At this moment.

In the secret realm.

Eli's eyes were tightly shut as he carried out his daily meditation work. Beside him was a small sapling.

This was the sapling that had sprouted from the seed. It was currently about 1.5 meters tall. As it grew, it finally showed some changes.

The elemental concentration around the sapling was higher than the surroundings, about 1.2 times. Eli would often meditate beside it.

Three hours later, Eli ended his meditation.

"Sigh, it took me almost two hundred years to grow it to this height. Ridiculous." Looking at the tree, Eli shook his head.

He knew that the tree would grow slowly, but it didn't have to be this slow.

After watering the sapling with some nutrient fluids, Eli went to other parts of the arcane realm.

In the magic herb field.

A large field of magic herbs grew wantonly. These were all planted here by Eli before. Most of them were zero-circle materials, and some of them were first-circle magic plants that Eli replaced later.

It was a good thing that Eli had this secret garden. Otherwise, he might be suspected if he frequently bought materials in the Warlock camp.

This was also his main asset.

Of course, the most eye-catching thing here was the blood bamboo flower field in the East.

Compared to more than a hundred years ago, the current blood bamboo flower's area was even larger. There were hundreds of them, and four-fifths of them were zero-circle, while the rest were basically all one-circle, which were basically fed by Eli out of boredom when he was trapped.

Of course, these were not important. What was important was the tallest one in the center.

It was two meters tall, and it was much more ferocious than before. The flowers were dozens of centimeters in radius, like man-eating flowers, and their auras were the highest.

This was the first plant that had advanced to the first circle. After Eli's intensive cultivation, it had also reached the advanced level of the first circle. However, due to the limitations of Eli's own ability level, he was unable to advance the flower further.

But even so, the blood bamboo flowers it provided were enough for Eli to use.

Compared to the slow growth of the elemental conversion process, Eli's mental power was much faster.

It was a pity that the two restricted each other, and he could not improve too much.

"Let's take it slow." Eli shook his head.

He walked into the blood bamboo field, and all the blood bamboo flowers gave way to him. This was because they sensed a familiar aura from Eli. He ignored the others and walked directly to the side of the central blood bamboo flower.

The tall blood bamboo flower also extended its tentacles, trying to get close to Eli.

"F*ck!" Eli turned his hand around and slapped the tentacle back.

Then, he took the flower and turned to leave.

Blood bamboo flower: "...."

He brought the flower back to the laboratory. There was still a simple device in the laboratory.

A huge, transparent device that looked like a cultivation chamber was floating in the air. Complex spiritual runes were carved on both sides of the device. At this time, a withered blood bamboo flower was floating in the cultivation chamber.

It was a device made of the materials left behind by Nick to observe the blood bamboo flower.

Looking at the withered blood bamboo flower, Eli shook his head. She then opened the device, took it out, and put in a new one.

"Activate the device."

The runes on both sides began to light up, and in the next second, a thin element as thin as a hair shot directly towards the blood bamboo flower. The blood bamboo flower instantly began to shrink, and at the same time, a magical wave was quickly produced.

Eli quickly ran to the experiment table at the side to observe.

In the shattered blood bamboo flowers, a trace of Black Power flashed and disappeared. If one looked closely, one could see that it had absorbed the blood of the surrounding blood bamboo flowers in an instant.

This was the unique devouring power of the blood bamboo flower.

The power to devour blood, or rather, the power to devour life.

Unfortunately, this fluctuation only lasted for a second, and it spread out very slowly, making it impossible for Eli to observe it.

"The equipment is still too poor. I need more money to get something better." Eli shook his head.

To a certain extent, doing experiments was another way of burning money.

What was burned was money, and what was gained was experience and knowledge.

However, he did not succeed every time.

"I'll slowly save money or see if there are any other ways." Elie shook his head. Unlike his time in Brnye, he was currently too poor.

Magic stones were much harder to earn than Tarls.

After casually jotting down some data, Eli began his normal experiments and studies, constantly reviewing the potion knowledge he had learned recently. It was a pity that he could not see everything in the knowledge base, and his authority only allowed him to see a portion.

Just like that, an ordinary night passed in the experiment.

In fact, he only slept for about four hours a day, which was more than enough for a normal mage.


The next day, Eli walked out of the laboratory.

He stretched his body, then sensed that there was no one outside, so he directly left the secret realm.

He packed his things and walked out of the door.

"Eh?" As soon as he stepped out of the door, he saw a corpse lying under the brambles of the fence.

Thorn was from Bryne. Eli had cultivated the vines to the top of the zero-circle level. It was responsible for guarding the house for Eli along with the spell formation. And if Eli was not mistaken, the corpse was the old man he had kidnapped.

Needless to say, just by looking at the old man's appearance, he knew what had happened.

"How can you barge into someone else's room?!" Eli shook his head and then began to search the old man's belongings.

There were only five magic stones!

"Poor bastard!" After complaining, Eli left the house.

"Herman, are you going to the potions Department again?" Victor stood at the door of his house and greeted Eli.

"Yes." Eli nodded.

"let's have a drink tonight. I got some good wine this time. It's made from first-circle materials." Victor had always been enthusiastic.

"Sure." Eli didn't refuse.

Ten minutes later, Eli arrived at the potions Department.

Before he even entered, he could already hear a wave of wailing sounds coming from inside.

Did something happen?

Eli walked in and saw Minister Evena in the middle of the hall turn and walk into a room not far away. Many pharmacists were scattered in the hall.

"Rooney, what's going on?" Eli asked when he saw the familiar Rooney.

"Sigh, don't bring it up." Rooney saw it was Eli and shook his head. "our potions Department hasn't been doing well recently, especially the silent Crescent potion. Recently, the camp brought in a new potion from the outside, and its effect is 20% better and 10% cheaper.

"The department's main export to the camp is the silent Crescent potion, so our base salary has been reduced a lot." Rooney sighed.

"I see!" Eli felt a little numb. "Is there any solution now?"

"Of course not." Rooney cast a glance at Eli and said,

"however, the Department has issued a reward. If you can improve the potion or provide a new, cheaper, and more effective potion, you can not only become the Deputy Minister, but you can also get one-twentieth of the profits of the new potion for the next 30 years."

Deputy Minister?!

"There's a Deputy Minister in the Department?" Eli was puzzled. He had been here for more than a month, but he had never heard of any Deputy Minister.

"there should have been one, but department head Evena has been here for five or six years, and she never set it up." Rooney cast a glance at Eli.

"Forget it. I'm not going to talk to you anymore. I haven't finished my mission today." Rooney sighed and turned to leave.

The department's poor performance affected everyone in the Department.

"Alright," he said.

Eli shook his head and prepared to go get the materials.

"what? Can you only collect the materials three times a month? " Eli felt even more numb.

"Sorry, pharmacist Herman. Things are a little tight at the moment." The one distributing the materials was an apprentice, and he said apologetically.

"Fine!" Eli waved his hand. His life was being affected. "I'll go home."


Time slowly passed.

And in these three months, Eli also learned about the specific situation.

It turned out that the new potion was called the sun Corolla potion, which was a product of a new force that the camp leader had produced with an outside force. It was why it was allowed to enter the camp. On the one hand, it increased income, and on the other hand, it was a competition to create productivity.

But what the camp leader didn't seem to think about was that the sun Corolla's potion seemed to be much better than the silent Crescent. This caused the magic potion Department to be defeated in an instant and fall into a disadvantageous situation.

In any case, in the past three months, the magic potion Department had been selling fewer and fewer silent Crescent magic potions. This directly led to less work for Eli and the rest. This was not a good thing. At least, the money that Eli received this month was a third less than the previous month.

In this regard, several members even resigned directly and joined the shop that produced the sun Corolla potion across the street, which made the situation of the potions Department even worse.

On the other hand, Eli didn't have any thoughts of backing out.

The department that produced the sun Corolla had also contacted him by offering Eli much higher pay, but Eli was not interested at all.

Hence, there was only one way for him. Eli needed to create a new potion to beat Sun Corolla.

After joining the potion department, he noticed that the members did not do any research on potions at all. They only used the calibrated formula and rarely made any improvements.

They had never studied a plant like the crescent moon in detail, and when Eli asked, he found out that this potion was actually found on the body of a first-circle Magus who had been captured decades ago.

Since a first-circle mage could make this potion, there was no reason why Eli couldn't improve it.

What a joke, Eli might still be a first-circle mage, but when it came to potions, not many first-circle mages could compare to him with more than two hundred years of research.

It was time to let this group of warlocks, who had abandoned the pursuit of the truth, fear knowledge again.

After taking some time off to complete a month's worth of missions, Eli purchased a large number of potions and began his experiments.

Even if it was not for anything else, it was for the one-twentieth of the future profit.