2607 Sima Ascending Mountain of Extremity! I

"Has the number come out for how many perished in the Cult of Endless Shadows?"

Noah asked with a cold look as part of the reason events had unfolded the way they did was due to the path he chose.

But he wasn't alone in choosing this as the Cult of Endless Shadows also jumped in the bed with him- neither of them expecting the enemy side to do what they just did!

At his words, Svetlana's eyes pulsed with authority as she replied with anger.

[Quintillions of existences. Hundreds of Apex Aeonic Lifeforms..and two Hyperversal Extremities.]


The number was rather alarming to hear as the losses were devastating!

During the battle, Extremity Blue, Ariana, and Chamber Master Gayacus were the focal points. But the past Hyperversal Extremity of Destruction and other Avernus Extremities were also there as they fought against the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Hyperversal Extremity Shadows.

The last Extremity of Destruction was particularly trying to live up to his old name as he had unleashed all of his power to actually erase two Tier 1 Hyperversal Extremities from the Cult of Endless Shadows out of the Aeonic Annals of Extremity!

Most of those surviving out of the forces of the Cult of Endless Shadows were those who had left to come to Dissolution, along with the Extremities that came with them as at this moment, rage and outcries were all that could be heard from them.

"I'm curious to see the great Senatus of Extremity deal with all this. Or at the very least, what is the Curagulus of Extremity prepared to do if the Senatus of Extremity fails to step in? Since during this whole siege in Penumbra, its Adjudicator didn't even let out a squeak."


His words pulsed with power as he spoke.

And this time, the Adjudicator of Dissolution took a long time before she could even reply.

The hours passed with dreariness as tumultuous waves seemed to be spreading within the Seven Havens.

Within the Haven of Genesis.

On the eastern region of this Haven, the most respected Aeonic Inheritances of Extremity were clustered like stellar bodies that rotated around a single behemoth.

This behemoth…was the Sima Clan!

Countless Planes of Existence and even uniquely constructed Minor Havens were established all around the domains of the Sima Clan at the very center, with its Planes of Existence being structured in a way that made it look like a rising stellar mountain from afar.

A mountain made up of Planes of Existence and Minor Havens!

It was known as the Sima Ascending Mountain of Extremity.

Hundreds of Aeonic Inheritances of Extremity were laid out around the Sima Ascending Mountain of Extremity!

Those with strong connections to the Sima Clan could be found at the very bottom of this mountain as going higher, the pure bloodline lineage of those truly belonging to the Sima Clan could be felt as this entire location radiated power.

Towards the peak of the Sima Ascending Mountain of Extremity.

In a Minor Haven that could fit hundreds of Planes of Existence similar to the Abecedarian Sacrarium of the Learnean Lineage that Noah had arrived in when he first came.

This Minor Haven was known as the Neon Sima Haven, with a thriving civilization moving within similar to the tens of thousands of other Planes of Existence and Minor Havens around it!

It was full of life all around as different regions could be seen erecting crystalline structures light years in size as the abodes and homes of quintillions of beings.

The auras of three Hyperversal Extremities could be felt in this Haven alone as the brightest aura was located on top of a massive skyscraper that was millions of light years in length, and at the very peak of this skyscraper…

there existed a circular domain that radiated neon light all around the structures around it.

Within this neon domain of light.

The figure of Erikson could be seen sitting on a neon mat as beside him, a tan figure of striking resemblance also sat- his body pulsing with potent Hyperversal Extremity Authority as he seemed like a larger, older version of Erikson!

Before these two beings, Noah's visage draped in golden robes could be seen as he faced Erikson and a Tier 3 Hyperversal Extremity Authority that he had come to know as the father of this Mutated Entity!

The Extremity of Foundation.

The Iron Fist!

It was a renowned Hyperversal Extremity of the Sima Clan who had yet to reach Zenith…but he didn't seem all that far away!

He was the reason why Erikson could speak as if he was speaking on behalf of the Sima Clan.

He was the reason why most Scions and Elders of Inheritances or Clans didn't bat any ill will towards Erikson!

At this moment, the Extremity of Foundation spoke to Noah as unlike his son's beach attire, he was adorned in a simple white robe that hid the bulging muscles within.

[You made them your enemy, so they naturally targeted you. And along the way, they obtained an Armament of Extremity. But even an Armament isn't enough for the Avernus Extremity Overlord to let loose his dog of Lunacy. For them to do this…it only confirms what the Perennial Sima Recorder has been sensing these past days.]


The eyes of this being shone with profound brilliance as he continued!

[Their actions say that they are not afraid of the consequences of their actions being implemented by the Senatus of Extremity. For this to be the case, the musings of Unrecorded Histories about an incoming change that will alter the very workings of the Seven Havens seem to be true. The Avernus Clan must be assured that in the coming chaos, them being held accountable for the destruction of an Inheritance of Extremity would be something far, far below in terms of importance.]


[This also makes your path challenging as with my son's trust, you have gained the most up to date information that the Sima Clan has on the military of the Avernus Clan and the capabilities. But against a force that has no restraints binding them down…it will be an difficult reality for their public enemy.]

The Extremity of Foundation spoke calmly like before the protagonist who also rested on a neon mat, dense clusters of round light containing information about the Avernus Clan floated serenely!