A year later.

In Victor's yard.

There was a stone table in the middle, and on the stone table were all kinds of fruits and food. On both sides were two reclining chairs, on which Eli and Victor lay, basking in the sun with a satisfied look.

"Herman, I didn't expect you to be such a good match with this old man." Victor picked up a bunch of grapes, eating as he chatted with Eli.

After a year, the two of them had become very familiar with each other.

What Viktor did not expect was that even though his pace of life was slow enough, he did not expect that Eli would be even slower, completely unlike a normal level 3 apprentice.

When everyone was busy studying, he was strolling around. When everyone was busy meditating, he was doing experiments. When everyone was busy discovering the bloodline, Eli was lying down and talking to him.

Sometimes, he even felt that Eli was older than him.

"Yeah, shouldn't we be considered friends despite our age?" Eli laughed heartily.

"Indeed," Victor revealed a smile.

"But, you can't do this forever. After all, you can't just sit around and do nothing. For one, you have to pay rent, right?" Victor was worried for Eli.

"It's okay. I've been looking for work recently." Eli also took a sip of wine. It had to be said that the wine in the mage world was of higher quality, and it was better to drink.

This year, he had gained a deeper understanding of the Warlock world and the camp.

First of all, the person in charge of this camp should be a shadow lizard Warlock who had just advanced to the second circle. There were also some first-circle warlocks here, but not many.

It was not that the camp was weak but that he was currently on the East Coast. Even in the Mage world, it did not seem to be a prosperous place.

The camp's strength was already considered very good.

Of course, this had nothing to do with Eli. The main thing was that he found that there were still many things left behind by mages in the camp, like some books. Before the mages left, this place used to be a more prosperous area on the East Coast. It was a good choice for Eli to stay here and develop.

That's right, Eli had already decided to live here for a long time.

As for Rock, he had already left this place and successfully joined the shadow lizard Academy. He even invited Eli for the second time, but he was rejected by Eli.

So, the biggest problem for him right now was still money. With magic stones, he could buy the stuff that he needed. Eli had an idea of how to gain money.

That was to join the camp's potion Department and work to earn money.

As for why he didn't make his own potions to earn money, there was naturally a reason.

After a year of understanding, Eli knew that there were almost no private places that sold potions here. They basically bought them from the officials. This was an important way for the camp to accumulate wealth, so they naturally wouldn't allow people to sell the potion on the side.

It was a good opportunity for him to join an official organization, which would make it easier for him to find some things.

"Well, then I'll go first. The camp's potion Department is recruiting today. I'll go take a look." Seeing that it was about time, Eli bade Victor farewell.

"Goodbye." Victor raised his glass and watched Eli leave.


After leaving Victor's house, Eli went straight to the camp.

After showing his token at the entrance, Eli walked to the camp office like he always did.

"Alice, I heard that the magic potion Department is recruiting in the camp these days." Said Eli as he leaned against the counter. The girl from a year ago was on the counter.

"Hmph, Herman, do you still want to make potions?" Alice laughed out loud. It was not malicious, but she was just joking. The two knew each other.

"Don't look down on me. My potions are very good." Eli shook her head and sighed.

"Don't joke around. This time, the potions department only wants one person. The competition will be very intense. I've never heard of you making potions before." Alice looked at Eli and smiled.

Potioneering was not a simple subject. It required hundreds or thousands of practices to be completed. Not only were ordinary apprentices unable to support it, but the related knowledge was also difficult to obtain, especially in the current mage world.

"Then you can just look at the notice when the time comes. Just tell me the place and time." Eli said with a smile.

"Alright, the testing ground is on the west side of the camp, next to the potion Department," Alice said after casting a glance at Eli.

"Alright, I'll treat you to something after this." After knowing the location, Elie turned around and left.

"What a joker." Alice looked at his back and snorted.


After passing through a few roads, Eli arrived at the place that Alice had mentioned.

At this time, the recruitment was in a huge tent. The tent was very empty. Other than a fat man sitting in the front, there was a screen behind him. Although he could not see it, Eli could sense that there was another person behind him.

The fat man should be the person in charge. He seemed to be in his fifties or sixties and was a level 3 apprentice.

"Hello, I heard that your potions department needs people." Eli walked over and asked.

"Indeed. Are you interested?" Fatty cast a glance at Eli, who looked to be in his thirties or forties.

"yes, my potion concoction technique is not bad." Eli nodded.

"Okay. Then come at 3 p.m. tomorrow. We'll choose one person." Fatty cast a glance at Eli and said.

"Alright," Eli nodded, turned around, and left.

He had already achieved his goal, so there was no need to waste his breath.

However, just as he walked out of the door, with the shadow dragon's powerful hearing, he seemed to hear something wrong.

Eli furrowed his brows.

He walked a little toward the back of the tent, and the sound became clearer.


Inside the tent.

An old man walked out from behind the screen and looked at fatty with a fawning expression. Then, he took out a bag from behind him and handed it over.

"my Lord, here are 30 magic stones. I heard that you will be the examiner tomorrow. I hope you can help me."

"I'm sorry, but I'm a very upright person." The fat man glanced at the magic stone and shook his head.

Seeing this, the old man cursed in his heart, but he still took out another bag and said, " there are 20 magic stones in here, 50 magic stones in total. These are for you to buy some tea, my Lord."

This time, the fatty didn't refuse. He held the magic stone in his arms and said slowly, "Do you even need help? You're pretty good. As long as there's no accident, you'll be chosen."

The old man smiled when he heard this.

Although his potioneering skills were average, he would still pass because of this.

"Thank you, my Lord." The old man quickly thanked him. "Then I'll take my leave first!"

Looking at the magic stone in Fatty's arms, the old man's eyes twitched. He walked out of the tent and left in one direction.

And after he left, Eli also stepped out from the shadow beside the tent.

He looked at the old man's back and sighed.

"How can you do this?"

Eli shook his head. What happened to the fair and just environment?

He didn't want to do anything at first, but at this point, he had no choice.

He only had two choices. One was to interfere with the old man tomorrow, and two was to deal with him immediately.

What else could he do?

How should he put it? It was rare for the demon potion Department to be short of people. At the very least, this was the only time that Eli had heard of this since he had been here. It was truly a good opportunity.

Joining the potions Department meant that one would be able to slowly climb up the ranks. Back in the bryne Empire, Eli had already understood a principle, and that was that the higher one's position was, the easier it would be for one to do many things.

For example, ever since Eli took control of Anna, everything about Bryne could be easily obtained. Although this was a Warlock's camp, the principle still worked.

Raising his head to look at the moon that was gradually rising, Eli sensed the direction the old man was heading towards and walked over.


The next afternoon.

Eli came to the tent according to the time. There were about twenty people there by now, and most of them did not look very young, at least fifty or sixty years old. There were also very few young ones, only seven or eight.

The age of Eli's current identity should be below average. It seemed like the pharmacists here were generally older!

As the crowd gathered, the fatty from yesterday also walked out.

He stood at the very front, then looked around.

"Eh?" Fatty blinked his eyes. 'Where did the old man from yesterday go?'

In fact, he knew the old man. Although he was not young, his skills in making potions were not weak. Otherwise, he would not have agreed. After all, not just any trash could enter the potion Department.

However, that old man didn't come today. Was he late?

"Everyone, please wait a moment." The fat man said.

Time passed by slowly, and in the blink of an eye, half an hour had passed.

"What's going on? Why hasn't it started yet?"

"That's right. What's the point of making us wait here at the agreed time!"

"That's right, that's right!"

The others started to complain.

Fatty also frowned and was a little angry. He immediately made a decision. It was fine if he didn't come. He couldn't be blamed for this.

"Everyone, follow me." The fat man waved his hand and walked into the building next to him. Everyone followed him, and Eli was among them.

Next up was the real written test.

He hoped that no one would cheat in front of him, or else he wouldn't mind doing something to make sure that the test was fair.


Just as they were heading to the testing area.

At the same time.

On a big tree in a remote mountain more than ten kilometers away from the camp.

An old man slowly opened his eyes.

He felt dizzy, and then his whole body seemed to be tortured. When he came to his senses, he looked around and found himself.

An unfamiliar environment, an unfamiliar forest, and an unfamiliar rope.

He was tied to a tree.

"Who did this!!!" The old man shouted. Then, he suddenly remembered something and was stunned. A few seconds later, a loud scream came from the quiet forest, accompanied by a few birds flying away.

"My test!!!"

"Who did this?!"