2598 The Shadow Sword! VI

[What the hell?!]

It wasn't even Moona who uttered this as the visage of Gabriella was shocked and unconsciously moved, the figure of Flashing Shadow becoming stern at the unimaginable scene before them!

It was now that the thundering tendrils of obsidian pure Hyperversal Extremity Authority began to coil around Noah's body and sinking into it- and they did so at a shocking pace as if his body was a sponge.

A dry sponge as empty as a desert as the pure Hyperversal Extremity Authority in the surroundings was naturally pulled into his body!

Moona couldn't even fathom any words as he stood floating, watching the figure of Noah seamlessly and easily glide forward towards the massive Shadow Sword in the distance where the closer one went, the more terrifying and concentrated the pure Hyperversal Extremity Authority became!

The whole area was filled with terrifying tendrils of light and darkness.

At the very center, the Shadow Sword was anchored in space while radiating its pure Hyperversal Extremity Authority!

Moona had spent many days in this Shadow Sea Plane, and he knew the sheer power and authority that was required for one to merely maintain their presence within this place.

So exactly how was the being before his eyes doing what he was doing?!

When Noah first entered the Shadow Sea Plane, the feeling that he got was an ecstatic one.

His Quintessential Emperor of Extremity was expressing everything about Noah's foundation, along with having the soul that had just gone through cycles of True Death not too long ago.

His soul had exceeded the rate at which it was destroyed and the rate at which it healed itself as currently, there were still cracks here and there.

And the moment that he appeared in the Shadow Sea Plane, he felt the raging Hyperversal Extremity Authority around him begin to sink into his stellar pores and flow directly into the crevices of his soul that were the aftermath of the clash between Vitalis and Vacuous Hyperversal Authority.

[Extremely pure Hyperversal Extremity Authority is flowing into your soul!]

[Extremely pure Hyperversal Extremity Authority is flowing into all of your aspects of existence!]

The prompts shone in dazzling black gold light as they came and went, Noah's hands rising and feeling the tendrils of power around him as unconsciously, the wings behind his back pulsed.

And he found himself gliding ever closer to the massive and heart shaking sword in the distance.

And just floating closer to this small distance caused the concentration of pure Hyperversal Extremity Authority to increase many times over!

It sank into his aspects of existence as not too long after…

[Due to the Pure Hyperversal Extremity Authority of Shadows entering your soul, the First Boundary Layer of Shadows has been attained.]

[The Second Boundary Layer of Shadows has been attained…]

A set of prompts began to cascade one after another as Noah very quickly ascended past the boundary layers of shadows as if they did not even exist for him!

As this occurred, he closely felt the streams of pure Hyperversal Extremity Authority of Shadows flow into the crevices of his soul as Vitalis and Vacuous Hyperversal Authority began to run wild once more, their clashes producing even more waves of destruction as Noah began to feel the noticeable increase in his Soul Values!

The gains of merely being close to the Shadow Sword were so tremendous as if he could actually get close to it and grasp it in his hands…Noah had an inkling that he may just be able to jump past the 15th Boundary Layer and beyond with the way his soul was freely drinking up the surrounding pure Hyperversal Extremity Authority!

Noah felt this with his very soul.

He did…but at the same time, Oraculum shone with a halcyon light over his soul.

His expectant eyes looking forward to what was to come dimmed.

[Adumbrative Viewpoint] had activated within the most perceptive part of his soul…the Reified Wealdian Source of Oraculum that was already traversing in the Aeonic Annals of Extremity!

It was viewing Unrecorded Histories, and many possible futures were instantly altered as three brilliant ones were the only paths shown to him!

Their beginnings showed him an alarming future where Hyperversal Extremity Authority barreled down the Shadow Sea Plane in all directions as the color blue maddeningly covered everything.

It was a shocking change as the pages of three Unrecorded Histories quickly bloomed before him!

Their pages fluttered as the first path revealed itself.

[[Sensing a shocking development, you instantly warned the three Hyperversal Extremity Shadows behind you…The Flashing Shadow was instantly alerted as his first action was to secure the Shadow Sword, your soul seeing this precious Armament swept away as you never even got a chance to lay a hand on it.]

The first path played out as it was an unfavorable one.

[[[Sensing a shocking development, you scrambled towards the Shadow Sword at the fastest speed you could muster as String Theory Manifestation unveiled itself, your soul traversing across the tendrils of Shadows to very quickly near the Armament of Extremity!]]

The second one seemed to hold more possibilities as the third one…its golden page was ripped apart as it was fractured as if it never existed!

There were already limited choices to make, and they had to be made fast as alarmingly, Noah found his Quintessential Emperor of Extremity in a predicament on a path that should have given him great gains!

His Reified Source of Quintessence that was moving across the Shadow Sea Plane instantly became stern as the power of a now Quintessential Absolute Dynamis of Extremity that had undergone elevation in the past day unfolded through nothing else other than…

[String Theory Manifestation].


In Noah's eyes, everything slowed as his heart released a pulse that waved out like a vibrating string of light across the Shadow Sea Plane.

Where this string passed, countless other strings vibrated.

Like they were part of it all. Like everything was linked with traces of the Aletheian Quintessential Absolute Dynamis of Extremity.

Through these countless strings, his spirit could convey itself with utmost speed as an instant later, an astounding scene that caused the gaze of Hyperversal Extremity Shadows to almost pop out of their orbits unfolded!