2604 Awakening! II

Just by being in contact with the Armament of Extremity and being 'killed' by it, he devoured enough Pure Hyperversal Extremity Authority of Shadows to obtain the highest Boundary Layer so far.

The 16th Layer that he couldn't attain from Ahpuch!

It was so pristine as who knew what he could have gained if he was able to remain in contact with the Shadow Sword freely?

Yet the enemies this time actually used their heads as an opportunity was stopped halfway!

And at this time…

[You all are still playing around with him? Wow, let me take a look at this kid.]

The voice of a Lunatic thundered out as an endless cerulean sea descended.

Within it, the figures of Flashing Shadow and the Shadow Extremity Overlord could be seen battling with illusory blue clones of Extremity Blue, her Main Body instantly arriving beside Extremity Ariana as she evaded all the hundreds of Vacuous Hyperversal Domain Rifts in the surroundings!

She was truly battling two other Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremities as she found the time to freely gaze at Noah and speak.

[Mmm, another greenhorn. Hey kid, you wanted to spend a little more time with that Armament of Extremity, right?]

Her snow-white hair shone with tendrils of blue as she spoke seriously towards Noah.

Her beauty was utterly devastating as from her serious expression, she smiled like the sweetest being as she continued.

[I'll give it to you…but just let me take a look at your soul for a second. I just want a little peek of your soul, that's it!]


Ariana shook her head with frustration while muttering under her breath.

'This fucking lunatic…'

She tried her best to control the Armament of Extremity in her hands as she carefully wrapped it with Hyperversal Extremity Authority, turning her head towards Extremity Blue as she spoke out.

[This isn't his main body as I've already killed him once to no avail. The mission is successful for the most part as we need to quickly pull ou-]


Her words didn't finish as she raised her head.

There, in the distance, the auras of fantastically powerful Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremities began to appear as Ariana knew their true foes were arriving.

Their faces were masked with white gold masks as without saying a word, their figures moved and erupted with Hyperversal Extremity Authority as they targeted Ariana who grabbed hold of the Shadow Sword, along with Extremity Blue and Chamber Master Gayacus!

Extremity Blue gazed up at this as she smiled gleefully, clapping her hands as if she was seeing the most beautiful scene in the world.

[Haha, look at these guys, always coming in late.]


Her gorgeous visage pulsed with power.

She tapped her lips as she stared at the figure of Noah surrounded by obsidian rifts and the Guardians defending above as she asked Ariana beside her without even turning.

[You have enough of a handle on the Armament of Extremity to leave with it?]

[Almost. Gayacus.] Ariana replied curtly as she called out for Chamber Master Gayacus, his dominant visage appearing beside her to lend his power as well- with this showing just how pristine an Armament of Extremity was as it needed two Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremities just to get a hold of it quickly before they branded it with their Authority to have such a weapon recognize them as the owner!

[Good, then I will provide you and the others cover.] A gorgeous blue radiance lit up on her fair skin as her figure emanated even more deadly beauty, her smile heart shaking as she floated upwards to meet oncoming Guardians while still battling with Flashing Shadow and the Shadow Extremity Overlord.

[It's a good day to die…]

While uttering such ominous words, her eyes began to collect every single source of light in all of nearby reality.

In the distance, Noah's gaze pulsed with Oraculum as he saw opportunities closed off on all sides here, the gains he made with the Shadow Sword being abruptly stopped here as at this moment, only bells of danger rang out as it seemed these existence beginning to shine with a blue light was particularly dangerous.

More dangerous than the purple-flamed woman and the golden man beside her as at this moment, Noah felt the life of the Quintessential Emperor of Extremity at risk.

It meant that even the Domain Expansion of Indefatigable Quintessence would be getting erased soon as he was given the same reminder he had gotten many times now.

He could not stand against Hyperversal Extremities.

At least…not yet.

So he didn't linger as before whatever disaster was coming bloomed, his eyes gazed at the myriad of Vacuous Hyperversal Domain Rifts around him as without any ounce of hesitation…he entered through one of them.


Rifts that took one outside of the authority of the Seven Vitalis Havens!

When they faded, one would have to find their own way back or have some capability that allowed them to quickly return to their home.

Rifts such as these weren't things one could conjure freely, with Hyperversal Extremities proficient in Vacuous Hyperversal Authority being the only ones who were able to do so!

And yet with Indefatigable Quintessence, Noah had called them forth.

And now, he entered through one of them as he took this opportunity to escape, as well as do something he had planned on doing for the past few days.

Increased understanding and exploration of Vacuous Hyperversal Authority!

Noah's figure left, but the obsidian rifts remained as a trace of his will was left behind to watch just what would occur.

And the scene was an ecstatic one.

The Extremity bathed in blue made herself the center of attention as her words continued to respond out.

[Reality is particularly dark tonight.]

Her gaze was contemplative as she gazed at the vast darkness of Penumbra all around them.

[Let me brighten it up for you all so that you can see.]

She placed her hand on her left chest and closed her bright eyes, her head beginning to bop back and forth as astoundingly…an upbeat symphony began to blast out.

A smile was painted on her red lips as when she opened her gaze again, she called out lightly.

[Sea of Lunacy.]


Hyperversal Haki of Extremity emerged as the base.

Multiple Absolute Dynamis of Extremity then joined in as in the location where a main branch of the Cult of Endless Shadows was, a blue light shone and lit up this Region of Penumbra for countless light years.

The perpetrator of such a light was a single being, with her might being unsurpassed as she ran wild in the Haven of Penumbra on this day!

There was a major query that very few would ask regarding all this.

A query that needed an answer the most was…where was the Adjudicator of Penumbra during all this time? Could he not see what was happening in this region?