2601 A Critical Threshold! I

Extremity Blue spoke towards the maddened figures of Flashing Shadow and the Shadow Extremity Overlord below her, along with the approximate dozen or so Tier 1 and Tier 2 Extremities who could barely withstand her Haki far below them.

She looked at all of them and smiled with a light of craziness in her eyes.

[You call that flimsy usage of authority that you just released Tier 3? You then ask why? Don't ask such a philosophical question to me now!]

Her voice echoed out as if she had not just slaughtered an untold number of beings.

She was smiling at the beginning of the sentence, and yet her face warped and became rageful towards the end.

[You ask why? Why does reality flow the way it does? Why do we exist and die?]

Her expression changed from rage to a smile once more as she focused on the eyes full of wrath of the Shadow Extremities below her.

[The only why that will matter to you in the next few seconds is…why are you so weak?]


The reality above became painted blue again as it felt like a massive River of Reality had unfolded from her whip, and it was smashing down with scrutiny towards all those below.

This…was only displaying the might of a single being. And yet, she was not alone.

The moment that she had acted, the beings beside her adapted to the crazy reality she had brought forth and moved right away!

They knew that their objective this time was not a truly powerful Inheritance.

As if to show these there were only two Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremities that were able to withstand the might of Extremity Blue at this moment.

Far below the Flashing Shadow and the Shadow Extremity Overlord 12 Tier 2 and 1 Hyperversal Extremities had their eyes burning with rage and disbelief as they secured other locations of the Shadow Fortress and the remaining lands of the Cult of Endless Shadows.

In the depths of the fortress, the figure of Moona and Extremity Gabriella remained as Gabriella's aura shook dangerously- seeming on the border of Tier 2 and Tier 3!

They had to be here to protect the Shadow Sword as it couldn't be left unattended, but at this moment, Extremity Gabriella's gaze utterly changed as she found from the gaps of space…two terrifying auras of Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremity Authorities bypassed Flashing Shadow and the Shadow Extremity Overlord who were locked down by the maddening woman radiating blue light as these enemy Extremities made a straight path towards the Shadow Sea Plane that the Armament of Extremity was in.

Extremity Gabriella's face turned utterly sour as she bellowed out for all to hear

[Their target is the Shadow Sword!]

Her cry was primal and filled with endless anger.

She couldn't believe the reality currently unfolding as never in recent record had an Inheritance been attacked like this, nor did one ever poach the treasures of another!

Her rage was akin to fuel as she squeezed every ounce of her power.

Even though she knew that the beings coming down were much more powerful than her…she would not let them succeed in their aim.

From her...

[Hyperversal Extremity Expansion].


[Endless Shadows]!


Reality became distorted as waves of Endless Shadows began to flow.

Beside her, Moona gathered any semblance of Hyperversal Extremity Authority in his body as he struck out as well, their attacks crossing light-

years to meet their enemies before they even arrived!

But the enemies that had come were too prepared.

They knew exactly which force they were attacking and how to thwart them. They knew their power as the absolute reality was that they could easily defeat them, with their main goal here being to simply come in and out in a short period of time with everything that they needed.

And so, they did just that.

From above.

Extremity Ariana and Chamber Master Gayacus harrumphed as they exploded with Hyperversal Authority.

Endlessly purple flames cascaded down like a burning sea while a golden light crossed the skies with great speed.

Even further behind them, the veiled Avernus Extremities included in this incursion Erupted with their own authority to clash with the tier 1 and tier 2 Shadow Extremities that mustard up their will to fight back against this unexpected attack!

The whole region was flipped upside down and turned into an apocalyptic chaos as in the midst of all of this…A single being in the very depths of the Shadow Sea Plane ignored all that was happening- his body continuing to shoot towards the massive Armament of Extremity in the distance as before his eyes, more and more prompts rose.

[The 13th Boundary Layer of Shadows has been attained…]

[The 14th Boundary Layer of Shadows has been attained…]

In his vision, everything was pulsing with countless strings all around.

He traversed across the oscillations and vibrations of these strings as the far away Shadow Sword became ever closer, to the point that he knew he needed just a few nanoseconds before he could reach it!

The closer he went, the denser the pure Hyperversal Extremity Authority of Shadows became as his soul cried out in happiness- absorbing everything endlessly as the cracks within it caused by clashing Vacuous and Vitalis Hyperversal Authorities were healed with utmost scrutiny.

But he felt the overwhelming Extremity Authority far above him near.

He felt the ready forces of the Avernus Clan come ever closer!

The Shadow Extremities would not be able to stop them. Gabriella and Moona simply didn't have what it took to stop two powerful Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremities from the Avernus Clan for even a few nanoseconds…much less Noah.

His eyes were filled with brilliance and power as in the midst of all of this…he called out softly.

[Domain Expansion]


[Indefatigable Quintessence].



Many things had changed over the last day as one of these was Indefatigable being taken to the level of a Quintessential Absolute Dynamis of Extremity.

Out of the many possible abilities and Domains Noah could have called out, he chose this for no other reason than to erupt and cause even more chaos in the surroundings.

Chaos that may actually stand a chance to affect Hyperversal Extremities!

Chaos to give him enough time to get to the Shadow Sword.

This chaos…was in the form of something deeply connected to the Indefatigable Quintessential Absolute Dynamis of Extremity.


The now extremely pure Vacuous Hyperversal Authority within his Soul churned.

Paired with the Domain Expansion of Indefatigable Quintessence he had called out in addition to the extremely pure Hyperversal Extremity Authority he had been absorbing…


It felt like something deep inside his soul broke.


[You have achieved a sufficient level of purity.]

[You are beginning your First Vacuous Awakening!]