2610 As Above, So Below! I

The last Haven to undergo Extremity Sanctification.

A natural process that had been occurring since the conception of the First Haven of Extremity!

It began with Genesis, and now it was ending with the Haven of Dissolution.

Many powerful existences knew that the last Extremity Sanctification was going to be a grand one.

They knew, but they didn't know exactly to what extent!

At this moment, within the Haven of Dissolution.

The obsidian Extremity Vein that seemed to stretch out endlessly- the vein that had risen from below the stellar black earth! The vein whose ends seemed to vanish below the Walls between the Havens.

At this moment, it acted like all the energy within it had been building up and reached a critical threshold as like a coiled spring, it erupted upwards.


It felt as if the Havens were splitting apart.

It was the beginning of a astonishing and permanent change!

The instant changes caused Apex Aeonic Lifeforms to stare in shock from all around, while the Hyperversal Extremities hidden in the veils of space became entirely serious.

It was the third day after the Apex War of Annihilation within the Haven of Dissolution.

Many more forces had arrived as they were all privy to the astonishing scene of the Vein rising to the very heights of the skies as such an action caused its extreme ends that were stretching into the Walls between Havens to also erupt upwards!

The thick and foggy wall made up of potent Hyperversal Authority of Dissolution and a myriad of Sources of Chaos churned and split open.

It was as if the walls were being torn down!

As if a path had been made with the action of the Extremity Vein rising!

The Vein within Dissolution was obsidian in color, with this color remaining all throughout this Haven. But on this day, if one continued to follow the uncountable trillions of light years of the Extremity Vein of a Dissolution, after it had risen towards the peak of this Haven…They would notice that the part contained within the now fractured Walls Between Havens slowly began changing color.

It was to the extent that if one followed the Northern Side of the Vein of Dissolution- once they crossed the churning Walls Between Havens that were being torn down…they would notice the black color slowly changing to become a shade of gold.

And this shade of gold only became more and more potent as one sped further down trillions of light years across Walls Between Havens until ultimately…

they would enter the Aeonic Haven of Helios.


As if spurred by the rising of the vein from the Haven behind it, the golden portion of the Extremity Vein within Helios also rose to the very highest peak of this haven as the part of the Wall Between Havens, on the other side of Helios also became torn and ruptured.


Those able to follow watched breathlessly.

If one followed the Northern end of the Vein stretching across Helios until they arrived on another Wall Between Havens, they would notice the color slowly changing from gold to a gorgeous blue.

A blue that only became greater and greater after passing countless trillions of light years of this blue color…one actually arrived in the Haven of Oceanus!

The same scene repeated as throughout all of Oceanus, the cerulean-colored Vein rose to the peak and extended along another Wall Between Havens until its color changed to become purple.

The purple light of Andromeda.

And passing through Andromeda and yet another torn Wall Between Havens, the color changed from purple and into a shade of shadowy darkness.

It was now within the Haven of Penumbra.

The unresigned and unwilling visage of Flashing Shadow and The Shadow Extremity Overlord could be seen in a corner of this Haven above their destroyed Inheritance, their eyes currently turning to gaze at the radiant black Vein in the peak of this dark Haven.

And from this immense shadowy darkness of the Extremity Vein, it continued extending out as this time, the color changed to a light crimson hue that represented Elera!

And from Elera, the Extremity Vein crossed yet another trillions of light years as the crimson color became pink, and eventually the pink faded to become a milky white.

A gorgeous white.

It had arrived in the first Haven to form.

The rising extremity vein was shockingly showing that it extended all the way from Dissolution to Helios, Oceanus, Andromeda, Elera, Penumbra, and ultimately…to the Haven of Genesis.

But it didn't end there.

The walls between havens on the other end of Genesis were also shattered apart as the milky white color once more changed to become obsidian…the Northern end of Genesis coming to be connected with the southern end of Dissolution.

Akin to a loop.

The Extremity vein was not a single construct that was only contained in each Haven separately.

On this day, it was shown to all that the Extremity Vein within the Seven Havens were all intricately interconnected as for the first time in Recorded History, it rose to the skies and pulsed with grandeur!

In the Havens that Noah's body was in…he watched the scene unfold with marvel and wonder.

He was able to get an even more unique look with the clone that was with the Adjudicator of Dissolution as she was the one who waved her hands to show illusory screens of the changing color of the Extremity Vein as it went across one Haven and into another.

It caused one to ponder of the true structure of the Seven Havens.

As if there was a singular massive ringed Extremity Vein running across all of them

As if all of the Seven Havens were massive and endless continents bound onto a ring of pure majesty!

A ringed Vein that after it had revealed its continuity, it pulsed with ever-

increasing a frequency as the distinct colors that were within each respective haven began to flicker and move around.

And then, as if the Authorities of different colors within the vein were spurred into action, they began to move and flow forward.

The inky black Authority of Dissolution began to flow as if it were blood flowing across a vessel.

The ebb and flow felt ancient and fantastical as ahead of it, the golden Hyperversal Authority of Helios also flowed- this reaction continuing throughout this coiling ringed construct!

As the Hyperversal Authorities of different Havens began to flow, Noah watched with wonder as the milky white of Genesis flowed into The Haven of Dissolution!