensively, fearing the arrival of pursuers. Fortunately, until the moment the command flag was fully activated, the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain didn't make an appearance.

Upon witnessing Mr. Ning's evident anxiety, Mo Xingzi could not refrain from uttering with a chuckle, "Mr. Ning, your steadfast prudence persists as always… Hahaha…"

With a hearty laughter, she extended her hand and retrieved the Snowfall Broom from the void.

However, in the moment of the Snowfall Broom's disappearance, a faint trace of silver remained in the void, as if it had discovered something.

Mo Xingzi remained oblivious and continued to wear a radiant smile. However, in a sudden outburst, Ning Po shouted, "Quickly, let's depart! They're coming!"

Ning Po firmly grasped the Nine Phoenix flag in his hand, completely disregarding the presence of Mo Xingzi and others. He immediately activated the emblem and swiftly vanished amidst the village, which was enveloped by a blanket of white snow.

Upon witnessing the abrupt vanishing of Ningpo in such an agitated state, both Xie Yunniang and the Red-blue Twin Devils were taken aback. However, unlike Ningpo, they were not well-versed in the art of employing the command flags, thus they could only grasp the flags in their hands and gaze towards Mo Xingzi.

The Red-blue Twin Devils urgently exclaimed, "Envoy!"

Mo Xingzi, unheeding the urging of the triumvirate of demons, unhesitatingly activated the ensigns held by each individual present.

In a flash of red light, the figures of four demons, as well as that of Sun Yan, vanished into the endless white snow.

A tremendous sensation of pulling and dragging instantly overwhelmed the crowd.

They seemed to have descended into a rapidly rotating and surging tunnel, shaking frantically in the void, as if even their souls were being torn into fragments.

In the midst of this dreadful evasion, Mo Xingzi, with great effort, cried out, "Do not despair, my companions! We have entered the realm of emptiness, and thus the formidable Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain shall not be able to pursue us!"

Until the moment of its disappearance, Mo Xingzi had not laid eyes upon the visage of the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain.

The only thing she saw were four swords carrying countless fierce and murderous sword energies sweeping across, as if they were apocalyptic, soaring into the village.

However, at that time, they had already departed.

The terrifying sword aura that swept across didn't harm any single demonic cultivator. However, the chilling and frightening sword intent still sent shivers down Mo Xingzi's spine, making her realize that if she were a moment slower, she would probably not have been able to escape.

No wonder Ning Po, who has always been quiet and reticent, is acting so out of character today. The methods of the Wolf God of Hanyu Mountain are indeed something they cannot withstand…

Within the eerie and bizarre extradimensional space, five demonic creatures, along with the captive Sun Yan, were flying swiftly.

Beside them, there were rapidly receding scenes from the mortal realm. Everything in the mundane world cast intricate and vibrant reflections within this extradimensional space.

The heavens, the earth, mountains, rivers, vegetation, insects, and fish… Everything, without exception, was vividly dissected and presented before everyone's eyes. They could even discern the number of organs and cells inside a single fly with utmost clarity.

An unparalleled volume of information surged into the minds of everyone in an instant.

Sun Yan, whose cultivation was at its lowest, only managed to hold on for a dozen breaths before letting out a muffled groan and falling into unconsciousness.

The remaining few innate demon cultivators, although able to persevere, still wore expressions of anguish on their faces. Xie Yunniang couldn't help but shout, "What the hell is this place! The entire world's information is desperately drilling into my mind… My head is about to explode!"

Xie Yunniang, in great pain, yelled out. While Mo Xingzi was about to explain, a faint laughter suddenly sounded from behind the crowd.

"This is a higher-dimensional space, demons."

"In this realm, everything in the mortal world is akin to paintings on paper, allowing us to perceive them with exceptional clarity."

Amidst the terrified gazes of the wicked beings, a figure dressed in flowing white robes emerged from a distance behind them. Four majestic swords, emanating an aura of solemnity, encircled this figure.

And in comparison to the awe-inspiring sword intent emanating from these four battle swords, what truly alarmed the wicked beings was the identity of this gentleman in white attire…

"The Wolf God?!" exclaimed the Red Demon, his eyes bulging like explosive orbs, as he hysterically bellowed at the purple-robed demon beside him, "Didn't you bloody well say that He couldn't catch up?!"