2595 The Shadow Sword! III

The inky black sea formed into a massive rift portal that led into the Shadow Sea Plane.

Within, an existence on the cusp of genuine Hyperversal Extremity would soon step out as Noah could then go in and face the grandeur of the Shadow Sword- the length of time he would be able to hold on and the possible gains he could make being unknown at this moment!

In the Fifth Golden Chambers of Avernus.

Tendrils of Hyperversal Authority cascaded over this ancient structure as the thrones that were filled with distinguished existences used all of their power and might to come up with means against a single existence.

Currently, multiple Scions and Elders of the Avernus Clan were dispatched into the Planar Palisades of Extremity.

Their purpose was a singular one- to find Noah Osmont!

At this time, another Hyperversal Extremity rose from his throne to obtain the attention of everyone here.

His voice was an astounding one filled with power.

[Since the records of this Osmont are veiled, I've been looking through the records of those near him that are not hidden within the Aeonic Annals of Extremity, and the records of the Elders of the Cult of Endless Shadows have been more than helpful!]


[It seems that the boldness shown by the Cult of Endless Shadows lies in the fact that they actually got their hands on an Armament of Extremity. The record of the Primeval elder I have seen shows that they have in hand…the Shadow Sword forged by the very Extremity of Steel!


Magisterial information entered the minds of the Avernus Extremities in the Fifth Golden Chambers of Avernus.

[An Armament of Extremity!]

Chamber Master Gayacus uttered with a profound expression as many possibilities rose in his mind.

At the side, the figure of Extremity Ariana had an even more thoughtful expression as with a pondering and yet cautious gaze, she spoke out slowly.

[An Oath of Extremity was made in the Haven of Dissolution. And the Cult of Endless Shadows has something as pristine as an Armament of Extremity, with the Clone of this Noah Osmont seen leaving with the Elder of the Cult of Endless Shadows into the haven of Penumbra. All of this seems connected as likely, Osmont might just be getting entry to the Armament of Extremity himself from an Oath he made with them! After all, there are the records of his clones leading the Shadowlings in the Initiation Step of Dissolution…]


A terrifying amount of information was collected!

An incredible genius who could already rival and beat down a Direct Disciple of a Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremity.

If he was given free access to an Armament of Extremity, just how terrifying could he become?

The possibilities were dreadful to imagine as the minds of many beings here thought of the three examples that Chamber Master Gayacus had given at the beginning of this meeting.

At such a juncture, the voice of the existence that was formerly known as the Hyperversal Extremity of Destruction thundered out.

[We already made a move to act against an Adjudicator of a Haven. Why can we not send some of our forces against a lesser Inheritance that hasn't even entered the folds of the most powerful inheritances? We can simply make a move against the Cult of Endless Shadows, possibly gain entry to a body of this Osmont, and at the same time…obtain an Weapon of Extremity from a small force undeserving of it?!]

Rage and wildness can still be felt from the past Hyperversal Extremity of Destruction as he seemed to truly want wanton destruction at this moment in time.

Yet his idea caused the minds of Extremity Ariana and the Chamber Master to shine with the light of possibilities.

A silence descended.

Nobody spoke thereafter as the words of the past Hyperversal Extremity of Destruction had too many profound implications. It wasn't until a few seconds passed when the voice of The Chamber Master rang out.

"An action such as this is not something I can decide upon myself…with it being very unlikely to be allowed. I will send this proposal upwards to the Avernus Extremity Senate and see what the results shall be."


Hyperversal Extremity Authority glimmered.

The eyes of the Chamber Master released a profound light that instantly disappeared from this domain and shot out into the vast unknown, reaching out and communicating in an unfathomable way towards a far distant database!

Before his eyes, the vision of the Chamber Master changed from merely gazing at the figures of those in the Fifth Golden Chambers of Avernus as he appeared in a stellar blank void that had a single blinking singularity of consciousness.

The Singularity seemed more enormous than what the Chamber Master had achieved in all his life as he respectfully sent the information of the suggestion that was just made towards it- towards the communication channel that would be passed onto the Avernus Extremity Senate!

He knew that it came from the part of anger and rage within the past Hyperversal Extremity of Destruction as it was unlikely to be adopted, but he thought he might as well try before he received the rejection. After all, the blatant attack towards an Inheritance of Extremity was something that even one of the seven clans would not freely do- something like this clearly breaking regulations set forth by the Senatus of Extremity!

And yet…not even a few seconds passed before the blinding Singularity before Gayacus' eyes came out with an answer.

And the answer wasn't from the voice that he was normally used to communicating with when he sent his proposals to the Avernus Extremity Senate.

It was the voice of someone who sat at the very peak of the Senate.

It was the voice of the Avernus Extremity Overlord!

[Proceed with this suggestion and acquire the Shadow Sword. Extremity Blue will be sent forth to join you all in leading this incursion.]


The voice was callous and filled with authority.

And it carried a decision that Chamber Master Gayacus was shocked at- especially due to the one authorizing it!