2600 Nice to meet you, greenhorns! II

A flash of blue.

A glimmer of Extremity.

It was an action that caused even Chamber Master Gayacus and Extremity Ariana among all other Hyperversal Extremities to be utterly shocked!

This was because their mission here was only the Armament of Extremity, and to get their hands on at least a body of the one known as Noah Osmont.

They were supposed to suppress the Hyperversal Extremities here and take their Armament, and that was it! But her wild release of her Hyperversal Haki of Extremity…went to cover the vast lands underneath them as it would smash into any existences- whether they were Apex Aeonic Lifeforms or simply across the Boundary Expansion Realm, or those even weaker.

It wouldn't discriminate as its impact would utterly eviscerate all those it came across!

It was a shocking move they in no way needed to do as it would cause today's incursion to be all that much wilder.

This area of Penumbra was endlessly dark as at this moment, it felt like a blue sun had risen.

Its radiance was so astounding that it reached the Cult of Endless Shadows beneath them in an instant as only now did shouts full of rage and shock rise from the lands below them!


[You dare?!]



A shocking impact bloomed.

And chaos of utter proportions unfolded thereafter as an existence of utter Lunacy was released by the Avernus Clan- their child in doing this being a unique one as one wondered what their goals were!

Three Hyperversal Extremity Shadows were watching a single being conduct an action that bordered on the realm of impossibility.

It wasn't that the action was an impossibility for an existence to accomplish, but it was simply an impossibility for a being at the same stage as him to do so!

With their senses and the aura that he gave off, they could tell that he at the very most had risen to the 14th or the 15th boundary layer.

He was not close to Extremity.

In fact, the gap from the 15th layer to the 18th layer was a chasm that some beings never crossed their whole lives.

And in the Shadow Sea Plane, they had brought Elders of the Cult of Endless Shadows who had achieved the 17th Boundary Layer and even they took difficult strides just to move a few paces in front of the maddeningly pure Hyperversal Extremity Authority of the Shadow Sword.

And yet the one known as Osmont pulsed with string-like vibrations as in the next moment, he turned into a flicker of multi-colored light that instantly streaked across the obsidian tendrils of Hyperversal Authority.

He didn't push these tendrils away nor did they reject him, instead, he seemed to be absorbing them at a shocking pace and speed the further in that he went.

The massive weight that Moona and other Elders of the Cult of Endless Shadows had felt when they first entered this plane holding the Armament of Extremity before them seemed like it did not exist for him- like the shackles of other beings simply did not apply to him!

[What in the world…?]

Moona felt his soul which was already halfway towards Hyperversal Extremity shake at the scene.

Flashing Shadow had his expression become stern as just as he was about to add his input…

His eyes flashed with shock as he gazed up!


He bellowed out with unbridled rage as his vision pierced across the many layers of space and he saw that far above the domains that they were in- a blue light of Hyperversal Extremity Authority was crashing down with malice and danger!

A light that caused even someone like him who had attained Tier 3 Hyperversal Authority to feel a sense of oppression.

He wasn't the only one to bellow out as alongside him was the massive and resounding shout that reverberated out from the depths of the Shadow Fortress.


It was a single word stemming from the most powerful being within the Cult of Endless Shadows.

A being who had one of his bodies in this branch that was protecting the Armament of Extremity.

The master of this voice was the one to react the fastest as the instant they noticed the enveloping cerulean Hyperversal Haki of Extremity, an endless sea of shadows erupted from the depth of the Shadow Fortress!

The being known as the Shadow Extremity Overlord had struck out to counter the terrible descending authority that shockingly targeted everything below it.

He wasn't the only one as his authority and the authority of Flashing Shadow, Extremity Gabriella, and over a dozen other Hyperversal Extremities erupted out right away.

The clash…was worse than the fracturing of millions of planes of existence.


The shadowy space in this corner of Penumbra seemed lit up with brilliance and might as if a blue sun had risen.

Reality cracked and splintered.

And in an instant…over half of the domains of the Cult of Endless Shadows in this region were flattened.

And during this whole time, the terrifying Hyperversal Haki of Extremity never faded or erased itself- its grandeur constantly pressing down until from below, the figure of Flashing Shadow and a man wrapped in brilliant shadowy light appeared side by side!


The Shadow Extremity Overlord bellowed out as his hand and Flashing Shadow's hands rose as if they were holding the very sky from falling, these two Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremities being the ones to stop the raging authority from going any further down.


The overpowering cerulean waves of Haki faded.

It was only now that the surroundings cleared, and the scene of devastation unraveled to everyone's eyes!

Half of the massive Shadow Fortress which was the size of many Major Planes of Existence was fractured and had pieces falling off.

The Boundary Expansion Realm being and any Apex Aeonic Lifeforms that were hapless enough to be in the region that was blanketed by the azure Hyperversal Haki of Extremity…their life force could not be felt.

An unknown number of being had died in an instant as their spirits received a shock of Hyperversal Extremity Authority!

In the midst of such carnage, laughter resounded out from above as the being who had acted raised her whip in the air and thrashed down with terrifying Hyperversal Extremity Authority.

[Nice to meet you, greenhorns.]


A carefree voice of a crazy woman thundered out!