2231 The First Plane of Extremity! I

A glorious path was outlined before him while his Origin expanded speedily!

His 9 Dimensional Reality pulsed with glorious Colors as each one boasted 400 Trillion Kainos Royal Cosmos, dense waves of energies and power emanating from each as the Stanchions and Reality Passages connecting them also underwent Quintessential changes.

His designated Realm as the First Plane of Extremity was of course something that was immensely hard to raise, where just for it to be capable of advancing where it currently was, Noah had to achieve the 6th Boundary Layer in three different Boundaries and bind them as the Sources of Extremity to his Origin.

It was all closely connected as everything...went towards the Extremity!

This was just for his First Plane of Extremity which contained 9 Minor Planes within it.

He knew not of what the Second Plane of Extremity came with, nor what he would be able to enact there.

He only knew he had to keep going forward as he sensed his robust Origin and Physique!

<Your Reserves of the Essence of Reality have been elevated to the Maximum of 1056 Billton.>

<The newly established First Plane of Extremity has defined its additional augmentations from here on out to be in line with the Aeonic Quintessential Kainos Empyral Foundation.>

<A dense life force and reserves of resources course through your Origin.>

<The First Plane of Extremity is currently providing you an additional +500 Aeonic Damage and Defense Values, and +500 Aeonic Vitality Values that are capable of being augmented by the multiplier of All Aeconic Parameter Value.>

<Your status as an Infinite Conduit continues to evolve.>

<Your Heart of Mana is transforming.>


His Heart.


Noah actually felt a great pain at this moment as if his very heart was being ripped away from his body, but it was simply the initial and unexpected motion of cerulean tendrils of vessels shooting out from his Heart of Mana and fantastically...latching onto the Fundamental Treasures of Nature that were within his Body.

<The Quintessential sources of authority coursing through you are leading everything towards the most optimal direction.>

<Your Heart of Mana has begun fusing with the Heart of Reality, Heart of Destiny, Heart of Fate, Heart of Fortune, and Heart of Karma!>

<Your Aeonic Quintessential Kainos Empyral Foundation is being Quintessentially elevated.>

His Heart of Mana undertook a drastic action to devour the very Heart of Reality and four other Fundamental Treasures of Nature.

It was something utterly glorious as apart from this, one had to account for the fact that Noah's Aeonic Quintessential Kainos Empyral Foundation was something that put together his constructs, Concepts, Heart of Mana, and everything else about Noah's existence and expressed their Boons through it.

Last time, his Aeonic Quintessential Kainos Empyral Foundation had expressed the might of the Heart of Mana and the extent he could act as the Infinite Conduit, where apart from his Infinite Mana...he was allowed to cast all abilities requiring less than 10 Aeonic Soul Value at no cost or strain to his soul!

So as multiple Hearts in his body were brought and fused into the Heart of Mana, a cerulean radiance covered his body as even his True Throne of Quintessence was painted blue momentarily!

<The Heart of Mana has fused with the Fundamental Treasures of Nature and become the Aeonic Heart of Mana.>

The radiance was utterly overpowering as it seemed Noah's very musculature, bones, and organs were bathing in utmost radiance and authority. He felt as if the very secrets of Nature coursed through his arteries, veins, and capillaries.

And truly, golden multicolored viscous splendor coursed through his vessels as the Hematopoietic source of Blood from his very bones burned with an unbelievable stellar radiance.

<Your Aeonic Quintessential Kainos Empyral Foundation has undergone a Quintessential change and transformed into the Aeonic Quintessential Kainos Extremity Foundation.>


His body...oh his body!

His very skin was shed and replaced multiple times over as he gained deeper hues of a stellar glow, the changes inside of him being more profound as his muscles became even more refined!

His abdominal muscles seemed like slabs of the very fabric of Reality as his face continued to attain unreasonable levels of beauty.

<Your Body has achieved the equivalent hardness of an Epoch IV Relic and can passively defend against 500 Aeonic Damage Values, with a movement of any part of your body being able to release 500 Aeonic Damage Values. Your Aeonic Soul can also passively release and defend against 250 Aeonic Soul Damage Values at no cost or strain. These Values are capable of being augmented further by the multiplier of All Aeonic Parameter Value.>

<Your Aeonic Quintessential Kainos Extremity Foundation allows you to cast all abilities requiring any resources of Mana, Fortune, Karma, Destiny, Fate, or Essence of Reality at no cost.>


When the Fundamental Treasures of Nature were drawn into and fused into the Heart of Mana, the glorious result of Noah being capable of utilizing Infinite Fortune, Karma, Destiny, Fate, and Infinite Essence of Reality was brought to fruition!

It was an ecstatic and fantastical show of utmost grandiosity and majesty as this was only a small part.

<Your Aeonic Quintessential Kainos Extremity Foundation allows you to cast all abilities requiring less than 250 Aeonic Soul Values at no cost or strain to your soul.>


The ridiculousness continued as the question of whether Noah would be able to stand before Theseus and Desiderius with the boons of this upgrade were slowly getting answered.

His Aeonic Quintessential Kainos Extremity Foundation alone was granting immense firepower as when paired up with what his Origin granted...

Stupendous possibilities came into the picture!

And this was before the wonders of his Boundaries seeking the stage of Innate even came!

But the Boons of his First Plane of Extremity were not done.

<The First Plane of Extremity allows you to traverse towards EXTREMITY with an additional +50% Increased Rate of Progression. Any Resources required to exceed a Boundary Layer are absolutely further reduced by half.>


A boon that was granted for his Lineage before when it became Planar!

Now, the same boon was granted by his Origin as he was even more specialized and primed to seek EXTREMITY!