2593 The Shadow Sword! I

The figure of Alexander stepped out of the pocket of Vacuous Hyperversal Authority and gazed at the Apex Battlefield filled with a deathly light.

Any beings that had remained nearby after the War had ended felt a sense of suffocation even from afar, with Alexander King being the culprit of Noah's recent overhaul of strength.

While Noah had transformed his 81 Quintessential Hyperversal Extremity Meridian Seeds into Quintessential Hyperversal Extremity Overlord Meridian Seeds, the prompts that came for Alexander were just as illustrious since this version of Noah already had his Seeds sprout into genuine Meridians!

[The Quintessential Hyperversal Extremity Meridians within your main body have transformed into the Quintessential Hyperversal Extremity Overlord Meridians.]

[With the Quintessential Hyperversal Extremity Overlord Meridians, all Concepts flowing within will be nourished by their authority as within 10 days, they will be elevated to the Quintessential Zenith Tier!]

Noah's main body would have had to wait for an unknown amount of time until he chose for the Seeds to Bloom into Meridians, but Alexander's already existing Overlord Meridians made it so that the counter of 10 days to bring his Boundaries to the Quintessential Zenith Tier had already begun.

Now, all that remained to do was wait.

The levels of the Boundaries within both the bodies of Alexander and Noah were now the same.

Within Alexander, there was also the Perennial Weald of Extremity!

The only thing unique was the fact that since both bodies shared Noah's single soul and he had already called out the Reified Wealdian Sources of Extremity, they couldn't somehow be called out again from Alexander as these Reified forms were singular in nature.

As Alexander's oppressive pressure caused the surroundings to seethe, a Hyperversal Extremity Authority erupted moments later to wrap around his body and cause him to disappear.

Thereafter, he appeared far above the skies of Dissolution as the figures of an Adjudicator, Guardians of Extremity, and his other self in the form of Noah's clone were all there.

[The First Commander of the Infinite Hyperversal Haven…has the one you follow briefed you already?]

The voice of Svetlana rang out as the figure of Alexander and Noah's clone gazed at each other.

Within their eyes, a devilish smile formed that only they could see as Alexander nodded!

With this, Noah was about to attain a second identity as a Guardian of Extremity, with the boons of this not yet apparent as only time would tell what would unfold!

Back in the Infinite Forge, Noah bejeweled Reified Wealdian Source of Lotra stared at the two Extremity Relics to have been spawned in the Forge and compared them to the Curagulus Mask- the former seeming like crude items in comparison to what the Extremity of Steel made as Noah didn't give them too much time before he motioned for them to float towards Ruination!


This would be the entity to devour even Extremity Relics as what Noah wanted was one truly powerful weapon, not many average ones.

At this stage, Ruination had changed so drastically that currently, she looked like a massive sword light years in size as her blade held crescent curves glinting with a sharp light!

The person to hold her hilt had to have the power to lift up an entire plane of Existence just to wield it as it was approaching an entirely profound stage!

When the two Extremity Relics moved towards it, Ruination's blade turned mobile and stretched out far faster than the speed of light, intercepting the two Relics halfway and devouring them with a flash of light!

A flash of light that caused it to radiate Crimson gold splendor after retreating- its makeup becoming even more dominant as layers of celestial light covered it.

"Come." Noah then smiled and beckoned towards Ruination, this entity appearing before him in an instant and presenting its hilt towards him.

Up close, the crimson gold sword with crescent notches of its blade looked utterly magnificent as next, Noah's stellar gold hand wrapped around its hilt as he truly gazed at it.

And before him was brilliance.

[Name]:: Ruination(Ruined Blade of Quintessential Extremity)

[Lineage]:: Extremity Relic

[Titles]:: Ruination, Multiplicator, Emperor's Armament...

[Ruined Hyperversal Apex Mana Value]:: 250,000

[Ruined Hyperversal Apex Durability Value]:: Infinite

[Ruined Hyperversal Apex Soul Value]:: 250,000

[Ruined Hyperversal Apex Defense Value]:: 250,000

[Ruined Hyperversal Apex Damage Value]:: 250,000

[Features]:: Hyperversal Rupture, Hyperversal Proliferation, Hyperversal Armament Replication, Hyperversal Outburst...

[Miscellaneous]:: A unique relic that is on the glimpse of Extremity. Arriving here was already arduous enough as taking the step from a glimpse of Extremity to become a relic expressing genuine Hyperversal Extremity is nearly an impossibility that only the most perceptive existences that have achieved Hyperversal Extremity can overcome…

A weapon of ridiculous proportions!

Apart from Noah's Infinite Hyperversal Haven, this was his greatest achievement that he was nurturing in his very own Soul after seeing Aurelia nurturing her own relic.

'Aurelia…' Noah smiled as he thought what this loot lover would be like if she could glimpse this absurd weapon in his hands.

She and all other Vassals with their clones stretching out within Dissolution still had their Main Bodies in the Infinite Hyperversal Haven as in the days to come, they would be absorbing the exorbitant amount of Spoils obtained from the Apex War of Annihilation to elevate their Boundaries and Realms.

The Spoils was of little consequence to Noah as among his abilities from Lotra was a singular one termed [Lotra's Claim]!

[Lotra's Claim]:: All loot courses through you, even from those who share the simplest connection with you. When your Vassals defeat any enemies that drop Loot, it is automatically replicated into your Vaults of Quintessence. This is a passive ability that is of no cost to remain active for as long as you exist…

One of the abilities of A Dynamis of Extremity that held the shortest descriptions.

And yet it was overbearing as even if Noah didn't directly kill an enemy, beings he shared connections with defeating any enemies generated loot for him in his Expansive Domain that were now renamed as the Vaults of Quintessence!