Just as the old man was trying to struggle.

On the other side, Eli and the others had already arrived at the building next to the tent and were led to a room on the second floor. The decorations weren't considered luxurious, but the space was huge. At this moment, there were nearly thirty tables placed inside, with some materials on them.

"Are we making potions?" In the crowd, Eli saw this scene and knew what to do.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Rooney Farhad, the person in charge of the potions department's recruitment this time. There are two stages in this competition. One is to test everyone's understanding of potions, and the other is to fight." Fatty turned around and said.

The members of the potions Department naturally couldn't be unfamiliar with the potions' ingredients and some other things. So the first step was actually to filter out the slackers, and the second step was to select suitable apprentices.

"Okay, find a seat first," Rooney said.

Everyone immediately went forward to pick a suitable seat, and Eli picked one at random.

Everyone sat down, and soon, a few more people came in to help invigilate.

The test soon began.

When Eli and the others received the test papers, he took a look and realized that it was really very simple. He had spent more than two hundred years concocting potions, and he had also obtained quite a lot of potion resources from Saleen metatrin and Nick. This step was not difficult for him.

On the other hand, the others all had bitter expressions. It was clearly very difficult.

Upon seeing this, Eli couldn't help but recall a scene from the library back then.

It was really interesting.

Eli began answering the questions at a moderate pace, and he would deliberately make some mistakes.

"This should be enough." Eli didn't know this group of people at all, and he wasn't too sure about their standards.

While Eli was answering the questions, some people had already been eliminated.

"Are you actually using mental power to try to cheat? Do you look down on me that much?"

"the magic tool mirror is really a good cheating tool but too bad for you. Get out."

"Hey, hey, hey, please don't imitate other people's movements. I really look down on you guys with this level of skill."

Rooney cursed as he walked. In the blink of an eye, he had thrown out three or four warlocks.

On the other hand, Eli calmly wrote a little, ensuring that he was about 70% right, which should be enough.

Time passed quickly. Rooney took everyone's papers. There were 27 people in total. Four had left, leaving 23. Soon, the marking was over.

But when Rooney announced the result, and when Eli knew he was second, he raised an eyebrow.

'I have no idea the standard here is so low.'

It seemed that he had underestimated the Warlock's pursuit of knowledge. These warlocks were far inferior to the mages.

Eli was second, and the first was an old man who looked to be at least 50 to 60 years old. He had a big beard, and his right arm had obvious signs of flesh modification, covered in fine hair.

The old man only glanced at Eli confidently without any provocation.

They weren't young people anymore.

"Okay, then, let's start brewing the potions. This time, we'll be preparing the more common silent Crescent potion, the zero circle potion. It can relieve the effects of warlocks' bloodlines." Rooney said.

Although many Magi would only integrate their bloodline after reaching the first circle, those who had no hope of advancing would do so as soon as they become acolytes. In this case, they would be more affected by their infused, such as being easily angered.

Potions like the silent Crescent were potions that could save one's life at critical moments. They were very practical and were the most widely sold potions by the potion Department.

"the first step is to filter out some people. This is the real selection stage. After all, we don't need theoretical scientists but real pharmacists. Whoever's medicine is the most effective can join the Department." Rooney looked at the crowd and said.

Soon, the materials were sent to their table. Eli looked at the materials in front of him and fell into deep thought.

He had never concocted this medicine before.

But it wasn't a big problem. After all, it was just a zero-circle potion. If he couldn't even concoct this, then he would be too useless.

Sometimes, it was no big deal to be in the limelight.

Eli began to process the materials.

Not far away, Rooney was scanning everyone, and there were others beside him.

"The quality of this batch is not bad. Unfortunately, we only need one person. Rooney, who do you like?" A man beside Rooney asked.

"I think Molin should be good. His right arm has been modified, and he is very sensitive to mental power control. If there are no accidents, it should be him." Rooney looked at the old man in the middle, who had been first in the previous round.

"Indeed, his pharmaceutical skills are very good. Even the apprentices in the magic potion Department are not as good as him." The man nodded in agreement.

At this moment, Molin had already finished processing the materials, while the others were only halfway through.

To Rooney's surprise, the second-place warlock from the previous round had not even finished one-third of the process. It was obvious that he was not familiar with it. Seeing this, Rooney shook his head and no longer paid attention to Eli.

One look and he could tell that Eli was a theoretical person.

As time passed, everyone's ingredients were processed, and they began to prepare the potion. Soon, some people began to fail.

In a corner.

A man with a serious expression poured the ingredients in the reagent bottle into the rumbling potion beside him.

It seemed that the man did not control his strength well, and he accidentally poured out half of the reagent bottle.

"Not good!" Seeing this, the man's eyes widened. He turned around and jumped away.


In the next second, the crucible exploded, and broken fragments flew in all directions. A man who had been refining was caught off guard by the flying fragments and failed instantly.

"Damn it!" The man cursed.

This wave directly caused many people to fail.

At this moment, Eli was also starting to brew. Sensing the flying shards, he brewed the potion while a shield slowly appeared on the other side, blocking the shards.

As for the old man further away, he just glanced at the flying shards and directly blocked them with his body.

"Doing two things at once. Not bad!" In the distance, Rooney looked at Eli's actions and was a little surprised.

Concocting magic potions while using spells, this level of mental strength control was very rare for an apprentice. He might have been wrong about Eli.

Soon, the man who had caused the explosion was taken out of the arena. The others who had failed were also taken away. They all looked at the man angrily because everyone only had one chance.

What happened next was very normal. The rest of the people continued to concoct the potion.

Ten minutes later, the old man's potion was successfully concocted. He held the potion in his right hand and had a proud expression on his face. He looked as if he had won.

He was very confident. He had refined this magic medicine dozens of times, so there was absolutely no problem.

Following the old man's success, the others also succeeded and failed one after another. Those who succeeded waited anxiously, and those who failed left in sadness. Eli also successfully completed the configuration.

Ten minutes later, there were only seven or eight people left in the field.

"Everyone, take out your magic potions. I'll test their level." Rooney looked at the crowd and said.

Naturally, there was a standard for potions. According to their characteristics and effects, they were divided into five levels, with level five being the lowest and level one being the highest.

Soon, a man took the lead and handed over the potion.

Rooney took a look and collected a small sample. He then took out an alchemy item and put it in to test the level of the potion.

Half a minute later.

"level two, normal." Rooney shook his head and said.

The man's entire body seemed to have collapsed in an instant. The second level was not good. It could only be said to be above the passing grade. The competition today was so intense that he was probably done for.


"I'll do it." This time, it was a brawny man with a big red beard. He held a magic potion in his hand and looked nervous.

"Level 1."

The cruel number made the brawny man's mouth twitch, and he turned to leave.

Soon, the others appeared one by one, but most of them were level one and level two. In the end, only Eli and the old man remained.

The old man did not even look at Eli and offered the potion to Rooney.

Very quickly, the results were out.

Level three close to level four!

Rooney announced after looking at the results. In fact, this was already the highest standard for an average Warlock. After all, they lacked the practice and their skills were not that good.

"There's still one more!" Rooney looked at Eli, who he was looking forward to.

Eli handed over the medicine, and Rooney placed it into the instrument.

The others were already preparing to leave while the old man confidently waited in place, ready to accept his win.

"I've finally succeeded after so much preparation."

The old man sighed. He had already tried three or four times, and this was the only time he had succeeded. There was only one more apprentice left, so he should be fine.

"fourth-level, no, fifth-level." Rooney's voice came.

"fourth-level? What? Fourth-level? " The old man was still mumbling at first, but in the next second, he was stunned on the spot and turned his head stiffly.

He saw that the standard level 4 alchemy device had already lit up, and the level 5 device was shining slightly.

The old man's eyes twitched. He wanted to curse but didn't know what to say.


Rooney also blinked his eyes. This level of skill was really not low.

Of course, there were many people who could make high-quality potions Department, but after all, they often made it, and practice made perfect. However, it was really rare for an unaffiliated apprentice to be able to make such high-quality potions.

However, if he could recruit such a person, Rooney would be very happy. There would be additional rewards.

Immediately, the way he looked at Eli was different. He showed a bright smile, which was in sharp contrast to his cold tone yesterday.

He walked over directly, looked at Eli, and said with a smile, "Congratulations,"

The old man's face darkened, and he closed his eyes.

It was so uncomfortable.