At this moment, on the ruins of the castle.

Nick looked around. Other than Shadow Dragon and the ruins, the rest of the place was filled with piles of items.

That pile was the seeds of magical plants, that pile was ore, that pile was daily necessities, and that pile was furniture.

He was really well prepared!

The corners of Nick's eyes twitched as he watched. Suddenly, he felt a void fluctuation in front of him, and Eli jumped in directly.

"You've come back." Nick looked at Eli with a complicated expression. It was his miscalculation of the shadow Dragon's power that had led to the current situation.

At this moment, his figure was becoming more and more illusory. Due to the struggle between the shadow Dragon and the chains, Eli couldn't leave the secret realm anymore. At the same time, all contact between Eli and the outside world had been cut off, so there was no room for regret.

"Eli, I still have a few hours. If you have any questions, you can ask me." Nick said as he looked at Eli.

"Really?" Eli's eyes lit up.

Nick was speechless.

'You're clearly going to be trapped here until you die, so how can you still be so optimistic?'

"Of course." Nick nodded.

"Then I won't stand on ceremony!" Eli took a small bench from a distance, then took out a crystal ball and started recording.

"First question, what is the basic composition of elements? Why can spiritual energy attract the elements?"

"Also, I have some questions about meditation."

"Oh right, there's also this..."


Nick had thought that the last few hours of his life would be spent in peace, but in reality, it was a lecture he had to give Eli.

From basic knowledge to the multiverse.

In just a few hours, he had answered thousands of questions.

So, when it was about time, his heart was not heavy but relaxed.

He looked at Eli, who was still a few meters away, writing down more questions. He couldn't understand why he was still so optimistic and eager to learn in a story where the ending could be seen. Such an attitude was rare even among mages.

"Eli, you're a real mage." Nick's aura slowly dissipated as he spoke to Eli.

"Good, good, good!" Eli replied perfunctorily, still busy taking notes.

"Goodbye!" Nick saw this and smiled.

In the next second, his spirit collapsed and completely disappeared.

"Hey, what did you just say?" On the other side, Eli, who had been recording all this while, suddenly looked up and saw the collapsed Nick. He blinked his eyes. He seemed to have been a little too engrossed just now.

"You will die next!" The moment Nick died, the shadow Dragon Chris, who was not far away, opened his eyes and looked at Eli.

"Hmph!" Elie pouted, then supplemented the chain of energy rules with a bit of mana.

We'll see who is more patient!


The days in the secret realm were boring.

In the first month after entering the arcane realm, Eli tidied up the broken ground again and sorted out everything that was brought in by category.

He opened up new magic herb fields and farmlands, nurtured a magical beast breeding garden, rebuilt his laboratory, set up a home for himself, put his own flower pot in place, and re-planted the blood bamboo flowers.

Chris only watched all of this silently. Very soon, perhaps in less than a hundred years, he would be able to kill Eli. He had already spent thousands of years in prison, so what a few more hundred years were?


Half a year.

At this moment, Eli had already returned to his normal daily life, but he still had to use his materials sparingly. He couldn't be as generous as he used to be. After all, there were some things that would decrease with every use.

As for the tidal meditation technique, it was indeed worthy of being an intermediate meditation technique. It was much more effective than the basic meditation technique, and the speed of meditation was at least two to three times faster.

"That's amazing!" Eli shook his head. This was only one aspect. He had yet to start learning the knowledge that Nick had left behind, so he was not in a hurry.

"Eh, it seems like it's time to replenish the magic chains," As usual, Eli arrived at the place where Chris was trapped. At this moment, Chris was still silent.

He didn't even bother to greet Eli.

Eli couldn't be bothered with him. He just had to wait until Chris was dead anyway.

The bloodline and the secret realm would be his.

"I wonder what's the situation outside." Eli shook his head.


At this moment, in the outside world.

In the palace.

Anna held a document and sighed.

"Teacher, where are you?"

All of a sudden, it was as if her teacher had evaporated into thin air, and there was no longer any trace of him.

"Maybe I won't be able to live long enough for teacher to return," Anna recalled her life and realized that she was already 63 years old. She had been with her teacher for decades.

However, his teacher had left, but the Empire still had to continue.

She sighed and sent out another document.

'Cancel the Empire's ruins Department.'


"David, are we really leaving?"

Vivika looked at David and asked.

"yes, the Queen has already told me that teacher might be going to a very far place this time and will never come back." David sighed, his heart full of respect and nostalgia for his teacher.

On the other side, tears were already welling up in Vivika's eyes.

"Why did teacher leave without saying a word?" Said Vivika sadly. It was Eli who had pulled her out of the abyss, but now, this person had suddenly left.

"forget it. Let's leave the Empire and head east. Teacher said that there might be some secrets there. We might encounter other mages. Do you want to come with me? " David sighed and asked.

"Alright," Vivika said as she wiped her tears.

In year 404 of the bryne calendar, Vivika and David left Jun Lin and headed east. No one knew what kind of future they would have.

It was a pity that Rob had died inside the secret plane.


Bryne calendar year 416.

The entire Empire mourned the death of Queen Anna.

All the residents of Junlin came out of their homes, and the entire country mourned for the great queen. With her death, the Army of Demon Knights disappeared once again, and the method to create them disappeared completely.

That's right, back when Eli gave Anna the method, Anna had destroyed it.

On this day, Eli also took a day off.

There was no other way. The soul imprint of Anna in his consciousness was gone, so naturally, Eli could guess what had happened.

"Has it been twelve years?" In the magic herb field outside, a special rune flickered in Eli's hand, and a plant beside him slowly began to melt, its extraordinary characteristics being extracted bit by bit.

This was Nick's life extraction.

It could easily extract the source of matter, and it was immensely useful in alchemy.

"you're practicing those useless techniques again. It's been thirteen years. How long can you last? " Not far away, Chris sneered with his eyes wide open.

At this moment, his other eye had already recovered, and the other wounds were still recovering. At this moment, he would occasionally mock Eli.

"At least I'll live longer than you," Eli replied.

"Hahaha!" Chris smiled.

When Eli walked in, he looked like he was at least forty or fifty years old. Now, he was probably at least fifty or sixty years old. At most, in fifty years, he believed that Eli would die.


50 years later.

"You are actually still alive!" Chris looked at the white-haired Eli, a hint of impatience in his eyes.

"You don't have to worry about that." Eli cast him a glance.

For a full fifty years, the only creature Eli had communicated with was Chris. This was a good thing in a way. After all, loneliness was sometimes more terrifying than death.

At this moment, Eli ...

His elemental essence conversion had already reached the limit of 30 points, while his mental power had reached 45 points under the effects of the blood bamboo flower potion. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of elemental essence conversion, his mental power could no longer be increased.

That was why, other than doing a little meditation every day, the rest of his time was spent on research. He had even started on studying how to use Chris' bloodline after the dragon died.

He had also made some small gains from studying the deeper aspects of the blood bamboo flower.

He found the blood bamboo flower to be something very interesting.

Eli had renamed it the devouring power.

As for that seed, Eli was truly speechless. Ever since he came to this secret realm, the seed had only grown by a dozen centimeters. Right now, it was just a small sapling, but its aura was indeed extraordinary. It was already a zero-circle advanced plant.


Another thirty years passed.

Eli sighed. The research on the devouring plant was very unclear, and he needed a bigger laboratory. However, Eli was unable to do that at the moment.

In fact, this was very normal. The research was never a simple matter. It was normal not to succeed for decades, and Eli would not be discouraged.

"You're not dead yet!" The same words entered Eli's ears, and he turned to look.

Chris was trapped there. All the injuries on his body had already recovered, but he was in a bad mood because Eli wasn't dead yet.

Thirty years ago, Eli already had a white-haired appearance. Thirty years had passed, and there was actually not a single change. He was still the same as before.

"But you look like you're about to die!" Upon hearing this, Eli said to Chris.

"Hah, you'll definitely die before me." Chris snorted disdainfully, but his dragon eyes were filled with confusion.

That shouldn't be the case!

How could a first circle mage live for so long? he would not have cared if it was in the past, but he knew that mages would die faster in this realm.

"Forget it. Let's just wait."

"Do you really think you're going to outlive me?" Chris said in disdain.


Another fifty years.

At this point, Eli had already completely memorized the knowledge of the first circle by heart. He had completely digested all the knowledge left behind by Nick and Saleen metatrin. Even a second circle mage would not be able to have a deeper understanding of the first circle mage than him.

"When is this old dragon going to die?" Eli walked to the laboratory window and looked out.

Normally, he should be able to see a large number of energy grid line chains in the sky.

But today, there was nothing in the sky.

Eli was taken aback, as though he understood what had happened.