Eli was successfully employed by the potions Department.

On the way to the identity verification, fatty was very enthusiastic.

"My name is Rooney, or you can just call me Ron. We will be colleagues in the future." Rooney said enthusiastically.

"Can you tell me about the specific treatment of the demon potion Department?" Eli asked.

"of course, you don't have to work for a long time in the magic potion Department. You just have to complete a certain amount of work. Of course, if you want to get more magic stones, you can work overtime." Rooney replied with a smile.

"What about the work location?"

"At home or at the Department. It's all up to you." Rooney replied. "Our department's basic salary is 10 magic stones a month, no more and no less. If you work harder or have a higher success rate, you can even reach 20 or 30. My potioneering is average, so I only get around 15 magic stones a month."

Eli nodded.

"Oh, also, if you join our potions Department, you'll be able to see a portion of the potions knowledge left behind by the Magi of the past. Although you can't understand a lot of it, it'll still be of great help to us.

"What a pity, who would have thought that the once powerful Magi would be replaced by warlocks." Rooney sighed.

Eli's eyes lit up. As expected, there were more official resources. He had just joined a Department, and there were already such benefits. This made Eli feel pleasantly surprised.

He had received quite a few potioneering legacies, but not enough.

He didn't expect that after being here for only a year, he would have to start living as a garbage man.

All of a sudden, the benefits were secondary.

"Oh, there are also a lot of internal resources that can be bought with a 10% discount!" Rooney cast a glance at Eli and chuckled.

Eli had already confirmed that he didn't join the department in vain.

"Alright, we've arrived." Suddenly, Rooney stopped. In front of him was a three-story circular building like a Colosseum. It was neither big nor small.

"Let's go. This is our usual workplace." Rooney strode over and put his hand on Eli's shoulder.

A glint flashed in Eli's eyes, and his majestic spiritual energy instantly tensed up. Then, he realized that Rooney did not have any ill intentions, and was very weak. Only then did he relax.

If they were in any other place, it was possible that Eli would have killed Rooney in an instant.

"What's the matter?" Rooney still did not know that he had been on the verge of death.

"It's fine, it's fine," Eli shook his head and followed him in.

As soon as he entered, the overwhelming smell of ingredients instantly drowned him.

Within the three-story building, Eli stood at the bottommost level and looked around.

Other than the first floor, which seemed to be a lot of offices and a storage area for materials, the other two floors were rooms in circles, and the smell of potions was coming from them.


Suddenly, there was an explosion in one of the rooms. The door opened, and a pharmacist walked out with a disheveled look.

"that's the pharmacist from the Department. It looks like something happened." Rooney tilted his head and laughed.

"How many pharmacists are there currently?" Eli asked, puzzled.

"About 30 people. Many of them are at home." Rooney answered as he walked.

"We're here." Suddenly, the two of them came to a room, and Rooney stopped.

"Give me your identity card and register it. You will be a permanent resident of the camp and will be certified by the potion department!" Rooney stretched out his hand, and Eli handed over his identity card.

"So I don't need to pay a magic stone per month anymore? "

"Nonsense. The camp now pays you." Rooney laughed as he took the token and walked inside.

Soon, Rooney walked out again and handed the token to Eli. He took it and saw an image of a potion bottle on the token. It was the image of the potion Department.

Eli took the token and found that it had been branded with a small spell formation, which should be used to prove his identity.

"Alright. You'll have to slowly understand what else there is. Relax. Once you're in the Department, as long as you don't go overboard, they won't fire you. That's why the opportunity to join us is so precious."

"Yes, yes." Eli also understood the position of this Department.

Rooney then brought Eli to a few other places.

Where were the places to store materials, where were the places to store magical medicine knowledge, where were the Places to Work, and where were the places to rest...

Among them, when Eli saw the room with magical pharmaceutical knowledge, his eyes lit up, but he managed to hold it in. He would take a look at it in the future.

"Also, let's go see the Minister. She seems to be here today." Rooney seemed to have thought of something and said.

"Alright," Eli nodded. He hoped that the leader would not cause too much trouble.

The two of them came to the first floor again. In front of a large door, Rooney was the first to knock.

"Come in!"

Rooney opened the door and reminded Eli to go in with him.

He opened the door and saw a small room filled with the smell of magic plants. There was a large table and some common furniture. A woman was sitting behind the table.

The woman looked quite pretty. Her eyes were slightly red, and her hair was all white.

Rabbit ears?

That was Eli's first reaction, but the next second, he realized that the woman must be a first-circle sorcerer who had fused with an extraordinary rabbit.

"Chief evena, this is a newcomer. I've brought him to meet you."

"good day, Minister. I'm Herman." Eli said politely.

"Yes, you're quite good-looking." Evena glanced at Eli, then nodded.

Right now, Eli should be in his thirties, using his former appearance of a man in his thirties. He looked very mature and charming.

That's not right. Is that something a minister should say meeting her new worker for the first time?

"Ahem, I'm evena, the head of the camp's potions Department. I'm a Warlock with the bloodline of the Silvermoon rabbit." Evena seemed to realize that she had said something wrong and coughed. "relax, I'm a kind person. As long as you don't violate the camp's rules, you can do anything you want."

"Thank you, Minister." Eli nodded. It seemed that the Minister was quite easy to talk to, and his days would be a little easier.

"well, that's it then. I still have to go to the casi... I mean, work today. You can leave first." Evena said.

"Yes." Eli nodded. It seemed that Evena was rather interesting. It sounded like she was going to the casino.

If he didn't hear it wrong, the last thing he didn't say should be gambling.

After saying their goodbyes, Eli and Rooney left. After they left, the two of them headed outside.

"Oh, right. There's one thing you should never mention in front of the Minister." Rooney said as if he had remembered something.

Eli was speechless.

"Lose," Rooney came over and said mysteriously.


"You'll find out later." Rooney chuckled. "That's all for today. You can come here and work tomorrow. The materials are also given by the camp." At the door, Rooney bid farewell to Eli.

"Alright, thank you." thank you. Eli expressed his gratitude.

Along the way today, Rooney had helped him solve a lot of doubts.

"It's just a small problem!" Rooney said.


The induction ended.

The life of a worker began again.

Making potions might be troublesome for most apprentices, but for Eli, it was really nothing. After collecting the ingredients, Eli successfully completed his portion in two or three minutes. Then, Eli realized another benefit.

The Department had losses. After all, not all concoctions would succeed every time, but Eli's success rate was ridiculously high, so the saved materials all went into his pocket.

His peaceful life continued.

Every few days, Eli would go and collect the ingredients, then go to the place where the potion books were stored to take a look. He reaped a lot, but he didn't go overboard. He still read slowly, not wanting to be too conspicuous.

Regarding Rooney's advice, Eli also understood it later.

As it turned out, Minister evena loved to bet on magic stones, but she had almost never won, so this custom came into being.

This also showed how much of a loser and how much of a player evena was. However, it was true. Every day, Eli only saw evena rarely in the Department, but he occasionally saw her at the gambling place.

As for why you asked Eli why he went to those places, it was naturally for entertainment.

Don't think that warlocks don't have any entertainment. Not to mention gambling and normal entertainment, there are even places like Liuying Street. Some of the women there had even been integrated with bloodlines. Eli was amazed.

With this job, Eli finally settled down here.

He didn't know how long he would be staying here. Eli's thoughts were to push himself to the limit.

This was still the most suitable place for him at the moment.

With resources and the ability to gather knowledge, Eli could only say that it was great.

In the blink of an eye, a month had passed.

Eli stayed at home as usual.


"Is this the place?"

It was nighttime, and the bright moonlight shone down.

Not far from Eli's door, an old man was staring at Eli's house.

"Damn it. It must be him. He took my place. Damn it, 50 magic stones." The old man's face was filled with anger. He was the level 3 Warlock apprentice who was kidnapped by Eli that day.

50 magic stones were all he had, and he was hoping to earn them back. But now, his magic stones were gone.

This caused him to have a rather bad time these few days. Eventually, he found out Eli was the new recruit at the potion department.

Without money and with his old age, he really had no other way out.

"Level 3 acolyte. Hmph, I'm going to kill you." The old man was an acolyte at the peak of Level 3 and had no hope of advancing.

He looked at the wall, and then his figure gradually became invisible. He had fused with a chameleon bloodline, and gradually became the same color as the environment. Then, he walked toward Eli's house.

Losing everything had already driven him mad. He wanted to kill Eli.

"You're going to die!"

He sneered and climbed over the wall.