Chris was dead.

Its corpse lay on the ground, its black scales absorbing the light. Its eyes were closed, and its huge body was like a small mountain.

Looking at Chris's body, Eli was silent.

One hundred and forty-two years.

He had finally outlived the shadow Dragon.

He had once thought that the shadow Dragon would go crazy when it died. It might even gather all its power to attack the chains of laws. But when it died, Eli didn't even notice it and just died silently.

"A four-circle Shadow Dragon has a much longer life than an ordinary Mage, but it still died!" Eli sighed, then silently returned to the laboratory.

Since the mystic Dragon was dead, the materials should not be wasted.

Let's dissect it while it's hot.

Nick had said that the shadow Dragon was the most powerful supernatural creature with the strongest concealment ability. It was a good time to give him the faceless mask and upgrade his wizard robe.

And Eli would use the dragon's bloodline as well.

It would probably take some time.

"I wanted to go out immediately, but I'd better make the necessary preparations." Eli shook his head. He had already waited for over a hundred years. Would he still care about two to three years?

Time was with him.

He was not in a hurry either. At this time, there were only two mental imprints in his mind-David and Vivika's. The others had disappeared as well. It seemed that the two of them had their own encounters, but he did not know what had happened.


In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

In the laboratory.

It was rare for Eli to take off his mask. Eli had been wearing the mask for almost his entire life, but it was still a zero-circle item. It looked ordinary, just like him.

At this moment, other than the mask, the dragon's heart was on the table in the laboratory.

The huge heart was the size of two basketballs. It was purplish-black in color, and there were black blood vessels all over it. A large amount of mysterious power, or rather, shadow power, was entwined around it.

This was the thing with the strongest extraordinary power.

The power contained within it was enough to shock even Eli, but it was indeed very suitable for the mask.

The invisible hand of control slowly lifted the heart into the air.

In the next second, Eli picked up the experimental knife with his right hand and stabbed it in.

In an instant, the Purple Heart seemed to explode, and a wave of spiritual force swept through the surroundings. Eli took a deep breath, and the spiritual shield in his mind protected his consciousness. The laboratory's defensive spell formation had already been activated.

Even if it was just a heart, it was not easy to deal with.

The casting lasted for a full three minutes. When it was over, Eli extended his left hand, and a dense group of elements slowly appeared, surrounding the heart. A translucent shadow was slowly pulled out.

This was what Eli needed, the extraordinary nature of the shadow Dragon, concealment.

Without any hesitation, he immediately started working and directly integrated this into the mask.

The process wasn't difficult. Three hours later, Eli looked at the mask and smiled.

The mask didn't seem to have changed much, but its level had increased by an unknown amount. Even Eli didn't know what level the item was at.

A Shadow Dragon was the King of Shadows, transformation, and concealment. Moreover, Chris was a four-circle Shadow Dragon.

This made the quality of the mask jump, who knew how many levels? Even a celestial wouldn't see through its concealment. It would be very useful in this world.

Eli put the mask on his face, and his aura dropped rapidly, directly to the level of an apprentice.

"Not bad!" A smile appeared on Eli's face.

Now that the matter of the mask had been resolved, it was time for the rest.

Looking at the huge bucket filled with Shadow Dragon blood not far away, Eli had already considered how he should use it.

"Oh, there's also the shadow Dragon bloodline!" A four-ring bloodline was a very powerful existence, even among warlocks.

Not to mention the shadow Dragon's ability to hide and control shadows. Even if it didn't have an innate spell, it was destined to have a very powerful bloodline, especially in this broken world where high-level Magi and warlocks had already left.

What would Eli do with the blood?

A magic blood potion, a blood-dissolving potion, and a bloodline.

It wasn't easy for Eli to find it in the laboratory. He had made it fifty years ago and in front of the shadow Dragon Chris. The scene back then was very interesting.

That was probably the day Chris scolded Eli the most.

As bloodline had always been the direction of Eli's research, he knew exactly what to do.

Five days later.

The merging of the bloodline began.

With the injection of two bottles of medicine and blood, it was as if something was erupting in Eli's body. A large shadow surged out of his body and wrapped around him like a heart.

Eli fell into a deep sleep, accepting everything from this bloodline.

For a moment, the entire realm fell into silence again.


A year later.

Outside Junlin city.

The space suddenly fluctuated, and a young man suddenly walked out from it.

He had a handsome face and black hair. He wore a black-gold ring and a purple ring on his right hand. He wore a gray robe, and his boots seemed to be made of animal skin.

The moment he appeared, he looked up at the sky and took a few deep breaths of fresh air.

"I'm finally out!" Eli looked at the unfamiliar mountain forest in front of him and was in a good mood.

After fusing with the bloodline in the secret realm, Eli had also trained for a few months to fuse the mystic Dragon's skin into his Wizard tool, allowing his wizard robe and boots to reach the level of One circle.

Only after everything was prepared did Eli choose to come out.

However, the place he had come out of did not seem to be the same place as before. Instead, it was a place outside Jun Lin city.

"Let's go back to Junlin to take a look." Eli took a deep breath, then walked to the main road, called for a carriage, and got in after paying the price of a few copper Tarls.

Sitting by the window of the carriage, Eli looked at the scenery on both sides, and his mood was indescribably good.

At the same time, he also felt the soul brand in his mind, which had been silent for a long time, move.

The imprint that had once been unable to transmit information due to spatial reasons instantly gushed toward Eli.

Not David's, but Vivika's.

"Teacher, David and I have left Jun Lin. We're heading east and have decided to go to the real mage's world.

"Oh, we've been to many cities and passed by many countries, but we haven't found anything. But recently, we seem to have some clues. It seems that the mage's camp is further east.

"Teacher, we found it. We've finally found a Warlock's camp at the end of the Corinna Kingdom. It's very difficult to find, and it's just near the zither Moon Mountain range. We've decided to go together.

"yes, this is a scattered Warlock camp. David and I have decided to stay here for a while to adapt.

"It's great here, but unfortunately, the teacher isn't here. It's just David and me, and David seems to have made new friends and often goes out. I'm a little scared.

"ah, David took me to see his friend. He's actually a mage. You know, mages are strictly forbidden here, and David said he wants to be a mage. I don't think it's a good idea.

"David left. He left with that mage. I don't know where he went.

"sigh, maybe this is life. I can't stop him, and I won't report him. It's a pity that our teacher isn't here. Otherwise, he would definitely be able to stop him. After all, David listens to Teacher.

"Oh my God, I actually found the remains of a third-circle wind elemental magic beast by chance. This is a great thing for me. I need to merge with this blood.

"I'll join the bloodline tower. It's time for me to leave."

"Sigh, Teacher hasn't replied yet. It looks like he's really dead. I'm so sad."


Vivika seemed to have used the mark as a diary, reporting to Eli from time to time.

And it seemed that the two of them had a disagreement. David had left, but Vivika was lucky enough to integrate a good bloodline and advance to a Warlock.

After that, she seemed to realize that her teacher might really be dead, so she didn't use the mark anymore.

Looking at the messages, Eli was overwhelmed with emotions.

From Vivika's information, Eli also learned more about the Warlock's camp. The only pity was that there were still many things he didn't know.

So, it was time for him to think about what he should do next.

Should he stay here or head there?

Actually, there was nothing much to say. If he stayed here, Eli's strength could no longer be improved. He should go to the warlock's camp and take a look.

Plus, Eli wanted to continue his research, and Jun Lin had nothing left for him.

The inheritance left behind by the Magi was still waiting for Eli to take over. He would use the things left behind by the mages to strengthen himself.

So what if he was an immortal garbage collector?

What did he do wrong? he only wanted to strengthen himself to protect his immortality.

On the other side.

The carriage had also arrived at Junlin.

After walking around, Eli realized that there was almost no place he was familiar with, and the current king was the descendant of Bryne the tenth. He sighed.

They arrived at the Empire's imperial mausoleum, Anna's grave.

Looking at the tombstone, Eli was silent for a long time.

He placed the bouquet of fresh flowers he had just bought in front of the tomb and turned to leave.

This was a farewell.

After saying goodbye, Eli left Jun Lin.

In an instant, he turned into a shadow and set off into the distance.

He headed east.