At the Warlock's camp.

Eli looked at the area in front of him.

The fog had disappeared, and the real camp was inside.

It was different from the run-down campsite that Eli had imagined. What came into view was a very large area. Not far away was a large group of buildings of different heights. Occasionally, there would be one or two tall towers among them.

Outside the buildings was a large magic herb field. There were many Knights and Grand Knight slaves working here. It was a bustling scene.

"Don't be dazed. Go in and take a look." Looking at the unfamiliar expression on Eli's face, Rock patted his shoulder and said with a smile.

"Alright, alright," It was also Eli's first time seeing this, so he was very curious. He walked in with Rock.

Walking down the middle of the road, there were magic herb fields on both sides.

"most of the plants here are silent crescent moons, a rare magic plant." Rock explained to him.

"Silent Crescent?"

Eli had rarely heard of this magic plant. It couldn't be helped, mainly because Orthodox mages would rarely use it. If he was not wrong, it should have a calming effect, and he guessed that it should be used by warlocks.

Walking beside Rock, Eli didn't say a word and just kept observing.

There weren't many people on the road, but most of them were apprentices of the first or second level. Occasionally, there were a few Level 3 apprentices, but there weren't many of them. After all, not everyone was a genius like Rock.

Eli didn't see any warlocks.

After walking for a while, he finally saw one.

The warlock seemed to have fused with some unknown bloodline. His entire body exuded a cold aura, and even his eyes were vertical pupils. There were even some scales on his right hand. He walked straight in from the entrance not far away.

Two acolytes were sitting there.

"Stop!" Just as the two of them walked to the entrance, two apprentices called out to them.

"One low-grade magic stone to enter the camp."

Magic stones!

Eli had some. Previously, in the ruins of the ancient ruins, Eli had also found some magic stones. There were about 30 of them. He didn't know how much they were worth, but seeing that it only took one magic stone to enter the camp, it didn't seem to be worth much.

"Brother Herman, do you have magic stones? If not, I'll pay for you." Beside him, rock said generously.

"No need," Eli reached into his pocket and took out a magic stone from the secret plane.

"Alright, tell us your name and level. We need to hand in a record." After receiving the magic stones, the two acolytes prepared to register.

"Herman, a level 3 acolyte."

"yes, this is your identity card. For a month, you can enter and leave the camp freely. After that, you will have to pay again. One magic stone a month." The apprentice handed over a metal plate, which was emitting a strange aura.

One magic stone per month?

It was very expensive!

As soon as he arrived in the magic world, he had a vague feeling that he might fall into poverty again.

After Eli was done, rock registered as usual, and the two of them walked in.

"Herman, you can go on your own. I might have to go to their gathering place. Let's meet again if fate allows." Rock bade farewell as he passed through the door.

"Goodbye." Eli nodded.

The two separated.


He entered the camp.

Everything was new to Eli.

Eli followed the main road and strolled around. Occasionally, he would see potions shops and alchemy shops by the side of the road. He would go in and take a look. This also made Eli deeply understand how poor he was. Of course, he also made some other discoveries.

In the magic potion shop.

"This bottle of blood-refining potion costs five magic crystals?" Eli's eyes widened as he looked at the potion in front of him.

A regular reagent bottle contained a blood-colored magic potion. This was a potion that could strengthen one's physical strength during one's apprenticeship. Eli had even concocted it before, but the cost was less than one magic stone. They were actually selling five here? This was too much.

"Is it expensive? You can go to other places to take a look. We're already considered cheap." The apprentice who was selling the goods could not stand Eli's slander, "Go and take a look. There aren't many pharmacists in the entire camp. How many warlocks can refine magic potions? This place provides high-quality products from the manager's hands. Five magic stones are already very cheap,"

The apprentice tried to use logic to tell Eli that they were a store with a good heart.

"Really?" Eli blinked.

It seemed that he had misunderstood something.

Warlocks had abandoned a considerable part of their knowledge. Potions were a huge problem for warlocks who had different power of the will and affinity with elements.

In fact, this was also one of the disadvantages of warlocks.

"What about the magic blood potion?" With this question in mind, Eli asked potions again.

"30 magic crystals!"

The cost was five to six magic stones, but it was sold for 30 magic stones.

This time, Eli didn't say anything and turned to leave.

For a moment, he was still a little confused about the Warlock's world.

"What a pauper." The apprentice looked at Eli's back as he left, treating him like a country bumpkin.

At the alchemy shop.

"This Warlock leather armor is definitely worth it. It only costs 30 low-grade magic stones. This one also only costs 50 magic stones for the Warhammer. Or this staff, 20 magic stones."

As expected, the prices of Alchemy products were about the same.

It seemed that due to their pursuit of bloodlines, most warlocks would not spend time learning potions, alchemy, and so on, which made the price of such items ridiculously high.

"This is a way to make money." Eli thought for a moment. He still had thirty-three low-grade magic stones. If he didn't make some money later, it would be hard for him to survive here.

It was hard to survive in poverty here. Especially when Eli went into a restaurant today, he realized he had to pay with magic stones. Eli had to swallow his saliva and turned to leave.

He had no choice. He was still too poor.

"Do I have to rely on my personal potions to survive?"

Eli pondered, but he quickly rejected the idea.

He wasn't clear about the situation here at the moment, and doing something rashly might attract the attention of some people. It was better for him to stay here for a while and then think about other things.

'Steady, don't be reckless.'

So, Eli had to rent a house first. After all, he couldn't possibly stay in the arcane realm forever.

The campsite was huge, like a small town. Asking for directions along the way and passing through the complicated roads, Eli quickly found the place he needed.

"I want to rent an apartment!"

At the place in charge of the camp, Eli explained his purpose for coming.

The one in charge today was a little girl with big eyes, a Level 1 Apprentice.

"Do you have any requests?" The little girl asked.

"it can be quieter, more remote, and cheaper. Also, if possible, don't charge too much." He had especially emphasized the last two words.

"Okay. Claus, take him to room 536,789,213." When the girl heard the request, she immediately called for someone. A Grand Knight quickly walked out.

"Lord Warlock, let me show you the house." Claus was a middle-aged man, and he said with a fawning expression.

"Alright," Eli nodded.

Ever since he came here, Eli realized that even if Grand Knights didn't have any status, they were treated lower than dogs.

Soon, the man showed him around the three houses. Eli hesitated for a moment before choosing one of them.

It was a house on the mountainside of a small hill outside the camp. It was not small and was very remote. The only problem was that it was a few kilometers away from the camp.

Of course, it wasn't that Eli didn't want to live in the campsite or somewhere higher, but he couldn't afford it. The first two were at the campsite. One cost ten magic stones a month, while the other cost five magic stones, but the area was only a dozen square meters.

He chose the one outside the camp, which only cost twenty magic stones a year, and it was still quite expensive.

Actually, Eli had the intention of building his own house, but the campsite did not allow it, so he could only rent a cheap one. He had to walk to the campsite.

After getting the key to the house, Eli spent another ten magic stones to pay for another year of camp expenses, which was two magic stones for a full year.

Just like that, Eli barely made a home there.

With the key in hand, Eli headed towards his residence.

About ten minutes later, Eli arrived at his destination.

It was a building located halfway up the mountain.

The building was not big, but there was a fence that blocked the view inside. To Eli's surprise, the houses here seemed to be equipped with a defensive spell formation. Although it was average, it was not bad.

"Hey, are you a new warlock?" Just as Eli was about to go in, the door to another house opened, and an old man walked out.

The old man was wearing a simple robe and had the aura of a level 3 acolyte.

"Hello, I'm Herman." Eli nodded.

"I'm Victor, a level 3 apprentice. I've been living here for more than 20 years. If you have any questions, you can come and ask me." Victor looked very enthusiastic and said with a smile.

"Yes, yes." Eli nodded.

"Don't be embarrassed. After all, I'm much older than you. Everyone around me knows me. I won't harm anyone." Victor said with a smile.

Eli's eyes twitched.

As he had been trapped for 130 years, he was actually 271 years old already.

Eli smiled silently, then said, "Then I won't stand on ceremony. I'll come to you with questions later."

"Good, good, good!" Victor rarely met such a friendly neighbor. He smiled. He was already very old and didn't pursue power. He just lived a leisurely life every day.

After exchanging a few more pleasantries with Victor, Eli walked into the house.

After checking that there were no detection methods here, Eli began to take some things out of the arcane realm. By the time he was done packing, it was already midnight.

Standing in the yard, Eli felt the elements around him.

It was three to four times the size of Jun Lin, and he also smiled.

He had finally arrived in the world of mages and warlocks.

Once he was familiar with the camp, it would be time for him to step into the mage world. He would also have to search for the mage's legacy and other things.

"Oh, and Vivika. I wonder how she's doing."

Eli sensed Vivika and David's state and was stunned.

They were both One Circle, and they seemed to have surpassed Eli.

It seemed that these two students were doing quite well!

He wondered where the two of them were.

Shaking his head, Eli returned to the house.

He wouldn't contact the two of them for the time being. It was better to wait for him to settle down before pursuing other things.